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    Locum tenens for 3 mo as first PMHNP job?

    I appreciate your thoughtful response.
  2. I just received two offers in advance of graduation from a PMHNP program in Boston. It was great to have two companies bid for me, but it was confusing as well. Obviously, all job offers hinge upon whether I pass the board exam for PMH-NPs. I'm not worried about that. Both offers were in the $110-120K range, in So Cal which I am targeting, and offer great supervision, CME and paid time off with no call. My locum tenens recruiter recommends that I hold out for his 3-month LT assignments in MA, work for three to six months, and then get a better starting salary from Barton's permanent placement department after working for 6 months, since it will show both experience and ability to quickly adapt to busy workloads. Here are my questions: *Is locum tenens the way to go? I'm confident in my prescribing ability but wanted to hear from other PMHNPs who have some experience. *Have PMHNPs conducted early job hunts for southern california... and how quickly did you get a DEA number and national provider ID (NPI) so that you can bill insurance? *Is 110-120K enough to live on near San Diego (not downtown, but in a 15 mile radius of the city)? * Should I ignore the siren song of the locum tenens recruiters and just go my own way? They offered to pay for the DEA # and arrange for expedited PMHNP credentials in CA, citing the usual wait is 2-3 months. With increased familiarity with CA board of nursing from the volume of their placements, the firm said they can fast track the process down to 30 days. Could someone here please advise me on their experience in this realm? Thank you.
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    feel so nervous

    What's a brain sheet?