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Hi, I have been an RN for about 9 months, but have yet to practice. I went into labor with my second daughter as I finished my ASN nursing final (I was about to have my 1st when I got my acceptance letter). I took these 9 months to get my BSN and to recover after losing my mother to H1N1 in January. I am married to a wonderful man who understands absolutely nothing about healthcare, but listens to me exclaim excitedly over medscape articles and supports my every whim. I can't wait to trade my yoga pants for scrubs and get to work.

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  1. RNbygrace13

    Unsure of wanting kids

    Lol I often find myself staring and my children thinking... am I sure I can do this? Glad to know that never lets up :)
  2. RNbygrace13

    Unsure of wanting kids

    I will preface this with I do have kids. 2 toddlers. I also completely understand not wanting to have them and see nothing wrong with that choice it is by far and away the hardest job I have ever had. I knew I wanted kids the same way I knew I wanted to marry my husband, I just couldn't see my life another way. Its okay to be selfish, we all are, you just need to understand that have kids will make you selfless in a way you never thought possible. You make pretty much every choice for 2 and that doesn't end when you give birth. I love my children and I love devoting my life to pouring joy into them and teaching them to be responsible and loving. However, I do not recommend having kids to anyone. Just like I think being a nurse is great and noble I wouldn't just make a blanket recommendation to be a nurse and say if you don't you're a bad person.
  3. RNbygrace13

    stepping stones school diploma real?

    If financial aid does not accept your diploma it is likely your school was not accredited by an organization recognized in your state. I would contact the program advisor for the nursing school which you plan to apply and see what their recomendation is; however you will most likely need a GED to get financial aid.
  4. RNbygrace13

    stepping stones school diploma real?

    There is such a thing as a non accredited high school. The school has to be licensed by the state.
  5. RNbygrace13

    Does anyone actually read all the reading assignments?

    I didn't even buy textbooks my last couple semesters of ASN. I studied my nclex review sections for whatever topic and used online resources for the other info. My lowest grade was a B and I rocked the nclex the first time.
  6. Rural areas is where the shortage is. I have been up to my elbows in job offers and sign on bonuses out here in the boonies.
  7. RNbygrace13

    Failed-now what?

    Also google pearsone vue trick it worked for my friends but not for me because I tested on a Saturday.
  8. RNbygrace13

    Failed-now what?

    I "failed" at the minimum number of questions to. I left and started planning to retake because I knew I had done so bad. Except I passed :) My friends tried to tell me they felt the same way leaving and I kept saying " no you don't understand it was bad" So good luck and hopefully you wont need to retake!
  9. RNbygrace13

    Help! I think I *need* to be a nurse! :)

    I first felt called to nursing when I was 16. I fought it with everything I had. I was on track for med school and to be honest I thought nursing was kind of "meh" at the time. When I graduated high school I had already finished almost semesters of college while working 35 hrs a week to help my family. When I started undergrad my advisor recommended I major in something other than a science to be a "well rounded candidate" meanwhile I met and married the man of my dreams. I wasted so much time and money trying to not be a nurse. When I started nursing school I knew I was in the right place. I started my first day the day after I was discharged from the hospital after a csection and did 12 hr shifts after being woken up every hour by a child who did not sleep through the night until 13 months old. It was the most difficult 2 years. I made A's and B's and passed my NCLEX on the first try with the minimum number of questions. It is hard and it will flip your life upside down for awhile, but possible and worth it if its your calling.