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traumaRUs has 27 years experience as a MSN, APRN, CNS and specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

I have a total of 27+ years of nursing experience; including 10 years as an RN in a level one trauma center ED. Now, I'm an experienced (13+ years) nephrology APRN. In my spare time, I volunteer on my rural fire department as a licensed Pre-Hospital RN. I'm also a proud USN veteran. 

Presidential Executive Order about Kidney Care - July 2019

UCSF Alarm Fatigue Study

Are We Too PC?

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  1. Hello traumaRU,

    I notice you have specialized in Nephrology.  I was just hired as a Nephrology NP and started "training/shadowing"  the MD this past Monday. This is my first NP position. 

    I need some help! I will be working with a practice that see patients in clinic, hospitals, and dialysis centers. The doctor that is 'training" me and will be working with acts as if I've also done a fellowship for a year in nephrology. He doesn't really explain what he is doing or why. I kind of just hoover over as he goes about the day seeing patients. He moves so fast and will just talk about things randomly. He is a great doctor but not the best teacher. So the last 3 days I have felt lost and do not feel as if I am learning anything. Do you have any tips, websites, personal knowledge or any information you can share that can help.


  2. traumaRUs

    What's the least saturated specialty in APRN?

    Hmm...do you mean FNP, ACNP or do you mean pediatrics, family practice, dermatology? Can you clarify a bit?
  3. I consider CA and MD to both be very high cost states and I have lived in multiple states all over the US. I currently live in IL (central IL, rural area) and my pay is excellent for this area with 13+ years APRN experience. A very nice 2000+ sq foot house will run anywhere from $150 up. And I take exception to your statement that " High quality food - most of the nation's fruits and veggies are grown here." Most of the corn, wheat and dairy come from the midwest. Iowa produced the most corn in the United States in 2016 followed by Illinois & Nebraska. Iowa and Illinois both produced over 2 billion bushels in 2016. Four states produced over 1 billion bushels of corn in 2016: Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, & Minnesota https://beef2live.com/story-states-produce-corn-0-107129
  4. traumaRUs

    Georgetown AGACNP Program - May 2020

    Moved to student NP forum
  5. traumaRUs

    NP vs FNP

    Moved to advanced practice forum
  6. traumaRUs

    Happy Veterans Day 2019

    I just wanted to wish all my fellow military veterans a wonderful, peaceful day. This is a day to honor all veterans and active-duty military. Many businesses honor us with discounts today. However, more importantly, is our country recognizing our commitment and sacrifices. So many veterans have returned from military service disabled either physically or mentally. allnurses.com salutes our veterans! Veteran's Discounts Thank you for your service to our great country!
  7. traumaRUs

    Advice needed for Military Spouse

    I'ma military spouse, hubby did 23 years. I did L TC, medaling, & ICU without problems . I did MSNafter he retired and haven't looked back since,BTW we moved 3 tines while I was in NS
  8. traumaRUs

    How to "calm" down autistic pediatric patient?

    STAFF NOTE - several posts have been edited in this thread due to debating the poster, not the topic. There are many of us with autistic family members so this can be a sensitive topic. However, please be polite and courteous when disagreeing with others. Thank you
  9. traumaRUs

    Board of Nursing Complaint

    Yes, I would definitely consult an attorney. I would be glad to remove this post too if you are concerned with your privacy.
  10. traumaRUs

    Prescribing new medications?

    I work in nephrology and many of my pts are on max doses of 4-5 anti-HTN meds. I use UTD but I also use National Kidney Foundation guidelines as well as the ACC/AHA 2017 Guidelines.
  11. traumaRUs

    Email from dfpr??

    I'm in Illinois - all nurses received it as near as I can figure out - I deleted it and no biggie IMHO
  12. traumaRUs

    Illinois Diazepam

    What about schools without nurses?
  13. traumaRUs

    Most important thing to look for in training/school

    Moved to SRNA forum
  14. traumaRUs

    RN. BSN

    We are going to need some more info - what kind of experience do you currently have? You need to choose a specialty in order to decide on NP track?? FNP, ANP, ACNP??? Moved to student NP
  15. traumaRUs

    Presidential Executive Order about Kidney Care - July 2019

    Here's an update - practices have until January to submit an application to CMS for the new payment model. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/cms-taking-applications-for-2020-kidney-care-payment-models.html
  16. traumaRUs

    RN in Medical School -Should I keep this to myself?

    My feelings exactly. I worked with two fantastic ED MDs who were RNs prior and they were easily the most awesome ED MDs I've ever had the privilege to work with. Congratulations on your success!