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  1. 3 hours ago, Asystole RN said:

    This article reeks of xenophobia and lightly veiled racism. 

    Coronavirus was first identified in China so the Chinese must have done something to cause it. Chinese culture is different from western culture so those differences must have caused it. 

    Not dissimilar to the hype that blamed HIV on homosexuals or the patently racist MSG hype around Chinese restaurants. 

    The fact is little is actually known about the origins of the virus, it is far too early to make any claims. OMG, you saw someone eat a whole fish with a head and scales and everything!?!?! Pretty damn common practice in Northern Michigan. "The overall attitude though is not one of cleanliness and sanitation." Based on what? This is different from who exactly? Ever been to a Broncos game? 

    Blaming this on Chinese culture with literally ZERO evidence is the height of xenophobia and racism. 

    Let's pump the breaks a little here on the racism train. It's quite the stretch comparing eye-witness accounts of food prep to blaming HIV on homosexuals. The only personal opinions given above were that China is an amazing country with unbelievable attractions. The rest were either straight forward observations or facts. For example:

    - China is classified as a developing country by the World Trade Organization. 

    - "The fact is little is actually known about the origins of the virus..." That's incorrect, several major news organizations site scientists who link the coronavirus to Chinese wet markets. Here's one example, there are more if you search google: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-deadly-originated-wild-animal-wet-markets-urging-chinese-government-shut-down/

    "The overall attitude though is not one of cleanliness and sanitation." Based on what? This is different from who exactly? Ever been to a Broncos game?" 
    It's based on my eyeballs seeing a lack of cleanliness and sanitation and speaking with Chinese citizens who described the situation to me. 
    I haven't been to a Broncos game but I have been to many other stadiums around the country. I haven't seen wild animals being butchered (like I saw in China) at any of the NFL games I've been to but I wouldn't put it past those darn Minnesota Vikings! 

    - "Blaming this on Chinese culture with literally ZERO evidence is the height of xenophobia and racism."
    Chinese culture wasn't blamed. Documented food prep standards were blamed. And I wouldn't say "zero evidence" considering the following publications all quote doctors and scientists linking the coronavirus to China: NBC, CBS, Business Insider, Fortune, Huffington Post, Reuters, Wall St. Journal, NPR and many more. I guess they are all racist too??
    The other evidence is the fact that I have been to a Chinese wet market and recorded my observations without bias in the article. And again, the only opinions from above were complimentary of China. 

    If you're looking to be outraged you'll find an excuse I guess. 

  2. With all the talk about the coronavirus, I wanted to share my experiences visiting China.  A few years ago I traveled to Beijing and Shanghai as a tourist. While the country is amazing and has some unbelievable attractions, it is also obvious that they are still a developing nation.

    Common Local Food Options

    The first difference that I noticed was the choice of food options. Although they have McDonald’s and KFC they also have some local dishes that many in America would not put on the menu.  I saw whole fish with the fins and scales served on a plate, mammals I won’t mention, and snakes. The latter is at the center of coronavirus issue as it’s suggested that a bat was eaten by a snake who then was eaten by a person. 

    Open-Air Wet Markets

    While eating odd foods isn’t a bad thing, Andrew Zimmern has made a career of it, how the food is prepped in China is an issue.  While in Shanghai I visited what they call a “wet market.” Several websites are claiming the coronavirus, and previously SARS started in wet markets. Think of a farmer’s market but the butchering of the animals happens behind the counter and the raw meat is hung in the open air. China Street Butcher Not only are they butchering pigs, ducks and chickens there are also stands with live frogs, eels, snakes and turtles. It’s not very sanitary and there are no regulations on how they discard the entrails. One moment a man could be butchering a snake, the next he could be handling a raw piece of pork before selling it to the consumer.  The market was open-air even during the summer months. Raw meat sat out in 85-degree temperatures. The worst part was the unsanitary conditions. The animal waste, including feces, wasn’t discarded away from the food. I’m honestly surprised more people don’t get sick.

    Human Waste Disposal

    Another issue in China is how they deal with human waste.  Many of the big cities are westernized when it comes to plumbing but even in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, it is not rare to come across squat toilets. Squat toilet - China The squat toilet is just what it sounds like. In nice areas, they can be made of porcelain, like the attached picture, but in many spots, they are made of metal or wood. They are essentially a hole in the floor that you squat over to do your business.  Again, the sanitation of these toilets is not great, especially if the previous user was careless with their aim. Another issue with Chinese restrooms is that in most you are not allowed to flush the toilet paper. In many areas, the plumbing isn’t capable of handling the waste paper. So what do people do with the waste paper? They place it in a garbage can or open bin. And again, the sanitation varies on whether or not the previous user cared to hit the bin with their waste paper. Even in restaurants and bars in the cities, I saw overflowing bins of used waste paper. That was in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The situation was worse in more rural areas.

    Disease Transmission

    All of these poor practices can contribute to the spread of illness. The overall attitude though is not one of cleanliness and sanitation. Washing your hands after butchering an animal or going to the restroom is not seen as necessary in many parts of the country.  For China to stem the tide of illness, and prevent future issues, they really need to change public attitudes around hygiene.  The coronavirus can be spread via infected secretions, fecal matter or by a cough or sneeze. China’s hygiene standards increase the odds of all those possibilities.

    Images provided by the author

  3. This is a great article and an interesting topic. It brings up interesting questions about privacy rights and consent. A driver can refuse to blow in a breathalyzer or give blood but then has to deal with the consequences. What happens when the driver cannot give consent? Who has access to those blood samples? What else can they test for (HIV), etc? How is the patient driver protected from overzealous police or medical errors?  


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