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  1. paging_nurserae

    What kind of car would you want?

    2013 Chevy Tahoe LTZ for my hubby and a 2015 Honda Accord Sport (BLACK) for me! Sharing a car has been ugh for so long! We DESERVE something nice and separate!
  2. paging_nurserae

    Darton College 2014

    If you learn it correctly in fundamentals you will be fine! I listened, did about 30 problems a night in fundamentals and practiced my math before each test. I never had to drop because of a math test and I passed my pharmacology/math test for the facility I work at on the first try! It was 65 questions and I made a 95%, no studying! Those tests at darton prepared me!
  3. paging_nurserae

    Darton College 2014

    I just graduated in the Summer!
  4. paging_nurserae

    Darton State College/Hybrid Nursing

    Timothy is correct.
  5. paging_nurserae

    Army Nursing: All Good Things Must Come To An End

    Thanks for your service!
  6. paging_nurserae

    Sharing a Preceptor???

    :nailbiting:I guess I will let you all know how it goes on Tuesday. I feel like it should be 1:1 with both of us being new grads...but...what can I do? All of the preceptors have new grads with them.
  7. paging_nurserae

    Sharing a Preceptor???

    Tuesday will be my second week on the floor and the new person's first week on the floor. I have been doing well, but not comfortable to take a full load of patients. Our orientation is supposed to be 12 weeks.
  8. paging_nurserae

    Sharing a Preceptor???

    Thanks for the great tips! I guess I was worried that I wouldn't get the individualized instruction that I need. I'm going to keep a clear mindset and look forward to lots of learning! Thanks!:)
  9. paging_nurserae

    Sharing a Preceptor???

    I have just been informed that my preceptor will have another preceptee with us. So that's two brand new nurses and just one preceptor to teach us.... I'm not sure how I feel about this. I feel like it should be one-to-one. Did anybody else go through this as a new grad on the floor? By the way, I work on a med-surg/unit step down/overflow floor...
  10. paging_nurserae

    Passed NCLEX on 8/23/14.. PearsonVue didn't work

    Thanks for the tip! If you notice, I said on August 23rd, which was the exact date that the software was updated! The "old" trick was still working up until 5 pm that date, I did it. My post was geared towards the many people that STILL do not know this.
  11. paging_nurserae

    New Nurse, what did I get myself into...

    Well, Let me begin by saying OP, you are not alone. I just graduated in July, took boards in August and began orientation on September 8th. Nursing school is NOTHING like the real world. While I do get to be with my preceptor (who happens to be amazing) for a total of 3 months, I felt like a fish out of water trying to learn SIMPLE things the entire first week. Which, JUST ended. General orientation was a week long, plus a extra day to complete the 30+ educational videos and quizzes that serve as proof that we were "educated" on a topic when JCO comes around. What were we doing during the rest of the time? Not learning what would've been beneficial...the lady over the nursing portion of general orientation spent hours rambling... then squeezed the important things (charting system, med system, accu check, etc) in where she could fit them. It was a complete waste. Considering I didn't step foot in this hospital for clinical, this was a complete 360. I had to ASK if we could take a tour of the hospital to learn our way around. She took us to the cafe and back -__- I guess orientations aren't what they used to be. I'm blessed to have a great preceptor that understands. I truly believe that that is what makes a new grad. I'm not expecting for it to be easy, and giving up isn't anywhere near my mind. I just wanted to say that I understand where OP is coming from. Nursing school was NOTHING compared to this. STAY POSITIVE! WE CAN DO IT!!
  12. paging_nurserae

    No longer a PRE nursing student!!!!

    Congrats! Enjoy life as you know it....MAJOR SHOCK AWAITS!!! You got this!