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  1. Emergent

    Should I mention this in an interview?

    Amen to above advice, nothing more to say.
  2. I see a lot of fiercely independent seniors who haven't planned well for the next phase of life. In the rural areas, they are used to living on their own, sometimes on properties that are deteriorating due to their owners creeping infirmities, or lifelong patterns of sloppiness. Some have had hoarding tendencies that have gotten out of hand. EMS will give colorful reports on that. What a good way to help these stubborn folk, who need to be guided into assisted living, or toward accepting family help? Sometimes adult children are spread out, or alienated from their parents.
  3. Emergent

    Critical Access Hospitals

    Does anyone work at a critical access hospital? I've worked in 3 of them. My new job is really interesting and dynamic. It is really providing an enormous service to a rural part of my state. Of all the hospitals I've worked at, this one has the feeling of really being a rural outpost. The first critical access Hospital I worked at was relatively close to a major cardiac center. It was mostly served by the local Fire Department that had its ownparamedics. It was a level 4 Trauma Center. The second critical access Hospital where I worked had its own medic units attached to the hospital. It was in a tourist town in the mountains, and it mainly fed into a large Hospital about 50 minutes away. It was a level five Trauma Center, and saw a lots of weekend warrior stuff, but anyting looking and all seriously was immediately diverted down to the local medical center which was a level three. My new job is very cool. It's in an area that is mainly a logging economy, but also near a national park and other major recreational areas. EMS is mostly supplied by various rural fire stations that are mainly comprised of volunteer EMTs. I am doing things in this job that I have never done. My last job was in a medium sized hospital that always had Pharmacy in house, and other ancillary support. In just a few weeks of orientation I have mixed up critical IV meds, patients who would have been intubated in the field at my other jobs arrive requiring high level interventions. I'm getting to apply skills and learn new ones that I never dreamed I would have to do. The closest cath lab is an hour and a half away, therefore thrombolytics are much more routine. The staff is very skilled, resourceful, and versatile. If anybody thinks that critical access hospitals are merely Band-Aid stations, you need to come here.
  4. Emergent

    Mask refusal

    Interesting. Anxious for a vaccine, but couldn't be bothered with a mask. Fascinating.
  5. Emergent

    Eureka, CA - safe place?

    LOL, urban America = you'd better have street smarts. Small town America = you are one of the fortunate ones...
  6. Emergent

    I can't get a job!!

    The job market in WA is getting desperate. At the locale I mentioned they are offering a $250 incentive pay to pick up night shifts. I'm still on orientation, so am refraining.
  7. Emergent

    My post-polio patient

    I had a delightful patient the other day with post-polio syndrome. She has vivid memories a being in an iron lung. She got polio when she was 1 1/2 years old, and was in an iron lung for 2 years. She remembers people dying, many of the people in iron lungs ended up dead. She recalls the big room full of other patients. She had to have multiple surgeries to correct physical problems from atrophy while she was in the iron lung. It took her years to learn to walk. Her mother wasn't able to visit often because of other children in the house. She said she was paralyzed and knew nothing else, so doesn't feel like she was traumatized by something that sounds so horrible and surreal to all of us. It's obvious that the nurses and caregivers did a nurturing job with her, because she was obviously a well adjusted lady, with a marvelous intellect. She went on to marry, have one daughter, divorce, and have a dynamic career. 'Coincidentally', polio thankfully disappeared shortly after the vaccination the population on a large scale.
  8. Emergent

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    The secret, while camping, to avoiding paper plates? Eat out of the pan you cook on. Yum! Butter helps.
  9. Emergent

    Transgender nurses?

    Just be a good nurse and respectful and nice to your coworkers. Don't make a huge deal about your status as a transgender person. Just do your job well, and be a great co-worker. I assumed once you have transitioned you will look like the gender that you have chosen. People might not even realize. Keep in mind that other people have different opinions about this new trend in society. Hopefully they just keep their mouths shut and are polite, if they disagree. If they aren't I'm sure that goes against company policy and anti-discrimination laws.
  10. The Links at the top of the page that lead you back to, say General Nursing, or whatever category that you are in, are missing. I am using my Android phone. I haven't checked on my tablet to see if it's the same. So if I click on a thread, and then want to go back to the category that I'm under, which is usually General Nursing, the link is missing.
  11. Emergent

    What to do about an abusive parent, home health

    I'm sure the agency is well aware of this women's abusive nature. Their goal is to satisfy the client and make money. They are not interested in mediating, or bringing truth and justice, or solving family dysfunction. When you are in someone's home you are basically at their mercy. I did two home cases years and years ago, and definitely found that that wasn't my cup of tea. Mothers of children with chronic health problems definitely can become understandably over-protective, I found when I did inpatient Peds in a small community hospital. Not my favorite demographic at all. Once they have had a negative experience with a nurse or other caregiver, they can become hyper-vigilant.
  12. Emergent

    Harming Ourselves and the Planet?

    Recent data?😆 That's hilarious. They needed a new study to prove what is as obvious as the nose on my face? THAT is funny!😂
  13. Emergent

    Open Conversations (need help)

    I'd be happy to help.
  14. Radonda's trial is supposed to start this month. This article in the Tennessean really does a good job of laying out the timeline. Amazing that Vanderbilt escaped any consequences for what amounts to a criminal coverup. It seems that hospital executives are untouchable in our society. The RaDonda Vaught case is confusing. This timeline will help.
  15. Are they being paid? I know here in the US, people get paid to participate in trials. I'll bet the going rate is cheaper in Africa. These pharmaceutical companies are all about profit! Are they being paid? I know here in the US, people get paid to participate in trials. I'll bet the going rate is cheaper in Africa. These pharmaceutical companies are all about profit!
  16. I wonder if these people are being paid, or are volunteering? It does sound suspect for French researchers to be using poor people in Africa as Guinea Pigs. Remember, though, South Africa is a majority Black nation, with Black leaders. Why are they allowing this if it's racism?

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