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bound&determined91 has 7 years experience as a ADN, LPN, RN.

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    Hello Just needing some quick advice or general experience that you may have had in your nursing career. I am a relatively new RN I've been a RN for about 2 months now and I have a job offer for med-surg that requires me to move out of state East Chicago to be exact and I also have an interview for labor and delivery or their psych unit at a local hospital in my hometown. This would be my first job as an RN , right now I'm working in a physician's office I roll transitioned from a LPN to an RN.which unfortunately they do not need a RN on staff. I just need some advice 4 what area might be best for a new nurses. I know they say that it's best to get med-surg experience and I agree I'm just really nervous the hospital that I'm going to is relatively small and they told me that they'll give me three months of orientation I think the patient ratio is 6 to 1. So far everyone on the unit from my interview seems really nice and I think I could definitely learn a lot. Just really nervous to start working my goal in life is just to be the best confident & safe nurse so I can be. Thanks for reading 🙂
  2. bound&determined91

    LPN of 6yrs/new RN now

    I'm working in a primary care setting/ urgent care for my hospital. Rooming, triaging phone calls, ekgs, injection, labs, prior authorization, wound care. I did this while working as a Lpn, but now that I have my RN I don't know what to do.
  3. bound&determined91

    LPN of 6yrs/new RN now

    I'm working in a primary care setting/ urgent care for my hospital. Rooming, triaging phone calls, ekgs, injection, labs, prior authorization, wound care. I did this while working as a Lpn, but now that I have my RN I don't know what to do.
  4. bound&determined91

    LPN of 6yrs/new RN now

    Hello to all my fellow nurses, I am writing this just to get some insight. A little background about me I worked as a LPN for 6 years. I dabbled in hospice dialysis long-term care Psych and ended up working in Internal Medicine for almost a year and that is my current job as we speak. I just recently passed my RN NCLEX and unfortunately there is no role transition for me right now because they don't need a RN in Internal Medicine. The reason I chose Internal Medicine in the beginning when I was working as LPN was just because I wanted to try something different I was kind of burnt out with all the jobs that I've had previously and just wanted to try something different. I do work for a hospital and I am part of their physician division it's a very good hospital.. I guess what I'm trying to ask or say is that I don't know what I want to do at all. I am very nervous to accept any position and not get the training. I don't know what specialty I would even want to go into. I've even thought about taking the school nurse certification test too.. I want to one day become a traveling nurse but I know that you need to have some type of med-surg experience or something? I guess I'm just looking for guidance on where I should start where I would get the most knowledge to go out and venture into any type of nursing or even accepting a position that I feel I would be confident in my skills. Thanks for reading.
  5. bound&determined91

    Nclex sata

    Hey guys just looking for some insight. I know they are changing the rn test plan in April. Is it true that the sata questions call all be right? I'm a repeat test taker last time I took it I felt like my sata was all over the place. Just looking for a little guidance so I can pass this time. Thanks for reading.
  6. bound&determined91

    5th Attempt at NCLEX, PASSED!

    Bless you honey and congratulations!! I'm a repeat test taker myself and I am using uworld for questions. What did you use for content or what do you feel like helped you the most. Content I have hurst and remar. Congratulations again. 🤩
  7. bound&determined91

    Failed nclex 11 times.

    Beautifully said! Im also a repeat test taker and I won't give up until i pass.
  8. bound&determined91

    It could be your ATTITUDE

    Beautifully said.
  9. bound&determined91

    Failed nclex twice

    I believe it could possibly be a little bit of content I decided that I'm going to jump back into the game I have 45 days two prove myself once again I think I'll check the ncsbn program out as well as Kaplan I think I will try to give uworld one more shot but once I finish all of the content that I'm going to stick with as well as the qbank but I'll probably give uworld one more shot but thank you to all that have responded I feel a little bit better each and every day.
  10. bound&determined91

    Failed nclex twice

    I truly dont know what to use this time. I put my heart and soul into studying for the exam with uworld. Im very nervous to try and study again with uworld my scores werent bad at all high 60's and 70. I just feel lost.
  11. bound&determined91

    Failed nclex twice

    Thank you hun for your prayers but unfortunately i looked my name up i live in ohio when you fail you have a sub status thats say denied/closed next to it. If i used uworld again i would be very very scared.
  12. bound&determined91

    Failed nclex twice

    Thank you so much. You'll do great, and yes i did all the questions and read over each rational. I would say uworld is a very good recourse. :/ it just didnt work for me. I wish it would have
  13. bound&determined91

    Failed nclex twice

    Good morning everyone I just wanted to come on here and see if I can get a little advice. Unfortunately I took my NCLEX RN for the second time. The first time around the only study material that I use was uworld and I didn't get to finish the question bank and I didn't have all the time in the world to study but I'm willingly able to admit that was my downfall but being bullheaded I wanted to take the test and see what happens and sadly I got my results. Moving on to my second attempt I decided to give you world another shot and finishing the whole queue Bank and also taking the self-assessment exam I got a 86% on the exam and a high chance of passing. Going into the testing center and I felt very confident answering each question to the best of my ability and a computer cut off under a hundred and ten questions and I said I got this I believe that I pass this test but unfortunately I tried the Pearson VUE trick and it accepted my payment once more. So at this point I won't say that uworld didn't work for me but I know that it doesn't work for everyone. Out of my overall percentage on uworld at the second attempt it was a 72% I do suffer from test anxiety but this time around I just didn't feel like I was anxious I just felt, but all and all I I'm going to give it another shot and incorporate Kaplan into my study plan and I will probably try uworld again but any advice would be welcome I'm going through all the stages of grief again and just looking for a prayer of a chance to pass this test thanks for reading.
  14. bound&determined91

    Fear will not consume me

    To all that will be taking the Nclex RN or Pn Here is a Video that will help you calm your nerves and anxiety. I will be taking my Nclex Rn for the second time tomorrow and praying and meditating for success. We all will become what we have strive to be a Nurse. [video=youtube_share;26U_seo0a1g] my prayers go out to everyone testing soon.
  15. bound&determined91

    testing Saturday

    Hey all, I have used this site throughout my entire nursing school and nursing career. This site helped me feeling confident in pass my LPN boards and now its time to pass my RN boards again. My question to everyone is in your last week how did you feel? I am currently a repeat test taker for my RN boards and have only used UWorld I have only done about 1200 questions my average is a 71% and i just did the Assessment test and got a 86% on it with a high chance of passing. My feelings towards the scores? idk im worried its not accurate! just bc i have this feeling in my gut that is just a number. Do i feel confident yess i have my days do i feel ready? Im not sure how ready can you truly be? Any thoughts or suggestions? One more thing Can someone please share what the pearson vue trick should say if its the good pop up? When i failed the first time for my RN i tried the trick and Lord they took my money. and the message i received was The candidate currently has a open registration for this exam a new registration can not be made a this time. AKA the Bad pop up. lol i guess im just a big ball of nerves and prayer and mediation isn't working to well.
  16. bound&determined91

    failed the first time :(

    hey all, I took my rn nclex Monday 10/24. I cut off around 100 questions. feelings well I feel pretty bummed like I'm a failure and like my coworkers and friends are judging me. My mom God love her was so happy that day when I called her but I could hear her heart weep when I told her my name has denied on my board of nursing. i haven't gotten quick results yet did the pvt look got a message originally saying " candidate has an open registration another registration cannot be made at this time" so I thought that was the good pop up but sadly after a hour I put in my information again and was charged. feel already defeated I looked on here for answers and pretty much found them in every form.. still hanging onto a little hope that I passed. but looked my name up and it says denied/closed.. still waiting for my quick results. study materials I used uworld but only finished 800 questions a hurst. hurst and little but of kaplan.