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nightflower specializes in Psych, Eating Disorders.

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  1. nightflower

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow

    I am in the exact same position as you! I graduated in December too and am taking my nclex this coming Monday. I feel super rusty on things since it's been so long. I also did Kaplan. All of the question trainers, the priorities and alternate tests. I did Qbank tests on my weak areas only. My average score is 56.3 I need to know how you felt about nclex! How was it compared to Kaplan!? And how did you do???
  2. nightflower

    NCLEX Anxiety

    I'm in the same boat as you! Take my nclex one week from today and have been using the kaplan course to study. I feel like I study so much everyday, test scores in the 50s and every test I take there seems to be more stuff I just don't know about! I cannot get Addison's, Cushing's, or thyroid problems straight for the life of me!
  3. nightflower

    NCLEX Yesterday, now the wait...

    What were your kaplan scores?? Mine are in the 50s and I'm worried! Btw congratulations!!
  4. nightflower

    Nclex RN exam ahead

    Taking nclex aug 8th. Stressing over my Kaplan scores (50s).
  5. nightflower


    How did you prepare?!
  6. nightflower


    What did you do to prepare?!
  7. nightflower

    Consistent Kaplan Question Trainer Scores in 50s

    Okay, awesome. Thanks for your reply. I hope I will be able to say the same!
  8. I am getting a little worried because so far my scores for the Kaplan Question Trainers haven't been at least 65 like they want them to be. Mine are ranging from 52-60 and it's making me a little nervous. I still have Trainers 5-7 and still need to watch some videos. I know I can create tests for my weak areas after I've finished all the question trainers. Anyone have some advice or encouraging words? Or should I truly be worried?
  9. nightflower

    NCLEX tomorrow.....

    I haven't taken my nclex yet so can't give advice. But I will be taking Kaplan On Demand as well. Please let us know if you found it helpful after your exam!
  10. nightflower

    Passed in 75! My NCLEX Experience

    Ohh, got it, so Kaplan creates the schedules for you. Cool! Thanks.
  11. nightflower

    Passed in 75! My NCLEX Experience

    I need strategies so I'm glad my school provides kaplan, thanks for your response!
  12. nightflower

    BSN at UVIC

    Did you stay enrolled at univ of Vic? I'm thinking about their program and I'd love to hear what you learned about it. I was thinking about western governors univ online but I don't know if Alberta/NNAS will accept it.
  13. nightflower

    University of Victoria

    Did you find helpful info you can share with me? I'd like to hear :)
  14. nightflower

    University of Victoria

    Did you stick with this program? I'd really like to hear what you have to say about it. I was thinking about western governors university but I don't know if Alberta will accept it.
  15. nightflower

    Feedback on University of Victoria Online BSN Program?!

    Did you ever find any info about this school's program?? I'm thinking about it since I'd like to work in Canada (I'm from Arizona). And I dont know if NNAS/CARNA will accept Western Governors University.
  16. nightflower

    Passed in 75! My NCLEX Experience

    Thanks for your rundown. Your tips are really helpful! By sticking to a study plan do you mean, for example, "Monday i'll focus on cardiac, Tuesday will be respiratory..." Like that kind of schedule? I will be doing Kaplan because its included in my tuition also. But, I graduated six months ago and due to a personal crisis have been unable to study I didn't enter the Kaplan course my school offered after graduating so I'll be taking it in a few weeks. Hopefully it helps me to get thinking again because a lot of info is super fuzzy now. So you suggest watching the videos to review content? I definitely will be taking all seven question trainers. Is Kaplan enough or would suggest an additional book (Saunders or La Charity's prioritizing & delegating)? Im quite rusty on meds and labs.