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MoshRN has 2 years experience and specializes in OB, Postpartum, Nursery.

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  1. MoshRN

    New Grad Relocating to SD from East Coast; is it Possible?

    Yes, San Diego is over saturated with new grads. Tougher for ADN's and out of state grads. Yes, it can be done if you are willing to be persistent for that acute care job experience. Definitely apply to VA when they have new grad programs.
  2. MoshRN

    East Bay

    Bay Area pays $50 +. Also check out NorthBay in Fairfield if you have BSN.
  3. MoshRN

    Does your postpartum unit assign acuity scores?

    Everybody on our unit gets a 2, unless c/s fresh (or mag pt) gets a 3. Funny thing, we will still get a mag pt with 3 other couplets.
  4. MoshRN

    fired during orientation...to list or not to list?

    Gumby - Did you list this on your new job offer for NICU? You obviously did something very right.
  5. MoshRN

    Professional Nurse Resume Writers

    Can try RNInterview Tools on Facebook.
  6. MoshRN

    Whistleblower, Briana Aguirre

    Saw this and think it explains situation. "Words of Wisdom from the Nurse: The nursing shortage has always had its ups and downs. About 15 years ago it was realized that there was a huge need for nurses, and for a small amount of school, you could be a licensed nurse and make a good salary. So at that time many people went into nursing saturating the supply. This plus the recession, there hasn't been a nursing shortage for about 10 years since many of the nurses who would have retired did not because of the hit to their retirement plans. This over abundance of nurses gave a lot of power to the hospitals that employ us since we could be easily replaced. Many of us remember the day of Nursing Job Fairs or being able to walk into any hospital and being told, "If you're an RN, I can start you working tomorrow!" Now that we are coming out of the recession, nurses are again becoming short in supply. They predict the shortage is going to be national in 2017. I urge and encourage all of you to prepare and use this to turn the table on hospitals. Know that during a nursing shortage, they need us more than we need them. The most desperate will be for nurse educators. Keep informed about how much other nurses are being paid in other hospitals, benefits being offered to other nurses, and if necessary, be prepared to make BUSINESS decisions for yourself as a Registered Nurse. Know that no hospital is loyal to you. You are an employee to make them money, and thus, they need to be good company to you to make you happy and to make you money. If things aren't good, during a nursing shortage, the hospital needs improve or nurses will leave. You own the license. If you go, you take your license and your skill with you."
  7. MoshRN

    Dallas Presbyterian Nurse Interview

    Hoping this tragedy sends a message to the public, things have to change.
  8. MoshRN

    No one will give me a chance

    In a similar boat!!!
  9. These classes are tough. Maybe withdraw from the class? Talk to a counselor and see what your options are. If you must, buckle down and kick butt from now on. Nursing school only gets tougher as it continues!!!!
  10. Just go in with your eyes open. As the only RN, you will be asked to do things they cannot, plus your regular duties. Best wishes!!
  11. MoshRN

    Why would nitrostat be given?

    We gave nitro for a pt who had a piece of food stuck in his lower esophagus. Airway and breathing were intact. Weird but worked.
  12. In the same boat.
  13. MoshRN

    Is reentering nursing even possible for me?

    I am a reentry nurse, completed a refresher course 12/2013, plus a 150 hour Labor and Delivery Internship and just recently completed a Post Graduate Nursing Emergency and Trauma Course that included TNCC, ACLS, PALS, BLS, EKG and IV/BLOOD Certification and a 168 hour Emergency Room Internship, and I have yet to get an interview in acute care! I literally apply and drop off resumes every day. Of course I have a personalized resume, business cards, wear my suit, the whole bit!! I am in Northern California and it just sucks. I refuse to give up.
  14. MoshRN


    Yes, I agree with you. I was a member since 2004 and signed off a few years ago. Recently I came back, and it is the same old drama. Very disheartening. Glad to know that I am not alone in my thinking.
  15. MoshRN

    New grad job hunt after taking time off

    Do not even tell them you worked. Say you had to take time off due to death in the family, which you have resolved (probably a better way to say it) and you are now ready to begin your career. Since you were there such a short time, do not even list it on your resume. (Unless it is a government job, then you have to list them all). You can dates for that time and list it as "Postponed new grad search due to death in family. Resolved and I am ready to truly begin my career." Just an idea.