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  1. Hello allnurses! I'm the process of re-applying to a new graduate program and I have kind of a dumb question. I originally applied before I graduated/passed the NCLEX, went through 2 rounds of interviews and then was not offered a position. I now have my license, but I still have not found a job and this hospital is opening applications for their next new grad cohort. The hospital requires that you specify a unit on your application so my question is this; would it be smarter to apply to the unit I have already interviewed on, or try my luck with other units? Has anyone had experience reapplying for a new grad program?
  2. hallonurse

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2014

    I just got a call from the acute care manager, they're doing interviews this week and next. Don't worry if you haven't heard back yet! It seems like interviews are being spaced out over the next two weeks :)
  3. hallonurse

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2014

    If you haven't gotten a call yet, don't lose hope! I just got my call 5 min ago :)
  4. hallonurse

    UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Thanks kaitac! Did you know if any of the PICU people got a reference check?