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  1. RNin2007

    One of those weeks

    Oh wow, so sorry - that is truly a bad week.
  2. RNin2007

    Outcomes for Periventricular Leukomalacia(PVL)

    Wow you surely know a lot about this child...but as you know we can't give out medical advice. I will just share a few "off topic" things about my own child who has PVL. He also scores above the standards on state testing. He is quite intelligent. He has ADD (not ADHD) which is treated by medication. He also only last year learned to ride a two wheel bike (he was very fearful up until this point of learning how to, despite my attempts to bribe him with $50 to ride LOL!). I think he has a sensory processing disorder due to his prematurity and MANY problems (8 surgeries before the age of two, need I say more). He isn't OCD, but he does chew his nails and would play video games 24/7 if I let him. I would say he also fixates on certain subjects, such as science. He is an overflowing river of knowledge when it comes to the most random of facts. His ADD is managed by a neurologist, and we see a pediatric psychiatrist every two years for testing, and he has an MRI every two years in addition d/t hydrocephalus (no shunt, he had an ETV at the age of 2). He also has a hard time making friends and he does talk nonstop. He just turned 12 last month and he was a 2 lb. 2 oz. 29 weeker. He is a handful but an amazing kid. Again...no medical advice but thought I would just share with you - more on a mom level here I guess.
  3. RNin2007

    Outcomes for Periventricular Leukomalacia(PVL)

    Quick add....my 11 year old was a former 29 weeker and had/has PVL and hydrocephalus. He had his shunt removed at 2, and is completely normal. He scores above average on state testing in school and has NO medical issues from being a preemie.
  4. RNin2007

    5 babies die in India hospital

    That is so sad
  5. RNin2007


    That is why I questioned it. I've only been a nurse for a year and a half and wasn't sure. Sorry for not knowing this.
  6. RNin2007


    I heard that the state of CA paid for her IVF? Did they not even screen this mother to see if she was a good candidate? What is the screening criteria? It does not even seem ethical to transfer 8 embryos. She'll probably sue Kaiser for malpractice and live happily ever after.
  7. RNin2007


    Yeah, our local news said they would be in the hospital for about 2 weeks. The smallest was 1 lb. 8 oz. and they were born at 30 weeks. Um .... we'll see about that!
  8. RNin2007

    Preemie Mom turned NICU Nurse?

    I am a mom to two preemies (26 weeker and 29 weeker) and they were my inspiration for wanting to be a nurse. I love my job, and really can understand what parents are going through. You have to have good boundaries (don't expect every parent to experience what you did in the same way). Honestly I very rarely share my personal experience with parents. I don't want them to *compare* or expect that their preemie will have a simlar course as mine did. For instance my 680 gram 26 weeker did great, came home a month before her due date...my 29 weeker was a trainwreck and had 8 surgeries, 5 for hydrocephalus and was in the NICU for 4 months (that could really scare a parent). I'm lucky that both of my kids are doing fine today - you would never know what they went through. I think the most important thing is to keep good boundaries.
  9. RNin2007

    Still not comforatble with NICU

    I've been in the NICU for a year now (this month) and I feel the same way you do. My orientation was very slow...we are a small unit as it is, and I had NO admissions on orientation, and only one level 3 patient. I feel exactly the same way you do and i'm glad i'm not alone. We are finally starting to get busy and i'm trying to take as many of the micros as I can. I am starting to feel slightly better, but still not very confident. I also go home and my brain is spinning...wondering if I forgot something or didn't do something right. I feel slow at some skills that I haven't gotten to do much (e.g. assisting with line placement). I think it will get better as time goes on and everyone learns at a different pace. I don't feel like i'm unsafe or anything like that and i'm never afraid to ask questions, but wish I had more confidence.
  10. RNin2007

    hands on care schedules in your unit

    Ours are staggered...such as 0730, 0800, 0830. I can't imagine having them all due at the same time. It would seem that you would be rushing and could miss something, not to mention like was said above about having time to help a mom breastfeed etc.
  11. RNin2007

    Off Orientation...

    I recently finished my orientation too and felt pretty much the same way you did. Our unit was in a lull during my level 3 orientation and I basically had ONE level 3 patient the entire time (a 25 weeker). I only had "half admissions" during my orientaiton...basically I went and helped out during the admit, but never finished the whole process (e.g. cultures, setting up fluids, opening care plans, etc.). There was quite a bit I missed, but fortunately, I had 350 hrs during a BUSY time in the unit as a student. There are still days where I feel overwhelmed but I am never, ever alone. I always feel fully supported by most of the nurses I work with, or my charge nurse. You'll do fine! :wink2:
  12. RNin2007

    Watch your deeplines, guys!

    We also have standing orders for Wydase.
  13. RNin2007

    passed out

    When I was in nursing school doing my OR rotation, I knew it wasn't going to be pretty when I first put the mask on. Number one, I am claustrophobic and have issues with my face being covered (with a blanket/sheet, whatever) and can't even stand someone touching my face. So breathing the hot air in was a huge issue for me. Then of course since i'd never witnessed surgery in real life, I was watching open heart surgery. I started breaking out into a cold sweat then wildly searched the room for a chair or stool because I knew if I didn't sit I was going to hit the floor. So I sat down and poured ice cold sweat...it was awful lol. I got over it fast though.
  14. RNin2007

    Yippee, I got the job!! NICU here I come

    Congrats on the job! I can't believe it's almost been a year now since my hire date...crazy how time flies. Our unit has several copies of the Neofax that are readily available to us, so you might want to consider that first before buying your own copy. Good luck! [quote name=SmileyGirl )]I got the call yesterday that I was hired for the NICU. I am so excited, I have been fretting for a week. They had a lot of applicants so I wasn't sure on where I stood. I start May 6th. I am so excited. I am going out to buy Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing and neofax. Any other suggestions? I am so happy to be making the switch from telemetry to NICU. Cleaning tiny hiney's for a change will be nice
  15. RNin2007

    Any new grads hired in NICU?

    I am a new grad...I was hired last May and given an extended maternity leave (d/t high risk pregnancy) so I just stated my orientation in January. I absolutely love my job! We have about a 6 month orientation, starting at Level 2 then finishing with level 3. On my first day my precepor was charge and transport nuse and she had to go out on transport so I had two patients of my own my first day. Of course my preceptor found someone that would be available to me if I needed help. I had done 350 hours as a student in the NICU last spring, all on Level 3, so things quickly came back to me. We have had lots of classes, and those will be ongoing through orientation. The thing I love about my job is the level of support we have from everyone - if I have a question there is ALWAYS someone there willing to help me, so I never feel truly alone or on my own. I really couldn't be happier doing another job! I had 680 gram, and 970 gram preemies of my own and knew this is what I wanted to do when I decided to go to nursing school. Best of luck to you!
  16. Thanks!!! We got the clamp off....and daddy said his BP was 997/300 while doing it LOL... This is sooooo amazing after having a 26 and 29 weeker...I just can't stop staring at him. =)