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  1. mississippikid

    Make yourself THINK like a nurse

    I prepare myself the night before lecture by reviewing A&P & terminology. During lecture I don't write down what the instructor says word for word. I write down brief notes & questions to ask myself & answer while I'm studying. What is this disease? Which populations will it affect? How will the patient present? Are there any hallmark symptoms? How is it treated? As a nurse, what am I going to do for this patient? Changing my thought process brought my grades from barely passing to a high B.
  2. mississippikid

    Tips for New Nursing Students

    Great advice! Congrats on finishing up your first year! I too am halfway to RN :) I would add that you should use your syllabus as a guide for your studying, the syllabus lists what you'll be tested on (outline of the unit, learning outcomes you should achieve) and will help you to tailor your studying. Do as many practice questions as you can get your hands on! ATI, end of chapters, online, books, whatever.. just do them! It's not a substitute for studying by any means. Doing NCLEX style questions daily (at least 10 a day consistently) and utilizing test-taking strategies helped me become a better test taker. I don't read every last word of the assigned textbooks either, I would like to and I make an effort to but it just doesn't always happen. I try to understand the bigger concepts presented and I try to think like a nurse while I'm doing it, thinking about what I'm going to do for a patient that presents with a specific disease process. Your instructors want you to know why disease processes happen but they're going to test you on the most important thing you should do as a nurse.
  3. mississippikid

    heart & kidneys question

    Is this a homework question? I see it's your first post.. Important concept, and I'm not the best at explaining things unfortunately.. The heart pumps blood through the body, right? Then that blood goes into the kidneys and the kidneys filter out wastes and excess that the body doesn't need which is then turned into urine. The kidneys also regulate blood pressure and fluid/electrolyte balance.. If the heart is not functioning properly, there's a good chance the kidneys are having problems as well. Check this video out:
  4. mississippikid

    Nursing school too hard on purpose?

    Nursing school is hard for a reason, actually many reasons, but I would never say that it is "too hard". You have to do the work, play by the rules, and deal with it to the best of your ability. They are trying to mold students into entry level nurses that will be competent enough to practice safely and pass NCLEX when the time comes. If an instructor or a nurse during clinical is inappropriate, by all means report them or do whatever you have to do, but don't complain about trivial things when in reality they are in place for good reason. Be on time, be prepared, dress properly. Like a previous poster stated, rules/policies are agreed to upon enrolling. I'm sorry that you had bad experiences but they are not representative of nursing or nursing schools as a whole.
  5. I can't function without coffee in the mornings! But I have never been to a Starbucks.. who can afford it in nursing school?
  6. mississippikid

    Nursing School - What are you thankful for?

    I'm thankful that all my friends and family are pushing me to keep on keepin' on even though I'm about to lose my mind.. I'm thankful for the new friends that will (hopefully) be by my side during the rest of my nursing school journey.. and I'm thankful that I was accepted to the program of my choice because there are so many that would love to be in my shoes!
  7. mississippikid

    RN dreams gone for now

    Most teach from PowerPoints to hit the high points of the topic, what they think is the most important information and you really have to fill in the blanks yourself. Do you have a Fundamentals success or NCLEX review book? Does your textbook have any additional resources? Are you doing questions and reading rationales? Have you tried talking to this instructor? Does your program have someone you can go to (counselor, navigator) if you're having trouble? DON'T give up on nursing if it's your dream. Nursing school is HARD, point blank period, and it's hard for a reason. I'm a first semester student too, I truly feel your pain. Your instructors are not going to spoon feed you the information, nor can they give you a bunch of examples on how to critically think. Critical thinking is a skill that must be developed and nurtured over time. You've got to learn how to think like a nurse and it does NOT happen overnight.
  8. mississippikid


    Complementary and Alternative Therapies? Have you done your reading? What specifically do you need help with?
  9. mississippikid

    ADN Nursing school interview at Holmes Community College

    They've only recently started doing the interviews.. I highly doubt they will use the same questions, and I don't want to risk getting in trouble for giving away too much information! I feel like they just want to know that you're trying to get into the program for the right reasons, a lot of people are only in it for the money or because their mama wants them to etc.. I worked myself up for a week solid before my interview and it was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. You will be FINE!! Take a deep breath, walk in, be yourself, and don't stress about it too much.
  10. mississippikid

    Holmes ADN Program Grenada Campus

    Nothing too difficult, don't worry!
  11. mississippikid

    What kind of car would you want?

    Toyota 4 Runner.. Pearl white, blacked out windows, all the extras!
  12. mississippikid

    Holmes ADN Program Grenada Campus

    From what I remember, the group comes in, sits down, and they talk to everybody for a while.. About the program and what they expect.. Then they give you some questions to answer in a narrative format. Then you'll be interviewed by a few different people, it's not long and drawn out or anything. Pretty painless. The interview and getting accepted are by far the easiest part!
  13. mississippikid

    Grades in Nursing School

    Use as many different resources for NCLEX-style questions as you can. Books, apps, whatever you can get your hands on. I like the Fundamentals Success book, the Test Success book, and the NCLEX RN Mastery app (pricey but good!). Our school required we have access to a website that goes along with our textbook called CoursePoint which is pretty helpful. The books usually have discs that have additional questions also. READ THE RATIONALES, you will be surprised at how much information you retain.
  14. mississippikid

    Scared to start nursing school

    Don't be afraid! I am in my first semester and I've been pumped about nursing school since before I even applied to the college to finish up my prereqs. I will not lie, nursing school is hard and is a whole different ballgame. Despite the challenges I love my program and I'm so excited to go to school and learn something new every day. It is a LOT of work, a LOT of reading, but it's alll there for a reason. Your program might be completely different than mine, of course, but the best advice I can give you is to be as prepared as you possibly can (do your reading, use outside resources), do the extra assignments even if they are only for your benefit and don't count for a grade, and don't worry so much about test grades. You want to pass, of course, but what a lot of people fail to realize is that the tests aren't a measure of your intelligence, they're testing your clinical reasoning. As you're reading, think of how you'd apply the information in a clinical setting. Try to "think like a nurse".. What really helps me is NCLEX-style questions. I was doing them way before I even started my ADN program. You get a lot of information from the rationales and even if you don't know the information yet it's GOING to come up sooner or later. Familiarizing yourself with those type questions will probably make test-taking a lot easier. Most of all BE POSITIVE and LOVE NURSING! You can do this!