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AnnieNP has 20 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Adult Primary Care.

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  1. AnnieNP

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    So happy to hear you are OK.
  2. AnnieNP

    Transcript Fear

    Congratulations on your baby and best of luck with school.
  3. AnnieNP

    New NP going into nephrology

    If your education is FNP that is the boards you need to take.
  4. AnnieNP

    RN to BSN

    If it doesn't matter what you take, I would sign up for fun classes that interest me.
  5. AnnieNP

    Working and Clinicals

    I have been an NP preceptor for 10 years and every one of my student NPs have worked at least part time.
  6. AnnieNP

    NP vs MA vs MD power struggle

    I'm so sorry you had this experience. I hope the next position is much better!!
  7. Short and sweet answer "That doesn't work for me".
  8. AnnieNP

    Graphic Gossip

    Congratultions, and thank you for always making me smile!!!!
  9. AnnieNP

    Nurse Practitioner- Job Outlook

    We are in the same neighborhood!
  10. AnnieNP


    Yep, I remember!!!
  11. AnnieNP

    WGU and Flu Shot Declination Pre-Licensure BSN

    Agreed with MMJ. I am a clinical preceptor for NP students, and no matter what their school policy is I require any student NP with me have flu vaccines / tattos covered. Honestly I don't really care about the tatoos but many of my patients do care.
  12. AnnieNP

    New PMHNP

    Thanks for the update, I'm glad things are going well for you.
  13. AnnieNP

    Lost New NP

    You have been through so much, you deserve to be respected and placed in an appropriate position. Wishing you the best.
  14. AnnieNP

    Lost New NP

    OP, how are you doing?
  15. AnnieNP


    You were accepted for a reason, you can do this. Please be kind to yourself and stop thinking that you are not as good as your classmates.
  16. AnnieNP

    Quit my CNA Job ???!

    I agree with the Scribe position.