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  1. Camo-angel

    AF Nurse Corp

    From first day I talked with a recruiter till this Sunday (my leave day) the process took 1 year 10 months. I applied twice for the NTP program, for new nurses without experience. If I were accepted last year it would have been about one year total between first day and training. This is a long process, but it's not too bad. Lots of paperwork (no surprise), some letters of recommendation, an interview, CV, questionnaire, physical, background check, that's mostly it. A lot of waiting around. If you want to get a year experience in an area of nursing you prefer, you can then apply to be a nurse in a specific area. New nurses coming in through NTP only go to medsurg or OB, thats it. With experience you can apply to any of them, OR, ER, ICU, etc. However, it is very competitive, not a lot of spots open, and there are no guarantees for a year from now. Look around this forum, there are loads of great posts about military nursing and the application process! Good luck
  2. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    Sweet, I'm joining then. My name is Suzanna
  3. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    JoJo, would that page be for any NTPers or just your specific COT class? As in, I'm COT class 16-01, but I haven't found anyone going to this one yet
  4. Camo-angel

    New Grad Interested in Becoming an Officer

    The Air Force and Navy take new graduate nurses with little experience, however the Air Force only meets once a year to take new nurses without experience, and they just met in July and picked their selects. This is a long process, the next new grad board will meet summer 2016 so you will definitely want to find a job. However by that time you may qualify to apply for FQ, which is for nurses with more than 6 months experience. The Air Force meets twice a year to take those qualified nurses, so you'd probably end up applying for that either in March or this time next year, depending on when you find a job and how much experience you get. Meet with a healthcare recruiter now, they'll give you more direction on which board to prepare for. I can't give insight on the Navy, I'm going in as a new grad in the Air Force. Good luck to you!
  5. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    I swore in August 17th, leave October 5th. I'm also not sure what is meant by scroll. I know congress has to approve us for commissioning, so I guess my scroll was approved if I already swore in? I dont have my official orders yet though
  6. Camo-angel

    Air Force FY2016

    Yes, you are at least looking at next year for boards. If you have enough experience by March you can apply for that one, otherwise it's apply to NTP in July or the FQ board next September...just depends how your experience works out
  7. Camo-angel

    Air Force FY 2015

    _zoubisoubisou_, there are a couple different boards meeting. The one that's happening now/soon is for FQ, the fully qualified experienced nurses. Now I don't remember if you need 6 months or 1 year to be considered FQ, I applied for NTP with 5 months so either way I was NTP. The NTP board only meets once a year, usually in July. That is the only time they take new grad nurses without experience, and they generally take 40 total. I believe there are 2 FQ boards throughout the year for the experienced nurses, but I'm not 100% on that...I hope that helps a bit
  8. Camo-angel

    New grad or FQ?

    Agreed, there are plenty of past posts that will answer your questions, as well as meeting with a healthcare recruiter. I'll quickly address some of your questions. If you're applying for next year you may have enough experience to apply FQ, just depends on when you start work and when the board meets. Air Force nurse deployments vary depending on need and where you'll be stationed. Some places have higher rates, but deployments are slowing down lately. Deployments are usually 6 months long, again to whatever area the Air Force needs nurses. As of this past board, the loan repayment is still an option. If you accept loan repayment, you do not get a bonus as well. It is one or the other, and if you apply as NTP you may not have the bonus option, it is unclear if that is continuing. If you're a medsurg nurse, that is your specialty, however they can and will ask you to do other areas if needed, even if you haven't been trained for that area. Switching your official title though takes a long time, as JFratian said. It would be easier to get a year experience and then apply FQ if you want a specialty area like OR, ICU, ER, etc. Best advice is to talk with a recruiter. Good luck!
  9. Camo-angel

    Air Force Nursing Corps

    Being prior enlisted may give you a small advantage, but not in a way that makes you more likely to be selected as a nurse. It's more like, you understand the military and system already. They do consider past experience on your CV, so having military experience will look good but at the same time they take a LOT of things into consideration, like GPA, leadership skills, experience, education, drive, etc etc. Once in as a nurse, yes you can change specialties but it's not as easy as asking. New grads with little experience can only be OB or medsurg nurses to start. After a few years, you can request to switch but it depends on what the Air force needs. So if what they need is a medsurg nurse, not an ICU, then that's what you'll be. Also depends where you'd be stationed. Not all hospitals have each specialty unit, so transferring would be more difficult.
  10. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    You will swear in before COT, I swore in at my recruiter's office with a Captain last week. But until we start training, we're considered reserve, not active duty. As far as getting weighed, I know we do a diagnostic PT test at COT, which should include a weigh in to make sure we're in our range. I think if our weight is of concern, the recruiter checks in on you, or has you come by every so often before training. My recruiter said he wouldn't need to see me again, but told me don't get pregnant, don't get hurt, and don't gain 40 pounds!!
  11. Camo-angel

    How to improve AF new grad application

    That's awesome!! That will definitely help with the interview part of it. If you happen to meet/know other nurses/officers that have military background they would be excellent for Letters of Recommendation! I was fortunate enough to have a retired LT Col as a Professor, so he wrote one of my letters and gave me advice!
  12. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    What my recruiter explained was the accession bonus was not a thing for the NTP program. It IS still alive for the specialty nurses, so ICU and the others that are not doing NTP. I even signed a legal document yesterday after swearing in, that stated the NTP was ineligible for the bonus. I'm thinking the people going to NTP who are getting a bonus somehow had it set beforehand, like their recruiters made sure the bonus was saved for them or put on this year's financial tab or something cool like that! Either that or they are not in the NTP, and were FQ. That's all I can think of, and that's awesome for those people that they still get the bonus!! No hard feelings for people who still get that All I know is to sign a legal document stating I'm ineligible for the bonus due to NTP, my recruiter would quite literally be fired if that were falsified...But congrats to you RNLynch!! Welcome aboard!!
  13. Camo-angel

    How to improve AF new grad application

    Definitely get both ACLS and PALS, and that NIH Stroke Scale (it's online for free but does take some time). For volunteer hours, look into community programs where you can help and make a difference. But don't just get a few hours with this program, a few hours here. It looks great if you have a large amount from a program to show you've really invested time with them. I logged about 200 hours with a local food pantry helping feed my community, and by the end of it they truly became my second family. They helped me, encouraged me, and the manager wrote one of my Letters of Recommendation! You can also volunteer with a church or the local Red Cross. My Red Cross let me volunteer in the Army hospital (not as an RN, it's a bit tricky to do that). If you can swing it, go on mission trips or humanitarian missions to other countries. Doesn't have to be medical related, even just feeding and clothing people and taking that initiative shows you're caring and involved with the betterment of our world. Because after all, the Air Force looks after everyone, not just America. They have humanitarian missions themselves that I'm hoping to get involved with! I know you don't start the process till January (I was exactly in your shows in Jan 2014 when I started), but you will eventually need 3-5 Letters of Recommendation. The recruiter will explain this, but it's just what it sounds like. If you can get 5, get 5, that is the max. If you're still a student, definitely find those important professors that KNOW you, and can really brag on why you're perfect for the Air Force. BUT, do NOT get 5 letters from 5 professors. Get a variety. You could get one from your work manager/charge nurse, one from maybe SGA or another organization you're involved with. Maybe someone at a church, just depends who you are connected with. This is what I had to learn. It matters who you know, not just to be handed things, but because eventually if you know someone you can go to them for assistance or help and it shows you are connected with your community, not just the nursing community or the student community. I got a letter from a State Senator, because we'd met several times at conferences and he sat on the board for my college's nursing program. But don't ask for those yet, the recruiter will give you more specific info on what they need to include. When you work on your CV (resume), really focus on the importance of what you're doing. What I mean is, my first time applying I had a huge list of all this great stuff I did. My volunteer list was too long even. But that's all I did, I listed them, I never explained their importance or why it mattered. For example, saying "Volunteered with College Red Cross 8/15" means next to nothing to them. So you say "Volunteered with College Red Cross and successfully collected enough blood to save 66 lives". Means so much more now doesn't it? Do THAT with as much of your CV as you can, to show its significance. The recruiter usually tells you an easy way to do that is to quantify, use numbers for things like class rank, top 10% of school, your GPA, anything that can have a number attached to it. And list the honor societies you're in!! Sigma Theta Tau especially since it's nursing related. Just make sure you attach the numbers to them, like only top 35% of nursing class accepted, or top 10% of upperclassmen, etc etc Your Chief Nurse interview won't be for a while, but just look around this site when the time comes and you get nervous about it. Finally, please make sure you truly want this. Being a Nurse in the Air Force isn't something you should ever do just for the perks or benefits, because there is a lot of hard work attached to it. You may deploy, you may move every 3-4 years, you are told what your job is and given extra duties, and on and on. I haven't entered yet, I leave for training October 5th, but I do believe I'm becoming part of something great that will make me a better nurse and person. So hold on, be patient, and feel free to ask other questions here! This site helped encourage me to apply a second time when I was denied the first time! I hope this helps
  14. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    Well sadly I will not be meeting all of you in January, I've been moved to the October training. I swear in Monday!! It's a small world though, I'm sure I'll run into some of you at some point!! ( =
  15. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    Congrats, I hear it's rare to get an overseas first assignment, that must be exciting!!
  16. Camo-angel

    Any Air Force new grad applicants FY2016?

    anyone going to COT in Oct?? I was trying to switch into it, but I doubt I'll be able to