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  1. ICURN3020

    Calling an MD during night shift

    Grouping calls together is helpful. No physician appreciates being woken at 3:00am by a phone call and then again at 3:15am. Communication is vital so that staff have a general idea of what's going on with co-workers patients. We always do a quick walk around the unit before calling or paging, asking "Do you need to speak with Dr. So-and-so?" Of course, sometimes things arise unexpectedly and even if you or someone else just called the physician, it is necessary to call again. You shouldn't feel bad for doing so either - that is what we're there for. Just like any collective group of people, some physicians are just jerks and no matter what you do, they will act as such....whether on the phone or standing right next to you. It's intimidating at first, but your loyalty and obligation is to your patient, not their physician. My personal rule is: when in doubt, make the call. I'd rather have a doctor mad at me for disturbing their sleep than to place a patient's health/life at risk. We frequently confer with one another as to whether we should call or let it wait. Ultimately however, I am responsible for my patient's health and well-being and if I feel uneasy waiting until morning or just have that gut feeling, I follow my instinct and place the call. Definitely be prepared and be readily available if sending a page. I don't know how many times someone has paged a doctor and then leaves the floor to use the restroom or run to their locker. Understandably, the doctor tends to be irked by being placed on hold for five minutes which starts the conversation off on a bad note. Know what you're going to say and don't be fumbling through the chart or hem-hawing around. Have any relevant computer screens up and ready so there's no waiting while you log into the system. Have as much information as possible to be able to intelligently and concisely paint a portrait for them of what exactly is going on with their patient. I've also learned that over time, most physicians develop trust in your nursing judgment and respect the work that you do (unless of course, you're calling at all hours for insignificant things that can absolutely wait until morning. That's a surefire way to get on their ****list.)
  2. ICURN3020

    Changes in language

    Speaking of kids nowadays googling information they need, I remember having to learn how to use the school library's card catalog....those really long drawers that pulled out
  3. ICURN3020

    Changes in language

    Exactly! The "new" station wagons have morphed into some sort of hybrid SUV's. When I said station wagon, I was referring to "old school" station wagons. And I haven't heard a vehicle referred to as a station wagon in a looong time :)
  4. ICURN3020

    Changes in language

    Yes, I very recently had to ask my child what this meant....ahhh, my kids keep me young. Without them I would be so incredibly out of the loop. I never dreamed "I" would be a dork at the tender young age I am , but it's official according to my kids! Oh well, I always ask them, "would you rather have a dorky, fun mom or a boring, serious one?" They always choose the dork.
  5. ICURN3020

    Changes in language

    The other day we were talking about types of cars/trucks and my son had no idea what a station wagon was. He's a teen, I haven't even hit 40 yet, but I was just amazed. My husband and I were also recently talking about that game "Oregon Trails" that we used to play in elementary school on those old huge Apple computers. I know my kids would have no idea about this. Even a phone that requires a base and cord is foreign to them.
  6. ICURN3020

    Code Lavender?!

    I think it'd be really difficult to force myself to get up and go back to my unit after seeking refuge in a quiet, serene area such as what you've described I really need to look into having a place like this in my home somewhere....I'd settle for a closet sometimes All jokes aside though, it's nice to hear that the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of nurses (and other healthcare staff) are being addressed. We deal with so many ethical dilemmas and stressful situations on a daily basis and by hospitals investing time and resources into their staff, they are benefiting also. We are able to do our jobs much better when our own needs are met and we're not functioning on the edge of having a nervous breakdown.
  7. This! I am a girly girl and always have been. However, the two or three times that I did paint my nails before work it chipped literally within an hour or two. Even using a special protective coat on top didn't help. I gave up...it's not worth the time and effort to have it chip or peel hours later. And I absolutely hate chipped or peeling nail polish. I think it looks hideous!
  8. ICURN3020

    Poor Nurse

    Some of it. However, no job is worth it to me to let myself turn into that. I believe in taking care of myself first and foremost, so that I'm capable of being a good nurse, wife, mother and so on. I did notice the socks and must say that I cannot stand loose socks that repeatedly falling down....drives me nuts!
  9. ICURN3020

    Not drunk posting, I swear it..

    Happens to all of us .....I had a recent embarrassing post in a thread that I didn't even realize until someone noticed and mentioned it
  10. ICURN3020

    Code Lavender?!

    I can not even imagine this actually being called out over an intercom throughout a hospital! That would be awesome, but I'm afraid I'd end up abusing the system and they'd suspend my "code lavender" privileges
  11. ICURN3020

    Could you see yourself being anything else besides a nurse?

    I can think of a few that I could envision myself doing and loving, although for one reason or another (not enough pay, location, etc) I chose not to. Never know what the future holds though Cosmetologist (I love all things hair, makeup, etc) Forensic pathologist Forensic analyst (DNA, fingerprints, firearms) Journalist Professional photographer Proprietor of a bookstore Financial advisor Pharmacist Every career aptitude/personality test I've taken since high school always suggested surgeon as one of the top two or three careers for me. If I had to do it over again, I would have followed that path....I really feel that I would enjoy being a surgeon. I haven't entirely ruled it out at this point in life; my husband encourages me to follow my dreams no matter how daunting they may be, but I'm not sure I'm willing to make the sacrifices (or ask that my family make the sacrifices) required to be successful in that pursuit.
  12. ICURN3020

    Nurse Practitioner vs Physicians Assistant

    Yeah, they tend to do that at times. I've witnessed many threads take on a new life far removed from the original topic. I guess that's a pitfall of communication such as this. I know in my case, and it appears in the other poster's (who mentioned grammar) case as well, that our intentions were misconstrued. We've both explained that our intention was not to derail the OP's thread or pick on them, we felt it was useful advice pertintent to help them achieve their end goal. It's time like this when I receive a flippant comment back from the OP that I ask myself, "why even waste my time and bother responding?" To post a thread and then attempt to dictate to the masses what exactly they're welcome to and not welcome to respond to or place stipulations on responses is ungracious in my opinion. And it's not the way it works on public sites such as this. Why seek outside opinions if you already know it all and you've got it all figured out? So in these cases, my thoughts shift to..."here's the rope, good luck with that"
  13. ICURN3020

    Wear gloves during assessment?

    I have been surprised one too many times and as a rule wear gloves whenever I am in contact with a patient. As far as not wearing them when caring for casual contact with patients not in isolation, I have on countless occasions came in for my shift and discovered that the cute LOL who was fine yesterday now has been placed on precautions and I'm left replaying my previous contact with her in my head and hoping for the best. As someone else mentioned, when someone suddenly begins vomiting, bleeding out, etc. is not the time to be scrambling to find and put on gloves...which I've noticed seems to be more difficult to do when you're in panic mode
  14. ICURN3020

    Nurse Practitioner vs Physicians Assistant

    We're in the same boat here. I guess that old saying "no good deed goes unpunished" is proving true.
  15. ICURN3020

    Nurse Practitioner vs Physicians Assistant

    I did not intend to come across as rude by pointing out the misspelling. I do, as a matter of fact, have autocorrect and can relate to the annoying habit of it swapping our intended words with incorrect ones. The reason I pointed this out is that there are those who truly do not know the correct use of some words and it would be a shame for an otherwise educated, capable and qualified individual to have their application tossed and not be given a chance for admission to their program of choice due to an honest grammar or spelling mistake. You may not believe this, but the details are important in things such as this. I meant well by mentioning this oversight to you in the hopes that you proofread your application for any possible mistakes to ensure your best chance for success. To have your application thrown away without a second glance by an admissions reviewer who thinks that you can't even be bothered to ensure the proper spelling of the patient population that you wish to work with would be terrible. Anyway, it may serve you well in the future to be open to any and all sources of helpful advice, regardless of whether you specifically asked for it. Again, no intention on my part to harass/ridicule you, it was meant to be helpful. Best of luck to you with your education.
  16. ICURN3020

    Nurse Practitioner vs Physicians Assistant

    Also, I wouldn't write on your application "I want to work with baby's".....it's "babies" Good luck!