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  1. nursechrissyRN

    any L&D RNs in South jersey??

    Hi, does anyone work in South Jersey, close to Cape May(ish) what hospital do you work at, do like your hospital, is it baby friendly, I'm L&D and want to move closer to Beach area. What level NICU are you, and what type of charting do you use? How may deliveries a year do you do? Would you recommend your hospital to me? thank you!
  2. nursechrissyRN

    What do you enjoy about addictions nursing?

    I feel like all I do is pass meds, I've been in addictions for close to 2 years and I want out but feel stuck. This experience on my resume' basically means nothing. I also feel like I'm becoming bitter and miserable in the job, which makes me feel horrible, I want to be there or my patients which I am, but the constant Motrin's Q4, cough medicine on and on and on. Then you see that patient leave and feel like you made a difference for them.......and then they're back 3 weeks later. I get so tired of the manipulation also. I need out.