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  1. mindofmidwifery

    Job Offer During Capstone

    I would say that I would absolutely love to work on their unit (express your enthusiasm) however, due to financial reasons you need to obtain a full time position once you graduate. It is a valid reason that won't cause any burned bridges. Ask if you can follow-up closer to graduation to find out if they have a full-time position open then.
  2. mindofmidwifery

    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    Is anyone else interviewing for the intermediate care fellowship at OhioHealth? Or any of their fellowships? Just curious to hear from other individuals; I can't find anyone else's experiences with it online :)
  3. mindofmidwifery

    Mother Baby Unit

    When I worked in Mother Baby as a tech, my main duties were catering to Mom and getting vital signs. Catering duties include: making sure she is comfortable, making sure she isn't hungry, making sure she is not sleeping with the baby, answering any questions she might have, amongst more. A lot of the time I helped moms up to the bathroom the first time they went to the bathroom. We got to remove foleys on my unit as well as draw blood and do blood sugars on both Mom and Baby. If Baby was crying a lot and I could tell the parents were exasperated, I would either offer to take Baby to the nursery or help with Kangaroo Care. I also helped parents with bottle feeding their baby. Moms who had c sections needed their Peri pads monitored for bleeding as well as post c section vitals. I wasn't in the nursery very often but when I was I'd bottle feed babies, hold and rock some of them who were crying, give baths, draw blood, and change diapers. It's been a couple years since I had that position but I guess the best tip I can give you is to show your enthusiasm. The Mother Baby infant in my experience is very different from any other unit in that situations are usually happy. Being enthusiastic, and showing your kindness and patience will help in your interview. Good luck!
  4. mindofmidwifery

    Two weeks in-not sure I can do this!

    When I read, my main focus is what my teacher highlights in the book (we use the Lewis med-surg ebook on Elsevier). From there, I focus on disease processes. For example, this week we're learning about strokes. So I make titles like Ischemic Stroke, Embolic Stroke, Hemorrhage Stroke. Then, subtitles like Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Thrombotic Stroke, etc. For each disease process I make notes on: clinical manifestations, etiology, risk factors, diagnostics, and treatment/management And some things, you just know you should take notes on. Note taking is an art, watch nursing Youtube videos and see how they study as well.
  5. mindofmidwifery

    Intermediate Care vs. Surgical Fellowship

    I have an interview coming up in a couple of weeks for an intermediate care fellowship for a huge health system. A couple days ago, I received a call expressing interest in me interviewing for the same health system's surgical fellowship. My issue is, the surgical fellowship interviews aren't happening until May. I graduate in May so that wouldn't be bad, but I have a HUGE interest in both fields and with the interviews taking place so far apart, I don't want to regret accepting one without exploring the other. My question is, which would you choose and why? The compensation, benefits, location are all the same, the only difference is the specialty. Thanks in advance!
  6. mindofmidwifery

    First Time Doing CPR...

    The first time I performed CPR, I was scared because it was my first day at my first hospital job (ER though tbh). Adrenaline took over 100%. The patient had been down a while though and there wasn't really a chance he would have made it. I was definitely shaken up after it but didn't feel too much emotion mainly because I didn't know him I think. It was very mentally and physically exhausting afterwards.
  7. mindofmidwifery

    When to Start Applying for Jobs

    I've read mixed reviews on this - some people say employers won't even bother to look at your application unless you have your license. I think it depends on where you live though. I also graduate in May with my ASN and I started applying a couple weeks ago and have 2 interviews lined up.
  8. mindofmidwifery

    Where I Got In; Where I Didn't; And, What I Learned

    Congratulations! I eventually want to attend Vanderbilt for my MSN. It was never even a thought of mine to want to attend there until I read more about their programs and they seem to be top notch for what I look for in a school/program. Good luck, I hope to hear more about your journey :)
  9. mindofmidwifery

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    None of the Macs that have been released since 2013 have had major upgrades and I don't see it happening anytime soon. I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro and it was one of the last models to not have the insides soldered together. So I can add memory to mine. And when it comes to breaking the watch, I really don't see how you can unless it's on purpose. I bang my watch on everything at work and it has one minor scratch. I've had it since May ish and it's the cheapest one so it doesn't have the strong screen like all the other ones above it has.
  10. mindofmidwifery

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    And what's the deal with bashing hand sanitizer...? 😒
  11. mindofmidwifery

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    OS 2 is out! I updated mine the other day
  12. mindofmidwifery

    2014 Wage Survey For CNAs, Medical Assistants, HHAs, PCTs: Post Here!

    1. What is your job title (CNA, medical assistant, medication aide, HHA, PCT, PCA)?: CNA 2. Where are you located?: Minnesota 3. What is your hourly wage?: $12.20 4. Are you paid shift differentials?: No 5. What shift(s) do you usually work?: Evening, 2:30PM-11:00PM 6. What is your current specialty (rehab, med/surg, ortho, doctors' office, clinic, long term care, psych, home health, hospice, etc.)?: long term care/hospice 7. How many years of experience do you have?: 0 8. What is your status (full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN)?: full time 9. Are you a pursuing a career as a nurse (RN or LPN)?: RN with end goal of CNM
  13. mindofmidwifery

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

    I'm in a rural town in MN now and their starting pay at a nursing home is $12 something, starting pay at their assisted living facility is $13. And it's about a $2 shift differential for nights/weekends.