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  1. ohmychonny

    Mohawk-McMaster Post RPN - BScN

    I had the same dilemma, I was accepted to the program a week after I found a full-time job and had to choose ... I wanted to keep my job and do the program part-time but after emailing and calling Mohawk College they told me it is a full-time program with no part-time. In the end I chose to work and gain experience then apply to a school that offer a part-time program in the future.
  2. ohmychonny

    I can't find a JOB!! I'm so discouraged

    That is just RNAO propaganda, it is just as hard to find a job as a RPN in Ontario. If you look at job postings, there is usually at least three times as much RN postings as RPN. The colleges are pumping out just as much new grad RPNs as RNs to less job postions. Yes you can argue that there are more RNs overall so more competition between postions but it evens out because there are more RN postings. As for advice for the OP, apply to jobs in home care/visiting nursing. Alot of new grads don't think of this area as it is usually not part of clinical placements at school. But they do hire new grads and is a good place to gain experience for a wide variety of patients. The only caveat is that you must have a car of course.
  3. ohmychonny


    I went into a science program at uOttawa for a year after highschool and then switched into nursing at Mohawk-McMaster and now I am done and trying to find a job. I switched for the same reason as you, I thought med-school was too competitive and with a science degree you have to continue your education. But even with nursing its not easy finding a job in the GTA area as a new grad, so I am also considering continuing my education. If you look at other posts in this forum you ll see nursing is not as high in demand as the ontario government says it is due to the deficit.
  4. ohmychonny

    Help getting into Mohawk's competitive RPN program

    No physics will not count towards your admissions unless you get a really good mark in it, they take your english, math and 2 sciences with the highest mark and then 2 random U or C level courses with highest marks. So unless your really good at physics and want it as a backup incase the other 2 science's marks are lower, its not really beneficial. Plus physics does not really apply to nursing, it would help more to get your bio and chem background.
  5. ohmychonny

    Mohawk RPN Questions

    The admission is based 50% on your highschool marks and 50% on the HOAE. The program is very competitive, I entered last September and they said over a thousand people applied and they take about 90-100 people and the number of people applying grows every year.
  6. ohmychonny

    RPN to RN Part time Ontario

    I am graduating my RPN program in December and is interested in the Nipissing program. I know you have to be employed in certain agencies, so does that mean you can only apply after your are employed there? Also the grade requirements I saw on their website is lower than other bridging programs, how realistic is that? What was your GPA that got you in, and since you have to be employed in certain agencies to apply does that mean it is less competitive to get in versus any other bridging programs.
  7. ohmychonny

    Getting into Mohawk RPN

    I was at uOttawa for a year for a BSc program and I took all U level courses in highschool.
  8. ohmychonny

    RPN or RN? help!

    Can you confirm that you need no failed courses to get into a bridging program? I heard it depends on the school you apply to. If your final goal is to be a RN, then go for the RN program of course granted that you have gotten offers for both.
  9. ohmychonny

    Getting into Mohawk RPN

    If I remember correctly, OCAS did require me to give the colleges my university transcripts. I was worried because the reason I was going to the RPN program was because I was not doing well my university program. But I still got into the program so maybe they do not look at your university transcripts or they do as a second option after your highschool marks? I m not sure.
  10. ohmychonny

    Mohawk/McMaster RPN-BScN

    Thanks for the replies, thats a surprise to me that they would only look at the 3rd and 4th semester marks.
  11. ohmychonny

    Mohawk/McMaster RPN-BScN

    Sorry, I know this is unrelated to the topic. But I was just wondering what were your marks to get into the bridging program. I am graduating Mohawk RPN in December and was wondering if I will have the marks.
  12. ohmychonny

    Getting into Mohawk RPN

    I am currently in the 3rd semester of the Mohawk RPN program and most of the people in my program have had previous university degrees or have gone to university before including myself. I do not think having a previous degree will help you get into the program, they base your admission 50% on your high school marks and 50% on the HOAE. I had around a 80% average in high school as well so I m sure if you did well on your HOAE, you will get in. Even though having a previous degree might not help you get into the program, it will help you alot in the anatomy/patho/pharma course you will take every semester.
  13. ohmychonny

    Need help making a decision

    With those marks, you can get into RPN program for sure. Your better off applying for the January session than wasting a year in Pre-Health.
  14. ohmychonny

    low highschool AVG for RPN

    I got into Mohawk with about a 75-80% avg, I m not sure the exact number because it depends how I did on my HOAE.
  15. ohmychonny

    Applying for nursing and im so worried!!

    With those marks, you wouldn't have a problem getting into most nursing programs, even McMaster.
  16. ohmychonny

    RPN-RN bridging 2014

    What year do you bridge into in the BscN program in the Mohawk-Mcmaster and how many years are left. Also anyone in that program right now, what GPA did you have to get into it.

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