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  1. Ecstatic2014

    ATI RN comprehensive predictor

    How accurate is the ATI predictor comprehensive exam? I think there isn't enough time to review every single material that was covered during one's nursing school career at the end of the student's last semester. So students should not be penalized for scoring slightly below the 69% individual score. Some nursing schools even don't let you graduate if you don't have good dandy ATI comp scores past the 90% probability range, which I think is unfair to the students.
  2. Ecstatic2014

    ATI 2013 cutoff scores

    I am wondering from the experience of student who have already taken the NCLEX, how accurate is the ATI RN Comprehensive predictor exam score, compared to what you actually scored on the actual NCLEX? I know nursing schools want to assess your knowledge before the last semester is over. However, I disagree with this comprehensive predictor exam, as there is a lot of time to study after graduation, and before taking the actual NCLEX. Just curious.
  3. Hey guys, I forgot where my other thread went. I am wondering if you guys recommend, or do not recommend me to work between the time I graduate from nursing school to the date of taking the NCLEX-RN. There is an NCLEX advisor at my nursing school who told the class not to work at all prior to taking the NCLEX. However, I have known some people who found part-time nurse aid jobs to get their foot in the door of an organization, so that they have an easier time getting hired. There are many hospitals in my area that only hire RN's from within their pool of employees. For those of you who already took the NCLEX-RN and passed the exam, what were your schedule like after graduation? I know this time period may vary from state to state, because each state's board of nursing takes X-amount of days to process one's application to give us the ATT.
  4. Ecstatic2014

    Stereotyping Male Nurses

    I guess men are stereotyped as being less caring, as compared to females, because men in general have the personality of being less social than females. Hence people see us men as less caring, which is complete balogna. I don't know where the gay stereotype came to be for male nurses. I ask because I did my clinical rotation at a military hospital last semester, and there were a lot of male army RN's. They did not look gay to me, and a lot of them had wives and some had children.
  5. Ecstatic2014

    Swedish Nurse Residency for May 2014

    @ SweetJane & MiniBSNRN. Thank you for the Swedish Residency interview process information!
  6. Ecstatic2014

    I got offered Kaiser, Straub, and Queens..which would you pick?

    @ Gtrebyari, Thank you for the information for nursing experience. I know this thread is about you asking info on working at hospitals here in Hawaii. However, did you immediately find a job in an acute care/hospital setting after you graduated from nursing school? Or did you have to find a job in a long-term care facility, and use that experience to bargain your way into hospitals?
  7. Ecstatic2014

    Swedish Nurse Residency for May 2014

    ^^ @ SweetJane. Would you happen to know if the interview process (i.e. 2-step with 5 diff. nurses) are the same for applicants applying to other departments at Swedish M.C.?
  8. Ecstatic2014

    I got offered Kaiser, Straub, and Queens..which would you pick?

    Kaiser Hospital in Moanalua would be the best choice for you, since you already have nursing experience in acute care, under your belt. Lucky you. Pretty soon going to be a new-grad, and it's difficult for new grads to even find work at Kaiser (at least for the hospital here in Hawaii). Another benefit to working at Kaiser is parking. As you've mentioned, you pay $6.00 to park at the Blaisdell Center if you work either at Straub or QMC. QMC also has a long, long, long waiting list for parking spots for employees. QMC has a shuttle bus that picks up their employees from the parking structure. But for Kaiser, there are plenty of street parking near the Moanalua Golf Course and street parking by The Plaza care home. Good luck with your decision.