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  1. mommy_endeavor

    Stroke course

    While applying for positions, there is a question that asks if I have taken a stroke course or if I have a stroke certification. Can I take a course and get certified as a new grad? Or is it kind of like a specialty certification?
  2. mommy_endeavor

    Sacrificing church to study instead SMH

    Ultimately, it's between you and God. Your relationship with Him is what you have to give time to. Yes, we are called to do many things and sometimes are very own churches can expect a lot from us. But they're plenty of ways to be filled with the word and keep connected with the church during a busy time. I would wake up early and make sure to dedicate time to Him before anything. Everything else always sorted itself out throughout my day. You need Him to get through this difficult time. But it's between you and Him. Not what others approve of or disapprove of on these posts.
  3. mommy_endeavor

    Sacrificing church to study instead SMH

    I am 100% sure it still counts. It's the reason behind true action that counts. It will not go unseen.
  4. mommy_endeavor

    Nursing ntry Level Question-Need Advice!

    In California, you can do your pre reqs for nursing at community colleges or state schools. Look up the schools that have nursing programs. Community colleges have Associates degrees and state schools/private universities usually offer bachelors. Decide which type of degree you want to do, then talk to a guidance counselor. They have a way of setting up your "transfer " program. They basically write down all the classes that are transferable for when you apply to nursing programs.
  5. mommy_endeavor

    iPad for Notes

    You can sync gmail to the mail app that comes with the iPad. You can adds few accounts to that. Skype: for group projects or studying Pages: note taking with a keyboard Evernote: has an online note taking feature that you can access with any device. (Easy way to transfer notes to other computers) Evernote also has a flash card app, can't remember what it's called but it's really neat. There's plenty of drug guides that will come in handy. YouTube!!! iBook: we used ATI for nclex prep. It came with .pdf versions of the books so you can open the .pdf file and save it to iBook so you can have books everywhere you go! ( whoopy! ) A few of my classmates would also use google docs a lot for notes.
  6. It would be great if you could add volunteer experience relevant to nursing. I know there is a debate about resume length, but if possible you can squeeze it in. It will show your interests. Use your cover letter to show your individual skills and why you would be an asset. That's where you can insert all the job qualifications described in the ad.
  7. mommy_endeavor

    265 and passed NCLEX

    Good job!!!!! What a relief !!!
  8. mommy_endeavor

    Peds CVICU RN making the leap to Cali!

    Yeah, Santa Clara is nice. They are opening the new 49er coliseum there!
  9. mommy_endeavor

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2014

    ...still nothing, aren't they interviewing this week?
  10. mommy_endeavor

    RN vs RN/BSN? Help!

    Go straight for the BSN RN. Here in Cali, all hospitals "prefer" BSN. The hours are just a bit longer. Totally worth it though.
  11. mommy_endeavor

    Peds CVICU RN making the leap to Cali!

    As for housing, if you're looking to save but still live in a nice area you can look into Newark or Fremont. They are right over the bridge from Palo Alto. Avg rent for a one bedroom is about 1200-1500. Rent had recently increased even more. Palo Alto is more expensive. As for San Francisco, rent is higher.
  12. mommy_endeavor

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2014

    I wonder if people are still getting declined?
  13. mommy_endeavor

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2014

    Thanks for the update! I also hope that's good news.
  14. mommy_endeavor

    Accepted my first nursing job!

    Be calm. Don't worry. It will not do you or baby any good. Your first RN job may come with a bit of stress because your out on your own finally. I agree with a sit down in an office or something. You want people to know ASAP because there indeed are special precautions you should take. Try not to move patients. Always ask for help. Always stay hydrated( so easy to forgot on the floor, and so so so important for blood flow to the baby). Try your best to not have a MRSA or C DIFF patient assigned to you. Better you do get it out early. Also, don't over analyze your managers reaction. You don't want to be distracted on the unit. It will work out. Be safe!!
  15. mommy_endeavor

    The pay for RNs working SNF **CA, bay area**

    Hi hurricat, that's a great starting pay. Did you just start looking for local SNFs online? I am going to start applying to SNFs since I haven't had luck with acute care hospitals.
  16. mommy_endeavor

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2014

    Hey ICUmurse, do you know if they have already sent out declination emails?

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