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  1. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Hey Jeannine! Did you get a call from the unit manager?
  2. shiiivers

    applying for the NCLEX? ca breeze

    I applied in June. Graduated in August and got my ATT (after probably 30 or 40 phone calls) in late September. Tested first week of October. License was posted like 2 days later!
  3. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    I interviewed a little over two weeks ago and got the email last week. But as others have said, every unit is different in terms of their timeline, so I would go based off what they told you at interviews as far as when you should expect to hear back! Good luck!
  4. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    i posted that as a reply to a question about getting the reference check email, not the job! i dont know why it showed up as a solo post and not a reply. i can only hope to get the magical offer call soon too though!
  5. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    yes! got it this past week
  6. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    did anyone else from OR get reference check emails?
  7. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    hey guys! hope everyone's interviews went well! just wondering if anyone has rooted through the old threads to find out how quickly they send out the reference requests after the interview?
  8. shiiivers

    Research Nurse Interview Questions?

    Hello all! I recently applied to a research nurse job at a fairly large hospital and I managed to get an interview! I was just wondering how I should prepare, outside of doing the normal research on the hospital values, mission statement, etc. I'm really wondering if there are different types of questions for research nurse positions, outside of the typical behavioral questions? I'm also a new grad, so I'm very uncertain about what I would get asked since I have no prior experience outside of clinicals! I am treating this interview as nothing more than practice, because I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but I would love some insight, if anyone has ever been in this boat, as a new grad interviewing for a research nurse position!
  9. shiiivers

    Texas to California

    I did a similar thing. I moved to California immediately after finishing my BSN degree and took my exam and got licensed here. I'm in Southern California and it is definitely not easy to get a job out here. I would definitely consider taking a year to gain some experience first. In my experience, there ARE a few jobs here, things like aesthetics and home care but I don't consider them particularly safe for new nurses, because there's usually not a lot of training offered (just my opinion).
  10. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    thanks for giving us some insight! just wondering, was the 20 minute session just you and the interview panel?
  11. shiiivers

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Does anyone know what the start date for this program is? I can't seem to find it!
  12. shiiivers

    Help! Should I take a SNF job as a New grad?

    Thank you all for your responses. As a confused new nurse, all advice is much appreciated! I was actually offered a position at the SNF, in a supervisor role, but I do not feel qualified to be in such a role so I am unsure about what to do!
  13. Hey all! I moved out to California to brave the brutal job market here. I got my license last week and have been applying non-stop for jobs. It's only been a week and I know people search for months and months, but I have an interview (my first and only) at a SNF on Friday. I'm debating whether or not to take the job if I get offered it. I'm not picky about where I work and I actually really enjoyed working with my older patients during clincals. I've been in here for about 2 months (graduated 3 months ago) now and I'm just ready to start working and getting some experience under my belt. I feel like so many more doors will open for me once I can apply for jobs and say "yes, I actually have clinical RN experience." I'm also up for a volunteer position at a bigger hospital, and I'm hoping I can use that as a way to maintain a presence in the hospital and possibly make some good contacts for future jobs. I guess I'm just looking for some advice as to whether taking a SNF job as a new grad is a good idea? Will I be overwhelmed? And will I be able to transition back into a hospital job? Thanks guys!
  14. shiiivers

    ATT time with Breeze Application

    September 18th. But that was with the help of one of the ladies at the BRN who really went above and beyond to get my application evaluated as it hadn't been looked at at all when I started calling in early September.
  15. shiiivers

    California att

    June 2nd and I got my ATT Sep 18th. After many, many, many phone calls to the BRN! I think they are still having a lot of issues, but I was lucky enough to get in touch with two different people at the BRN who were both super helpful in getting my application seen by someone, and then I got my ATT within a few days.