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phoebeegiron16's Latest Activity

  1. phoebeegiron16

    applying for hawaii

    Hi myang28 how was your hawaii application?
  2. phoebeegiron16

    Filipino RN to California RN

    Hi pidgz, I just want to know how long does it take before BON HI replied to your application? Thanks
  3. Hi Katrine24... have you heard anything from Hawaii board at this moment? Thanks
  4. phoebeegiron16

    Fastest state to give/approve eligibility

    Is there anybody here that is a philippines nursing graduate that got approved to take the exam at texas after being denied by cali BON? Thanks a lot.. :)
  5. phoebeegiron16

    applying for hawaii

    Hi mjntaurus how long did hawaii board replied? I just applied for nclex.. thanks
  6. Hi everyone, can somebody please help me how to apply for nclex-on. I was denied to nclex-rn too last year. Now, I'm planning to go for LVN. Here is my e-mail add, phoebeegiron@gmail.com. Thanks a lot