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  1. toomuchbaloney

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    It's pretty clear that the president has no understanding of epidemiology and is looking for numbers which support his narrative. From the looks of the papers Trump was pouring over, his staff feeds him simplified data in charts to make him feel good about the pandemic.
  2. toomuchbaloney

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    Did you notice the data graphics that Trump's staff provides to inform him? They appeared very simplistic. All of that leaves a very distinct impression that the president is poorly informed and his staff feed his beliefs with spun numbers.
  3. toomuchbaloney

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    https://youtu.be/zaaTZkqsaxY It's past time to be Holy Crap concerned. This interview is crazier than the Wallace interview.
  4. toomuchbaloney

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    Yep...around and around we go. We will continue this dance for as long as people continue to pretend like the president isn't personally responsible for failed mitigation and tens of thousands of American deaths simply because he speaks out of narcissistic ignorance in the middle of a national health emergency. That lack of logic, wisdom and leadership is dangerous whether or not you want to acknowledge or talk about it. You do seem to be chasing your tail here. Apparently it's difficult to admit that Trump has failed so pathetically at something. I can't imagine why when the facts, data and evidence is so clear and obvious. But sure, keep going on and on about a specific medication. Trump lies all the time about anything and everything. He would love for the American people to believe that covid is well controlled in the usa, that if you take this drug (like Trump did?) you'll be fine, and that the Trump team deserves lots of credit for the terrific job they've done. Ignoring the evidence of that doesn't mean that it's not happening.
  5. toomuchbaloney

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    Sure, like ignoring the evidence that the president barks out dangerous nonsense and gut feelings with absolutely no expertise in any of the facts, data, science or details? Kaepernick is irrelevant because you don't see that it's relevant. You also apparently believe that providers are withholding treatment options for patients because they hate Trump. Apparently Trump's words as president aren't influential unless the person hates him...then those haters use his words about treatment to mistreat their patients...is that about right?
  6. toomuchbaloney

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    1. Why would I ignore your comments, they aren't a source of irritation or other obnoxious emotion. You commented about how the thread made you feel sick, etc. 2. Kaepernick is an example of an American being held personally and professionally accountable for his free speech. Trump himself makes him an example. Why can't Trump be held to the same standard? Your humor and logic are interesting but irrelevant to the Holy Crap concern that this thread is discussing relative to the president's habit of saying untrue, reckless, inflammatory, divisive, and dangerous things. You are welcome to start a thread to discuss the merits of one pharmaceutical treatment regime over another. As for thinking that providers can't make decisions, you still haven't said why it is that you think that providers are deciding to withhold treatment options because they hate Trump. That is what you implied. No amount of projection changes that.
  7. toomuchbaloney

    Is anyone else holy crap concerned?

    Regardless, the thread is about the concern over the dangerous and reckless statements and posturing by the president. Your irritation about the topic is irrelevant and can be resolved by ignoring the comments. Because while the man, Donald J Trump may well be entitled to his free speech, he is also at least as accountable as Colin Kaepernick. Right? In terms of making professional decisions based upon political feelings or beliefs, have you come up with something to support your belief that patients are suffering because their health professional hates Trump? I recall that you expressed some concern that the drug want being used because of hate for Trump...right?
  8. Yes, I bowed out many comments back.
  9. toomuchbaloney

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    We have gold and silver coin and bars.
  10. toomuchbaloney

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    We decided, a few years back, that gold and silver were solid investments for retirement. It will be difficult to make that digital.
  11. Hysteria on both sides? Really? That sounds silly. We're in the midst of a global pandemic and we're trying really hard to not kill a million Americans before Christmas by keeping restaurants and bars open for the economy. What hysteria are you talking about on the side of public health? I would tend to call that emotion frustration.
  12. Most of us have muted the member you quoted because of the inflammatory language and misinformation.
  13. toomuchbaloney

    Coronavirus Second Wave?

    Meanwhile, back on topic, our second wave of covid will likely be as poorly managed as the first, in the absence of a change of leadership. https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/comment/fears-of-second-wave-covid-19-australia/
  14. toomuchbaloney

    How Does This End?

    Opinion | As the pandemic surges, there are three scenarios of what happens next By Leana S. Wen https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/07/21/toll-covid-19-worsens-us-has-three-options/ Status quo - Full shutdown - Whack a mole Which do you think our federal leadership will opt for?
  15. Honestly, you should care. We should all care, IMV. Voter apathy and ignorance has resulted in cesspool states, caught on fire with an incompetently managed national health crisis. We all know that this country can muster a better response to a national emergency, we've done it before. We've simply never had a president or administration as inexperienced, incompetent, and corrupt in charge of the public health. If we continue to make excuses rather than confront the realities of our rather dire circumstances, our economy and the public health will suffer needlessly. Our public education will suffer needlessly. We should care if the federal government actually supports public education or would prefer to make it a portion of the department of labor, IMV. We can do better. We need to invest in the things that make us healthy and smart as well as the things that make us feel secure. It matters. In my opinion.
  16. toomuchbaloney

    How bad will it get in the fall/Winter time?

    Why are the top executives selling stock after the announcement? It wasn't limited to him.

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