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Bluefamily has 28 years experience as a MSN.

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  1. Bluefamily

    Learn the COVID facts from the CDC

    According to a policy statement released Nov 17 by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), all nurses need to learn the specifics of COVID from the CDC and educate their patients about it accordingly. The nurse's license may de...
  2. Bluefamily

    Was nursing a mistake?

    Please don't take this as a flippant answer, but, what were you expecting? Can you identify precisely what is upsetting and analyze if the answer(s) are something you can change or grow into with experience or something else?
  3. What did you find out about the ThruveAP program?

  4. Bluefamily

    Nurse Practitioner Residencies

    It's been a while since you posted. What did you find out? I'm interested in the ThriveAP program as well.
  5. I was motivated to learn to manage my stress better. I'd already graduated college with an English literature/Art History double major and planned on a journalism career. En route to a fall internship with CBS, I volunteered with a nurse midwife in K...
  6. Bluefamily

    Have you worked with a GOAT in healthcare?

    The "greatest of all time" was a CNA. Before I started my nursing education, I investigated the profession by working as a CNA. Miss A was my informal "preceptor" to show the ropes as a new CNA. She had been a CNA for 25 years. Her rule of thumb was...
  7. Bluefamily

    Just Want to Cry and Quit

    I see you feel devastated by your experience. I urge you to reframe your experience. I encourage you to use your finely tuned analytical nursing skills to walk through, reflect upon your lived experience and look for the hidden gems. The title of yo...
  8. Bluefamily

    Walden University's Online AGACNP Program Review

    you are more than welcome. I have finished all my classes and I am waiting for the graduation and certification exam!
  9. Bluefamily

    Walden University's Online AGACNP Program Review

    I took each of those classes one at a time, while I worked full time.
  10. Bluefamily

    FNP Board Exam--Procrastinator's edition!

    Thank for your post. I just finished my NP Program last week and will be facing the certification exam. I haven't scheduled it yet. Thank you for your encouragement!
  11. Congratulations!! That's fantastic news!
  12. Bluefamily

    Walden University's Online AGACNP Program Review

    You learn the skills through practice. Best of luck moving forward.
  13. Bluefamily

    Walden University's Online AGACNP Program Review

    Hi Julie, Congratulations on starting your advanced degree! The effort will pay off for sure. Set yourself up for success. You asked if I could share my experience with Walden's facebook groups. Unfortunately, since I am not on facebook,...
  14. Bluefamily

    NP Student, highly wanting to do med school?

    Hi Audrey, I hope you find satisfaction and personal fulfillment in your academic endeavors. I know your future patients will be well taken care of.
  15. Bluefamily

    Walden University's Online AGACNP Program Review

    Hi Nurse Kicker, Congratulations on your bold move and commitment to an advanced degree with 2 years of experience. Your courage, self confidence and nursing skill and acumen are much greater than mine was at that career mark. It's is to be comm...