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  1. ICUKeesh

    ADVICE NEEDED!! What should I do?

    Go to the interviews, don't pass up those chances! Best wishes :)
  2. Yes, the pay is lower during training for the StaRN program. Right before you are completely done with training, your hospital will make you an offer as a FT nurse with your starting pay, which was pretty fair compared to new grad pay for surrounding hospitals. Hope that helps!
  3. ICUKeesh

    ICU pay differential?

    While I agree that all nurses whether floor nurses or specialty are equally important-ICU nurses where I work are paid a little more than floor nurses. We had to complete critical care training and be ACLS certified as a requirement of course but there is a little (about $1-2/hr) pay differential.
  4. ICUKeesh

    starting pay

    A few of my classmates are with HCA they started out at 23 base pay. I'm in critical care so the starting new grad rate for that is $24+ base pay. Then don't forget about all the shift differentials ( usually about $4-5 more an hour) and weekend differential. I have another classmate with Baycare and starting pay was $23+ for her! That's only my input from myself and my other classmates!
  5. ICUKeesh

    starting pay

    $23-24 here in Tampa for hospital pay
  6. ICUKeesh

    RN to CNA or HHA? Please HELP!

    You're very welcome! And I can't credit for Mary J. Blige's beautiful avatar, thank her lol! Best of luck to you :)
  7. ICUKeesh

    RN to CNA or HHA? Please HELP!

    Hello! In all honesty, I would just prepare to take my boards if you're already approved to take the NCLEX. In my experience, it really doesn't matter if you have prior health care experience when applying for a nursing position if it isn't an actual licensed "Nurse" position. You will still be considered a novice nurse with or without prior health care experience. Also, while you're preparing to take the NCLEX you should start looking into graduate nurse residency positions in your area. I'm sure you'll make the best decision for yourself and for your family, but give it some thought! Good luck with everything :) BTW I had 4 years experience as a CNA and 3 years experience as a lead medical assistant and employers still looked at me as a brand new grad nurse because I lacked "nursing" experience.Thankfully I was hired into a graduate nurse position!
  8. Hello All! I am in Florida Graduated April 10th. Passed Nclex May 31st Began first job at Home Health Agency on 6/4/14 Accepted ICU Graduate position in a local hospital on 7/21/14 😊
  9. Congratulations PiccolaRN! I'll see you there :)
  10. ICUKeesh

    ICU Straight outta school?

    Hello! I would just like to say it's very possible! Make connections and be very active with job searching and also stay on top of openings for residencies. I am also a new grad as of June and I was hired into ICU. I will receive 7-8 weeks of classroom /simulation lab training and the 7-8 weeks of floor training with a preceptor! If this is your goal, go for it because it's very possible! Also, I DID mention the fact that I wanted to continue my education for CRNA during my interview and it was not a factor for me, but I do agree that some facilities simply don't like to hear that! Good luck with everything
  11. You're very welcome, glad I could help! Now I can't wait to start :-)
  12. Congrats hun!! I'm so glad to hear that! Maybe I'll run into you :-)
  13. That's great! I start the ICU track August 25th!! I'm so excited :-)
  14. ICUKeesh

    New Grad orientation...

    Hello! I am a new grad who was just hired in ICU. My orientation is 7 weeks of didactic training in a classroom/simulation lab (Mon-Fri 8-5), then 7 weeks of floor training with a preceptor.
  15. ICUKeesh

    July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    First day of nursing school, let's see how long that energy lasts!
  16. Congrats to all of you!! I just accepted an offer for the StaRN program here in Tampa bay area. I have a classmate who is currently in the program and she also loves it!!