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  1. toomuchbaloney

    Staffing agencies

    Did you sign an offer?
  2. toomuchbaloney

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    Life changing money? Nope, no working for me, not at my age.
  3. toomuchbaloney

    PTSD Awareness

    I agree with Farawyn, clarification is needed. Frankly, a good many people walk around everyday with undiagnosed PTSD and not all of them are veterans.
  4. toomuchbaloney

    Hospitals discriminating against medical conditions..?

    In my view, this is one of the reasons that recreational cannabis should be legalized and treated in the same fashion that we treat alcohol in society. That would allow us to make the medical use of the substance more "honest" because it does have appropriate applications. It makes sense to me that users of cannabis would take advantage of ANY loophole that might allow them to use and not have to pay the ridiculous legal penalties for breaking the ignorant and outdated laws prohibiting it's use. How many lives must we ruin in the legal system over marijuana before we wake up?
  5. toomuchbaloney

    Why is it okay for Doctors to yell at Nurses?

    I haven't read all of the responses yet. I believe that your nursing instructors are out of touch with the modern world of nursing, or you live in a backword portion of the country. By and large it is no longer acceptable for physicians to act in such a fashion in any health care delivery setting. By and large, employers will suffer very little of that sort of behavior as it is often a symptom of a person who represents liability and risk in other areas of their judgment and conduct. I wonder what other ways those instructors are misrepresenting nursing to you?
  6. toomuchbaloney

    Hospice interdisciplinary care plan

    The interdisciplinary care plan should be focused upon the goals of the patient. As previously mentioned, hospice will provide a specific and (if they are doing it correctly) reasonably detailed POC. That POC will be focused upon the goals specific to end of life preferences and expectations of the patient, their family, and the health professionals working with them. The hospice team will be more than happy to help your staff understand how to best serve and support your new resident who likely has fewer than 6 months to live or is expected to experience a significant functional decline in the coming months. Good luck.
  7. you should have opportunity to review the contract before signing and it would not be unreasonable to have an attorney review it for you so that you understand what you are signing.
  8. toomuchbaloney

    Late for work excuses

    Mine were real examples, not made up. A coworker last year was late because there was a bear on her porch and she couldn't get out of the house.
  9. toomuchbaloney

    Late for work excuses

    I'm gonna be late because that moose won't move and I cannot get out my door. I'm gonna be late because my engine is frozen solid (it's -40 F). I'm gonna be late because the wildfire crossed the road between me and the office.
  10. toomuchbaloney

    Pacemaker question

    It is not possible to know from your description, however, I suspect that you are seeing the pacemaker respond to a rise in the atrial rate which then causes it to pace the ventricles at a matching rate. One would presume that if the patient is in complete block the pacer would also activate if the resting ventricular rate fell below 50-60 or whatever the low setting is.
  11. toomuchbaloney

    Libertarian Healthcare

    When I hear "libertarian healthcare" I am harkened back to the Republican debates when Ron Paul (the only Libertarian in the debate) was asked about a young man in a coma without insurance requiring life saving treatment. The Tea Party/Libertarians in the room voiced loudly that the fellow should just be allowed to die.
  12. toomuchbaloney

    Don't profit off people's "not-wellbeing."

    I deeply appreciate the way that Saunders is pushing the dialog in the Democratic party toward the concept of government having responsibility to the people...the whole of the people, by the people, and FOR THE PEOPLE notion that gets lost in our love affair with war and tax breaks for the wealthiest while the infrastructure crumbles and the poor suffer from lack of access to needed things like clean water, nutritious food, and healthcare.
  13. toomuchbaloney

    Libertarian Healthcare

    You win beautiful reference.
  14. toomuchbaloney

    Can we lay to rest the "compassion" nonsense?

    I believe that the USA citizenry is becoming more narcisistic and less compassionate over time. We see very public examples of this in our political and religious media. Even our prayers have become narcissistic and focused upon wealth over people (consider the "name it and claim it" church phenomenon, prosperity preaching, etc). As we struggle with tremendous income inequality and concentration of wealth and power in the hands of but a few, millions of Americans fall into the trap of emulating that behavior often demonstrated by those "at the top". Unfortunately, some of the worst civil behaviors are concentrated in that small group. How Wealth Reduces Compassion - Scientific American In part, Donald Trump has cashed in on this phenomenon. He verbalizes the angry and xenophobic things that have been bubbling under the surface for so many during the OBama presidency. Those people then believe that Trump will work for THEM (since he speaks like them), even though nothing in his life would suggest philanthropy, altruism, or generosity are anywhere near priority in his life choices.
  15. toomuchbaloney

    Name one of your favorite things about being a male nurse.

    People don't try to bully me.
  16. toomuchbaloney

    The cost of medications and universal healthcare

    well said I believe that our current government is more in the business of supporting and promoting capitalism than it is in promoting or supporting democracy or personal liberty. It would seem that Congress is more interested in those things which create more wealth for the wealthy than they are those things which promote more justice, or more security, or more opportunity for the individual citizen.