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  1. Ava Z.

    Are the name brand designer scrubs worth it?

    It 100% is. Brands like Grey's Anatomy fit better, look better, wash better, and last longer. It's a very well worth it investment.
  2. Ava Z.

    If you could wear any scrub?

    Grey's Anatomy are really nice. They're top of the line and a bit on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but totally worth it. They look super professional, are incredibly comfortable and durable and are available in so many amazing style!
  3. Ava Z.

    Cool & breathable longsleeves to wear under scrubs

    Barco makes some great underscrub tees. I particularly love the Grey's Anatomy Meredith burnout tee. It features soil resistant fabric, 4 way stretch and has cuffs at the ends of each sleeve to keep the sleeve in place. It also comes in many great colors:)
  4. Ava Z.

    Brand of graduated compression stockings?

    Did you try the Dr. Scholl's graduated compression stockings? They come in black, white, and a sheer color, and are available in 15-20 Hg or 20-30, depending on your needs. Nurses swear by them. They can really help you get through that 12 hour shift.
  5. Ava Z.

    September 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    They say that nurses are the only heart doctors have. Well, that's about to change!
  6. Ava Z.

    Nursing Scrubs: The Material Makes A Difference

    If you're looking to purchase printed scrubs, polyester is definitely a way to go since it retains the vibrancy of the print and the colors no matter how many wash cycles you put it through.
  7. Ava Z.

    Maternity Scrubs

    Cherokee Flexibles makes an adjustable rise, pull-on maternity pant. Like this you can see how you feel and adjust it accordingly.
  8. All change is hard, but it's the key to success. Kudos to you for your great attitude and I'm sure you'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Good luck!
  9. Ava Z.

    How do you cheer yourself after a bad day at work?

    Just spend time with loved ones. It makes you appreciate what you have and takes your mind off of any stresses and negativity.
  10. Ava Z.

    Well-fitting scrubs for tall, thin girls?

    Grey's Anatomy comes in a color called Twilight. It's quite similar to Navy. If it's not good enough, how about going with Grey's Signature scrubs. They fit just as well, come in Tall sizes and are available in Indigo. It's even darker than the Twilight color and should definitely pass as Navy.
  11. Ava Z.

    Need a watch, can't decide...

    Love #2. Just make sure the leather is durable enough to withstand the rigors of nursing and that it has a second hand (if you plan on wearing it on the job.)
  12. Ava Z.

    Retro nurse uniforms....where to order?

    Prima Whites by Barco makes some really nice, white, nursing dresses. They're modest, professional looking, and feature a great style. Best of all, the Prima by Barco white uniforms are NOT see through. Barco puts their items through a peaching process to help you avoid any major fashion faux pas:)
  13. Ava Z.

    white scrubs

    Prima by Barco is Barco's all-white line. It's high end, not see through, and the scrubs come in some really nice styles and cuts.
  14. Ava Z.

    gfs scrubs are kinda see through

    The Prima Whites collection by Barco is an all white line, and they put their uniforms through a peaching process so that they won't be see through. Maybe just mention this fact in passing and she'll be curious enough to try them out.
  15. Ava Z.

    Help....I Can't Take it Anymore!!! - Nurses Coping with Stress

    I'm not a nurse and it's amazing to see what all you hard working and devoted nurses put up with. My suggestion for anyone dealing with the stresses of their job, is to work on cultivating a rich life outside of work so that there's always something to look forward to and to take your mind off of whatever is going on in the workplace. Good luck to you all!
  16. Most brands consider nurses who are under 5'4'' to be petite. That said, you'll probably do well with the petites pieces. If I'm not mistaken all the major brands carry petite sizes. Good luck!