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  1. You have a point there!
  2. @CrunchRN I know what you mean, until I saw it was KatieMI I thought this was another troll post! @KatieMI I think this experience has knocked the wind out of you. I've always found you extremely direct, opinionated and and not one to back down. You need to make sure this little sociopath NEVER works in the mainstream healthcare field in any capacity. Let Daddy set her up in the vegan products industry.
  3. What do you think of the new bill passed in New York State requiring vegan options on the menu? It does appear to be a political endorsement of this diet over others, such as paleo, which had benefited many as well. While I definitely favor choice for patients, this law is promoting a plant-based as superior. Also, whenever government imposes another mandate, it creates an expensive bureaucracy and burdensome red tape. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20191209/New-Yorks-landmark-bill-guarantees-healthful-plant-based-meals-to-hospital-patients.aspx
  4. I totally agree! And it sounds like she has a family that will do just that.
  5. Emergent

    IV Tricks/Tips

    Advance the needle very, very slowly. After flash advance a mm more, then advance the cannula.
  6. Turn her in, she is a menace to society. She is totally off the charts as to being acceptable into the nursing profession. She has deep moral and psychological deficits that are most likely insurmountable.
  7. Emergent

    Teambuilding coaching

    This kind of nonsense is management's idea of a cheap, patronizing fix for impossible demands with inadequate staffing. They must teach the little children how to get along, with less, while they attend meetings trying to cook up more ridiculous schemes.
  8. Emergent

    Helping Patients Make Healthier Food Choices

    The medical profession is so behind the times on nutrition, it's a joke. In America, it's all about metabolic and inflammatory disorders resulting from the totally unnatural constant availability of carbohydrates in highly processed foods. Human beings did not evolve under these circumstances. Instead, we've been advising low fat yogurt, laced with sugar, lots of pasta, which has very little nutrition in it, and diet soda, which is full of chemicals. Also, low salt, and salt is not a factor in the majority of people's htn. Also, the industry has pushed drugs, drugs, drugs. Meanwhile, obesity is at all time highs. We are only maintaining life expectancy very expensively with advances in technology.
  9. Emergent

    "He's Okay"

    Lil, then the doctor asks the patient " Are you nervous?". Patient says yes and the doctor says "So am I!" Lol, very clever!
  10. Emergent

    "He's Okay"

    What's your suggestion as to an answer when asked your opinion regarding a doctor that you think is less than great?
  11. Emergent

    "He's Okay"

    Have you seen the commercial where the patient awaiting surgery asks the nurse what she thinks of Dr So and So. She replies "He's okay". The patient reads between the lines and gets instantly nervous. I forget what they are advertising but I like the commercial. I actually think I've used the same reply. The commercial shows the power of nurses to communicate the truth with finesse.
  12. Emergent

    New Grad Dilemma

    Many comments are unnecessary on public forums. I wish you well, you're in for an eye opening experience, business owner...
  13. Emergent

    New Grad Dilemma

    I would advise not to bring that attitude into the nursing workplace, wherever you land. The seasoned nurse will view you as an elitist snob and make your work life more difficult.
  14. Emergent

    Why Nurses Should Join the Gig Economy Right Now

    Universal healthcare would make things more flexible for us all. I like the concept. My side gig is managing my rentals, which is also part of my retirement plan. My FTE commitment is less than fulltime, although at the moment I'm having them schedule me fulltime. Eventually nursing will be my side gig. I'm also starting a small venture soon of reclaiming barn wood and reselling. I notice a few here seem almost threatened by the ideas presented here. I was surprised by that.
  15. Emergent

    Considering ICU.... among several other options

    My guess is that there were many more occasions of concern than the ones you cited here. Also, you are probably committing major social faux pas that you are unaware of, and have poor communication skills. Often, not fitting in socially will tip the scales in nursing.
  16. Emergent

    Depressed and Suicidal at work

    Find a less stressful job.