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  1. Diggs BSN,RN

    MSN Capstone

    Any ideas what topic I can do my capstone project on for MSN completion?
  2. Diggs BSN,RN

    Coronavirus and Schools

    Our district is CLOSED indefinitely as is most districts in our area. There have been district learning plans created for the continued education of the students. There HAS NOT been any direction around what nursing staff is to do specifically, any ideas? All of the employees are continuing to be paid.
  3. Diggs BSN,RN


    Can you all share information as to how you were onboarded starting as a new school nurse? Was there one on one training provided, orientation for health services, etc.?
  4. I am a fairly new school nurse. In my district there is one nurse (RN or LVN) for each campus along with a Health Facilitator that assist the nurses. Prior to this school year there was a Health Services Director in place that supervised the nursing staff, that person has since resigned. Hiring for the HSD position has been frozen due to reorg and restructuring in the district HOWEVER a lead nurse position has been created (position comes with a stipend). Please share your expertise and opinions on what the job duties of the lead nurse should be? What boundaries should be set (before crossing over into the HSD duties)? What should that stipend look like? Welcome to ANY other information you all would like to share 🙂
  5. Diggs BSN,RN


    What are the pros and cons? I was just offered a position (pending my background check) and I am wondering if its the right thing to do. EVERYTHING about it sounds sweet. Is it high stress? How is the company itself? Can you potentially be hired on permanent?
  6. Diggs BSN,RN


    I've tested 3 times and I found out about Uworld before my last attempt. The first two attempts I failed with 75 and 86 questions. The 3rd attempt I got all 265 questions so I was on the border of passing and I honestly think it was all UWORLD. The rationales are spectacular!!
  7. Diggs BSN,RN

    Testing tomorrow :-/

    Congrats...I'm up to test for the 3rd time and just got wind of uworld- love it!!!
  8. Diggs BSN,RN

    What I did to pass NCLEX-RN

    Which would you say helped you the most?
  9. Diggs BSN,RN

    I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try!!!

    Med guide please tdiggs2013@gmail.com Congrats!
  10. Diggs BSN,RN

    waiting game (post NCLEX RN)

    Hang in there..It happens. I've been there twice as I am waiting my 45 days to go and be sucessful on my third attempt. We can do this!!
  11. Diggs BSN,RN

    Creating a Saunders Study Guide- Stay Tuned

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Diggs BSN,RN

    Passed the NCLEX... and You WILL TOO!! Here are some tips!!!

    I'm sorry..my post was intended for RNsRWe
  13. Diggs BSN,RN

    Passed the NCLEX... and You WILL TOO!! Here are some tips!!!

    I've noticed that you have made ALOT of posts and comments throughout AllNurses. How is it that you are so knowledgeable about NCLEX procedures and such? Do you work for them?
  14. Diggs BSN,RN

    Nclex date 06/10/15!

    I bet all of you did very well!! The waiting will be the hardest (I've made 2 attempts 😯😯). Go get'em!!!
  15. Diggs BSN,RN

    Anyone pass nclex but it still took your $200?

    How long did you have to wait in between your first and second attempt? What state are you in?
  16. Diggs BSN,RN

    Passed the NCLEX three times later

    This is what I'm praying for on my 3rd attempt. Congrats!!