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  1. learning&growing

    Portland Job Market for New Grad RNs

    Thanks for the replies! I have the same question, shawba- does a year in LTC "count" as experience that hospitals recognize? Side question: Does allnurses not notify you when people post comments on your posts? I wasn't notified in any way, which is why I'm just now seeing these.
  2. learning&growing

    Portland Job Market for New Grad RNs

    Hi everyone! I've looked for pre-existing posts regarding this topic, but didn't see any posts more recent than 2011 or so. Can anybody tell me if obtaining an RN position in the metro-area of Portland is still a difficult feat for a new grad (particularly for ASN graduates)? I'm wanting to move right after I graduate and become licensed in Florida (summer, 2015). I would apply for licensure in Oregon as soon as possible to ensure potential employers took my application seriously. I have a series of questions regarding this, and if you could answer any one of them, I would be so grateful! Here it goes- I am really just wanting to get in the area, so I would be willing to take any RN position I could get- traditional hospital (obviously), clinic, VA hospital, private practice, LTC, or any other possible positions. I am hoping to get my foot in the door with a student position as soon as possible with the VA clinic here in Tallahassee, because I feel like transferring facilities would be my best shot. So my first question is this: If I ended up with a position that wasn't in a traditional hospital, would it still be difficult to obtain a traditional hospital position, even with RN experience at a different kind of facility? Along those same lines, Would RN experience *not in a traditional hospital setting* suffice for the requirement of staff experience needed before becoming a Travel Nurse? I am willing to do whatever it takes to work in Portland, as long as it doesn't hinder my plans for the future- because long term-wise, I absolutely want to work in a hospital and become a travel nurse. Any information at all that could be pertinent, even outside of these questions, is welcomed. Thanks in advance for all of your help!