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tx2007 is a RN and specializes in med/surg, ortho/neuro, ambulatory surg.

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  1. There are so many factors into "how many can you do" are they all in the same town? just been discharged from hospital? trainwrecks? I have done 3 admits in an 8 hour day on paper and 2 admits in an 8 hour day in the computer with each being an hour driving distance apart and an hour away from the office. So total 1 hour to first admits home, admit time, hour to next admits home, admit time and hour drive back to office plus time at office to finish computer charting. 4 could be totally doable depending on conditions.
  2. tx2007

    New DON looking for support

    Im not DON but ADON feel free to PM me anytime!
  3. tx2007


    Thanks for all your great ideas!! I had KCI do a wound vac inservice, wound care center came in and did a different inservice and I am also having a company that does provider services come do an inservice. LOVE the documentation suggestions :) Here in texas nurses must have 20 CEU's every 2 years so I like to throw in a few during the inservices when possible. I think requiring CEU's is a good idea to help mandate up to date care.
  4. tx2007


    what inservices would you as a home health nurse want your job to offer you?
  5. tx2007

    How does one become a PICC nurse?

    I used to do PICC's (last year) I had on the job training and an 8 hour online class from BARD thats it :) It really isnt hard to do PICC's and I LOVED every minute of it (just didnt like my manager)
  6. tx2007

    moving to SA

    Ok I am looking at moving to SA within the next year or sooner if my husband can find a job first. I have been an RN since 2007 and have my BSN been working as an ADON in home health the past two years and trying to find out what are the best places to work in SA and what to avoid at al costs. any info is MUCH appreciated :)
  7. tx2007

    Does this sound right?

    Yes the $1.50 in town and $5.00 out of town is mileage reimbursement. I am not oppsed to pt care so thats fine with me. They did tell me its ALOT of teaching. It sounds good to me I just didnt know if that was the norm for HH and wanted to make sure it sounds right to those of you who know HH. Thanks for the reply!
  8. tx2007

    Does this sound right?

    I am new to home health, just accepted my first FT position. They said they will train me until I feel comfortable enough to be on my own. Rate of pay is $25/hour hourly rate. I will not do pt care as I am a case manager and will do the OASIS paperwork and supervisory visits. Call once a month for an additional $150 if I actually have to go to a pt's house while on call its hourly at time and a half. They pay $1.50 per stop when visiting pts homes here in town (small town) and $5.00 per stop when visiting pts homes in the next town over (20 miles away). Company provides your cell phone. 401K, insurance and all that. They said approximately 14-20 pt visits per week. Does that sound like a normal HH job?
  9. tx2007

    Catheter exchange

    We just started using the power PICC's and we would be doing over the wire exchanges in the event that we didnt trim the catheter long enough or short enough. Also we had an incident the other day of a nurse pulling the PICC out about 6CM while doing a dressing change, this PICC was 48 hours old, and since it was pulled out of the SVC we had to go do a whole new PICC. Of course we would NOT do a cath exchange for suspected infection, occlussion, ect. Just wanted to know about these instances that I stated above.
  10. tx2007

    Catheter exchange

    What is your facilities policy on an over the wire PICC exchange??
  11. tx2007

    NEW Infusion team nurse

    I just accepted a position today at my hospital as an Infusion Team Nurse. I will be trained in PICC insertion and Chemo Therapy. We do all the in house PICC's, Chemo and have outpatient IV antibiotics, Rhemicade, ect infusions. I am excited and nervous about this position and was wondering if anyone had any pointers, words of encouragement, ect. I have been an RN for 2 years now (1year bedside nursing and 1 year outpatient surgery as a circulator and preop nurse.)
  12. tx2007

    SOOO sick of my job already!!

    Thanks for the replies. I am still looking for another job, I never thought it would take this long to find something!! But I am still trying to hold my head up and think that this wont last forever, just until I can find something else!
  13. tx2007

    ACLS and PALS classes

    I am new to the PACU I have been a nurse for one year med-surg at the hospital and realized I HATED it. I recently got a job at an outpatient surgery center and would like to know where do you all get your PALS, ACLS certifications from?? Do you take the classes at a local hospital or where? I have ACLS that expires this year and need to renew, looking for classes and then I will ask if my work will cover some of the expense. Thanks!
  14. tx2007

    UGH what do you think?!>?

    I did not call the Dr because this particular doctor will ALWAYS yell if you call him at night. Respirations were fine normal 18-20, O2@2L O2 sats 98%. Never thought about urine dip what does that check for?? Yes dr was aware of temp frmo previous shift his response "give tylenol and I will see the pt in the morning." I did speak with my charge nurse and talked about the possiblity of something being wrong such as PE, UTI whatever. This is amoung one of the MANY reasons I will be leaving this hospital Dr.s are catered to and we are told not to disturb them unless your pt is going down hill. BS that's why they became Dr's and if they don't want to be woken up then they got in the field. I hate that the Dr's here can treat us like crap and we are expected to take it. This particular Dr I called last night for a similair situation and his respons to me was "why are you calling me at 0100 you better make sure no one else needs me for the rest of the night I Do NOT want another call tonight." I HATE this Dr I swear he thinks he is GOD and we should bow down and kiss his feet (um no not me!) Sorry this turned into a rant!:angryfire
  15. tx2007

    UGH what do you think?!>?

    See like someone else said I didnt question it cause I thought we had a policy for a temp greater than 101 they get blood cultures, I will look for that tonight this particular doc is just an a$$. Anyother doc would have signed it and been like oh thanks for doing that. At least I'm not the only one who would have done it, but I was awake today from 1400-1700 due to this call, just couldn't fall back asleep. Well I am soon to be off to another night of work. Hopefully I wont get any calls tommorrow am. BTW I did have my phone off I just decided to check my messages since I have 2 little kiddos in daycare and thought I should call back before day shift got off at 1500.
  16. tx2007

    UGH what do you think?!>?

    I had a pt last night that had a total knee replacement done on the 21st, well this pt last night was tachycardic, irregular HR and running a temp of 102.4. Previous shift medicated him with tylenol and got the temp down to normal. At 0400 lab comes to draw blood and I just happen to see her in the hallway and she states that the pt told her he had ran a fever and she was going to do blood cultures (as she was filling the bottles with blood to do the blood culture.) I thought oh ok couldn't hurt whatever and didn't think anything of it other than I didnt know lab could just decide what labs they thought were neccessary but whatever. At 0730 the nurse relieving me got a phone call from lab saying they had blood culture samples but no orders and that they needed orders to run them. I stated what had happenned and that they were no orders, the nurse getting report said well just write the order. I wrote the order and thought nothing more of it and came home. I was just called at 1400 by the charge nurse and informed that the Dr for this pt was upset and wanted to know why we ordered Blood cultures I told her what happenned and she was very understanding but said not to ever do it again and that she would let it go and not write anyone up. My question is ok I know I should have questioned this more but I was tired and ready to go and thougt it couldn't hurt to figure out why this guy was running a temp after surgery what would you have done?