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  1. Started a Facebook group! 2018 Chemeketa Nursing Students!!!
  2. Congrats everyone!!!!! I've read of people starting a FB page. Should we do that???
  3. Nothing here. I am DYING!!!!!!
  4. I feel live every other college has let their students know. This is just torture.
  5. ohhh heheh!!! I was gonna say! This is new to me!! lol. Darn though, because I wish Chemeketa considered experience! :)
  6. Oh golly. SO many nerves!! lol. I'm at 354. That wouldn't have gotten me a spot in the past, so I'm holding onto hope it's enough with the new exam!!! Good luck everyone!!
  7. I sure hope so.... I'm so anxious to get that email!! I hope it's sooner than mid May!!
  8. I got 84 on the test and have full points for the pre-reqs. I'm at 354 points.... I am so nervous and I'm going to be so sad if I don't get in this year I already retook the kaplan so this is it for me.
  9. WOW! That seems low! Did you call and ask them?
  10. Curious if anyone knows how many applied this year?