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  1. nurse.j.

    Switching to L&D

    Hey all, I’m a long time member here and finally trying to make the switch into L&D. I have been working the last 2 years on a Med-Tele floor in a small hospital, but have almost 6 years experience as a RN: PCU, HH Case Management & Med-Tele. I recently applied to a L&D position in a larger hospital in our system. I also have been networking and hoping to score an interview. Any tips/advice on getting into L&D after being in a different specialty? Specific questions or points I should sell about myself should I be offered an interview? Thank you for your replies!
  2. nurse.j.

    RN Clinical Sales Liaison ???

    I actually ended up going back to hospital nursing. I'm a 0.6 on 12s and my managers are so flexible with our schedules. It's the best thing for my family right now and I'm trying to get my BSN and would not have time to do it working 5 days a week. Are you looking at doing something similar?
  3. nurse.j.

    New grad in need of some more advice

    You need to speak up about your training! I work on an incredibly busy Med-Tele floor with a 4:1 ratio (sometimes 5 if we are short) and the charge almost NEVER takes pts. Your preceptor should not be charging also, the days they charge, they need to assign you a different preceptor. CN is entirely different role and one that you won't be needing to know how to do yet, as a new nurse. The first couple years as a new nurse, are really tough, no matter what unit you work on. It sounds like you have a particularly challenging situation, because you aren't getting the training you deserve. Speak up to your managers and know, you're going to make mistakes and things aren't always going to go well. I remember feeling the same way as a new nurse, I thought another hospital or unit, was my answer...it's not, it just time. Time to learn and hone in on your craft. You'll get there, even 5 years into nursing, I still have questions, I still forget things and still make mistakes; we are all human after all. But please talk with your unit managers and tell them, you need more education, direction and training. This is a very unfair and unsafe situation to be starting out in.
  4. nurse.j.

    When to go back to school?

    Hey all! It's been a long time since I have posted on here and I have had already a few different nursing jobs since I graduated from my ADN program in 2013. I started out as a resident PCU nurse and did a year and half there. I left the bedside bc of an awful experience and did HH Case Management for almost 2 years. I really enjoyed HH, but I did not enjoy the paperwork and never feeling like I was "off". So I got a job on a Med Tele floor at an awesome hospital with a great team. I've been there a year and am expecting my 3rd and last baby Feb 2018. I have been wanting to go back to get my BSN, but I had my second child in Dec 2015. I'm itching to get it done and there's a bridge program at my local uni and I could start Fall 2018...the only thing is my baby will only be about 6 months then. I just don't want to stay on Med Tele forever and would like to move towards my goal of becoming a Maternity Support Services RN, and I can't do that until I have my BSN at least. But going to school with a newborn, 2 year old and 7 year old, while working is a lot to juggle even with my husbands help (he works full time too). Do I just suck it up and start school next Fall or wait until my kiddos are a little older?
  5. nurse.j.

    working for hospital or home care?

    I just wanted to ask you since I saw your response on this thread...maybe you can help me out here? I worked in the PCU at a very terrible managed hospital/unit for 1.5 years as my first nursing job. It was hell, so I got out and started HH Case managing. The family friendly hours are what attracted me to the position. I've been doing it for now 1.5 years and the paperwork, call, being attached to my iPad/phone...working alllll the time is getting old. I miss having coworkers to commiserate and lean on during the day also. I have a young baby, almost 1 & a kindergartener and trying to figure out if I should give the hospital a try again. Different company, hospital may help. I'm just trying to find the best work/life balance and job that I'll enjoy. I think my first job scared me away from hospital nursing. Any advice is greatly appreciated! TY!
  6. nurse.j.

    RN Clinical Sales Liaison ???

    Yeah I have a friend who is in the sales part (non clinical) and she said that she couldn't imagine doing her job with small children. I know everyone is different but I'm looking for work/life balance and I don't think the liaison position would give me that. The big money sounds nice but my family comes first. I have a second interview with both companies this week. DaVita is very interested in me and I did some more research and the job sounds like something I'd enjoy, plus for room for advancement in the company. AND I can just go to work and come home. I have a friend who works for the company and she really loves it and says the company is great. We would also both get a referral bonus, should I be hired and accept the job. Doesn't sound too shabby to me. Will keep y'all posted. Thanks for your replies! :)
  7. nurse.j.

    RN Clinical Sales Liaison ???

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to search this board for some help, but can't seem to really find what I'm looking for. I am a nurse of 3 years, stared my career in a step-down/PCU unit and after about a year and a half, began my HH career as a RN Case Manager. I really have enjoyed HH, for the patient education/1:1 interaction and flexible schedule. However, the agency I have been working for is not paying me enough and the paperwork is endless. I'm also feeling like there is something else out there for me. I have been applying to different positions that are similar to mine, however not in a HH setting. I have been moved on to the next level of interviewing for a RN Clinical Sales Liaison position with CVS (recently bought out Coram) infusion and a Patient Educator/CM with DaVita. The recruiter and manager explained that my role for CVS would be primarily going around to local hospitals that have accounts with us, educating patients and families that will be discharging home with infusion. My second role would be to assist the Sales Liasion (who is not Clinical) with maintaining and marketing referrals. They said the first 6 months is tough, but after the training and getting the job down, hours can be flexible (M-F & no weekends or holidays) and allow for work/life balance. It sounds like an exciting job with more career advancement and nice pay, benefits etc. But I worry I may get in over my head and be doing a lot of work at home too and I have two young ones (almost 6 & almost 1) & my fiancé (who also works full time). The second job is an in office job with DaVita, making calls/coordination of care/case management & patient education over the phone. It's more set hours M-F, with a little flexibility, just as long as I clock my 40 hours a week. The job doesn't pay as much and possible could be an adjustment being in office all week long. However good benefits, work/life balance guarantee. Does anyone have experience with either of these types of jobs and is it impossible to have a family/life/work balance with the liaison position? Thank you! :)
  8. nurse.j.

    Best route to get into mother/baby

    Hey hopping on here because I'm interested in breaking into L&D, M/B also. I worked on a busy step down unit for almost 2 years and then started HH case management for the past year and half. I want to get back to pursuing my dream of L&D but not sure how to get a job! All the jobs say experience required, so how do you even land an interview? Thinking about taking doula course and then possible certification. Would that be helpful for my resume? Thank you!
  9. nurse.j.

    My Dream to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse

    I know this an old thread but my heart keeps calling me to L&D or M/B. After having an amazing experience at a wonderful hospital with my second birth, I knew I wanted to go back to pursuing my dream of being an OB nurse. I just am not entirely sure how to get there because "I don't fit the mold". I graduated in June 2013, with my senior practicuum experience in Pediatric Nursing. After a terrible experience in the pediatric ED, I had no idea where to go in nursing. M/B was something I had always loved but was highly discouraged to begin my career there, so I settled for a step down unit as my first job. It was a crazy, stressful, surreal year and half! Though the knowledge I had gained was infallible, I was burnt out so quickly due to a continually short staffed unit and increasing ratios/acuities of patients. I had a friend introduce me to the field of home health nursing and the schedule appeal and no weekends drew me in. I began as a home health case manager RN, working with mostly geriatric patients. A month after I started my job, I found out I was pregnant with my second child. The job was amazing for the flexibility with my then 4 year old son, and the days I wasn't feeling well due to being pregnant I could schedule my patients around that. It was great - for a while. However, I never stopped working. Always answering emails, phone calls, scheduling, paperwork, somehow still even on my days off. After I returned to work from maternity leave, I decided to just work per diem to lighten my load of work, now with having two children and a household to manage with my husband. However, it's the same thing still...not only do I never stop working, I'm no longer fulfilled by my job. My heart still keeps calling me to OB nursing. I've applied to some jobs but never get any bites. I have been recently looking into doula training and then possibly midwifery. Would the doula training help my resume when applying to L&D jobs? All of them seem to require experience. Any knowledge or advice is greatly appreciated!
  10. nurse.j.

    Mother baby/ Labor and Delivery Nursing

    I'm not a new nurse but looking for a way into MB also! I did a year and half on a PCU/tele step down and then left the hospital to do HH case management for the last year and half. Needless to say, the paperwork is becoming too much for myself and my work/life balance and I have 2 small children. Any recommendations on breaking in? Ty!
  11. nurse.j.

    Advice to those looking at home triage jobs...

    I'm hoping to make the switch to a job like this in the next couple of years. Was a PCU nurse for almost 2 years and then have been a HH Case Manager the last 1.5 years. Is a BSN or higher education preferred?
  12. nurse.j.

    Typical Day For A Home Health Nurse

    I'm a Home Health Case Manager and although it's not hospice, I know it's very similar. There is a lot of charting...but that's the trade off for making your own schedule and not working hospital hours. In the beginning the charting does take a while, you do spend some of your "free time" charting, however, once you find a method that works for you to get your charting done in a timely manner, you won't be spending your evenings after work or weekends catching up (not that you won't ever have that again...I do that when I've been lazy and just wanted to be done early). The way I schedule my patients is, I leave a couple of hours at the end of my day (try to see my last patient by 2), where my kids are still with the sitter, to make calls, catch up on charting and look at the next day. That way, when I'm home and my kids and husband are home, I'm there 100%. Not to say that a coworker won't ever call you after hours or you won't look at a chart...but I do that when my kids are in bed or being taken care of by my husband. I couldn't imagine going back to hospital nursing...I love the flexibility of Home Health and the patient care. You have 1 on 1 time with them and their families...time that you never have in the hospital. Not every day is great, you still have patients and family members that are a**holes or treat you in an unpleasant manner...but there are far more pleasant and very appreciative patients and families out there than their are rude. People that really love their home health clinicians. Another thing to get used to, is nursing in an uncontrolled environment. You have to be able to think on your toes, get creative in people's homes and be a strong advocate for them. Sometimes you are the only eyes on that patient. It can be frustrating at times, you may get a last minute order for a lab draw and not have supplies to complete...you show up to another colleagues patients house to provide care and the supplies you think they have, aren't there. You can spend hours tracking down the correct physician to get an order...but you take the bad days with the good. My ex MIL is a hospice RN and has done it for years. The cards and letters she'd get from families of past patients and the way she'd light up about helping them in a way you just don't have time for in the hospital, really turned me on to HH and Hospice. It is it's own beast and a totally different type of nursing... it's not for everyone or an "easy way out" , but it is where I feel like I belong in the world of nursing today.
  13. nurse.j.

    Is it just my agency?

    I decided I'm going to stay with my agency when I return from maternity leave and see how it goes. I want to at least make it to my 1 year (mid March) before I make any decisions about checking other agencies out/jobs. HH is something I really enjoy and the flexibility you just can't beat.
  14. nurse.j.

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Sorry I missed this...was having my baby on 12/12, home recovering now Yeah that is very low what they are paying you. We are only required to have our phones on the same as our agency hours 8-5 M-F, unless we are on call, in which we are compensated on call pay in addition and if we have to make a visit extra pay for that as well. We get paid for holidays even if we don't work them and there is compensation for working the holiday but it's not as generous as in the hospital. I would strongly suggest talking to your supervisor about your pay. Do other nurses for your agency make the same or is that just initially while you're training? We are also given the option for a gas card or milage reimbursement. They need to offer one or the other to you as well. Is it a small private agency or bigger one? Stand up for yourself because they are very much taking advantage of you and you deserve more for all your hard work!
  15. nurse.j.

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    I've been working as a HH RN Case manager now since March and I am now salary + bonus if I go over my required 25 pts a week. When I was on PPV, it was $100 for an admit, $75 for recert/resumption of care, $60 for a discharge and $42 a reg visit. Are you sure that's not an hourly rate they are paying you? Because 37.50 a visit is really low. Where are you at? I'm in WA and I know Libby is CA.