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  1. _Skittles_

    My first dump and run

    Speaking as a family member that's had a young family member with dementia it is the most horrid experience to have to take them to a facility. You may not say you would do it but seeing the way they react - violent, screaming, refusing, tears, acting like a stubborn kid it's horrible! I agree they should have told the family member once they were on the locked floor but it is the hardest thing to do - try to have a little empathy. The night we dropped them off (mind you we had everything ready, comfort items, decorations, etc and we told them once we were there). There was screaming and crying, threats of violence, and it was truly awful.
  2. A beautiful person inside in out. Motherly instinct. She trusted me so much and encouraged me so much - always caught on to the little things I did. When she crashed she kept praying and praying deliriously and wouldn't let go of my hand. We took her down to the ICU (at this point she's gray) and I told her she would be back up with us in no time (she hated the ICU). Leaving her in the ICU I will never forget the look on her face - she knew she was dying, it was almost as if she was halfway to heaven already. She was gone within a couple of hours. Will never forget her. I cried for her and her beautiful family. She will stick with me forever. My other? Burly rough as crude older man. Rough around the edges, always the jokester. The biggest fighter. I've never seen someone go to the ICU and come back so often. He was suffering from cancer and was running out of options and very weak. I had him a lot so we frequently talked and joked. I told him one night about how I had gotten engaged and when his wife showed up he said "get what she told me?" And he grabbed the corner of my scrub top weakly with the biggest smile on his face said "she's getting married!" Later that week I actually wore my ring. I had to call the emergency team on him but when it was all said and done and he was stable-ish he asked to see my ring and i will never forget him holding that ring telling me how proud and happy he was of me and how he was going to rough up the man if he doesn't treat me right. That night he went to the ICU for the last time and passed away.
  3. I don't know if it's intentional or not but my coworkers go out frequently to brunch, to bars, to football games, and have parties. They invite everyone from the pcnas to the older nurses but I'm always left out.... Lately it's been really bothering me especially since I'm in a newer city so I don't have friends around and I've been here a year - I've tried to be friendly....idk what to do. It hurts and makes me miserable at work too.
  4. _Skittles_

    What color are your scrubs?

    We wear all white from head to toe and right now I can tell you that my trek outside to get lunch when it was sunny ended up with rain. I'm soaked. -.- basically you can see everything. Still have 3 more hours? -.-'
  5. _Skittles_

    Cleveland Clinic New Grad Test

    Suggest googling pbds exam. Depending on which unit you're going on (critical care, med surg, ob, peds) there are many websites that will give you general topics. I suggest reviewing them. I did before the exam and did really well, I was one of the very few that did not have to retake the exam. Most people had to retake the exam though - basically they want to see improvement.
  6. _Skittles_

    new grad cleveland clinic interview.

    I had an offer within an hour of leaving. They probably want you to shadow before extending an offer. This is the busy time for hiring so if I were you I would just reach out to the manager about shadowing to show your continued interest.
  7. I am not but only because my family member put into my head that I would not be able to be a nurse if I was...obviously I know that's not true but you hear it enough times...
  8. _Skittles_

    Emory New Grad Residency October 2014

    Got an email saying they will not be filling the residency position at this time. Anyone else get it?
  9. _Skittles_

    What color are your scrubs?

    I'm in the north and at my hospital it's white scrubs but at my old hospital it was light blue (ceil blue) and the hospital I was considering it was royal blue or white. @.@
  10. _Skittles_

    What is your watch preference?

    I'm on my second timex. White leather band, glows in the dark. Make sure you always have 3 hands on you watch and it's easy to clean.
  11. Cleveland starts you out around $18 something for the first 10 weeks and raises you up to the usual pay of 24 something after the 10 weeks is over.
  12. _Skittles_

    Conversing with Dementia Patients

    See here's the thing you can pick up on little things like how their room is decorated by the family or what lights them up and go from there, you may think they were incapable of talking about their past but if you get the right song or right word they light up and babble like the happiest little kid alive. May not be coherent but you'll know they are happy. For instance, end stage dementia pt I worked with used to repeat the same phrase over and over, turns out it was a polka. So when she was on her deathbed I would play that song and other polka music and talk to her even if she couldn't respond she would stop screaming and just look...happy. Another patient I noticed a horse magazine, a person that typically had no words he babbled like crazy when I showed him the picture and although I didn't understand him occasionally he would pick up on key words I said, ex. Thoroughbred, 16 hands, etc. you just have to use your environment to find a key to their past and get used to parallel conversations with a side of creativity :) or you know make up stuff. Like a patient I had only had a few weeks left and was very focused on me getting married? Idk why? I never mentioned a special person or anything...anywho let her "plan" my wedding. She was so happy and it made anything I had to do by her bedside more enjoyable when talking baby names and wedding dresses. People may frown upon it but hey when you have a parent that far gone most people settle for letting them be happy whether it's rotting their teeth out with sweets or pretending. *shrugs*
  13. _Skittles_

    Can someone describe their testing experience?

    Good luck!!! :) I'll be thinking of you that day!
  14. _Skittles_

    Can someone describe their testing experience?

    Thank you so much for the detail! It makes me feel better to really know what to expect and to be able to picture it! The whole person watching you through glass though sounds pretty....uncomfortable and distracting :-/
  15. _Skittles_

    What did you get for nurses week?

    A text from my pharmacist brother saying "happy nurse appreciation day, now don't you have some senile patient who crapped his pants you have to clean up?" no respect.
  16. _Skittles_

    Conversing with Dementia Patients

    So this is kinda my specialty since I had a parent with dementia and worked on a dementia ward for years and spoke at a conference about it, but talking about their past is good,for some reason the men always go back to focusing on when they worked (hence why they are typically happy to be your "helper" or are happy to tinker with things and the women always focus on when they were raising their kids (hence why if you give them A baby doll they get real excited about taking care of it). It's totally okay to talk about your life! Actually i recommend it, especially since half the time you're having parallel conversations (where you're talking about one thing and they don't understand so they are talking about something completely different). Usually they are just happy to have someone to gab with since sadly in nursing homes they don't seem together attention they need.