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  1. LuvCash

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    What did you change this time around from your other attempts? Congrats
  2. LuvCash

    9years later

    Patjew8187 No worries enjoy you did it. My inspiration I have a 1 year old and its hard as you know what trying to study and that fact you did it with 3 hands down. In my Martin voice, "You go girl". It makes you appreciate it much more.
  3. LuvCash

    After many attempts, I finally passed my Nclex rn

    You stated you attempted the NCLEX many times what was different this time around? What did you study? Congratulations! I know its a weight off your shoulders.
  4. LuvCash

    Passed nclex 4th try!!

    Hopetopassnclex keep asking because so many people wonder the same thing such as myself when coming on the webiste and it may help or change they way others studying. Congrats Miss Success you have did it. Great Job!
  5. LuvCash

    Just found out I fail

    Keep pushing and don't give up. Pray and pray again. The thought study over again is exhausting but give yourself sometime to regroup and go hard again.
  6. LuvCash

    My experience with Uworld (and other reviews)

    Congrats! So happy for you. Be glad when myself can say the same.
  7. LuvCash

    Pearson Vue Trick

    What did you do different this? What was your study materials?
  8. Congrats! Love your post.
  9. LuvCash

    Failed NCLEX; passed with U World (2018

    Congrats! On passing best wishes!
  10. LuvCash

    newyork: infection control course

    Thanks this helps!
  11. LuvCash

    How I passed NCLEX on the 4th try

    Uh! love this post, Congratulations. So inspiring and touching. Best wishes.
  12. LuvCash

    Passed Nclex-RN second time around 2018

    Congrats! What did you do different with Uworld this time around? Did you take more notes, study the rationales more...
  13. LuvCash

    I passed without many SATA

  14. LuvCash

    Passed Nclex on 3rd try with Uworld

    Congrats! Its all over enjoy and relax. I will be testing soon and it's hard studying with now an 8 month old. I'm using Uworld, PDA and listening to Hurst audio I pray I pass this test. All this driving me crazy, anywho congrats again.
  15. LuvCash

    Pass the NCLEX with these tips!

    Congrats! I can't wait til the day I can say I passed. If you have any tips that are helpful I am very interested. I need all the help I can get