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  1. outriton

    The overwhelming stress of nursing school

    I worked while doing an accelerated BSN program. My best advice is to make a plan the first day of each term. Check all those syllabi you get. When are the projects, exams, and papers? Are there things you could get done NOW even though they're not due until way later in the term? (Think papers and projects that you're given a lot of time for but don't necessarily take all term or can be started early. Get all those pesky little quizzes done early too.) Focus on getting those things out of the way earlier in the term when things are a little lighter so you have more time and energy to study for exams later.
  2. outriton

    Nursing and relationships?

    I work 3 12-hr night shifts per week, and my husband has a regular M-F, 7ish-3ish job. I try to do my 3 shifts in a row to limit how often I switch my sleeping. I don't see a lot of my husband those days, especially if he doesn't come straight home from work. But that's ok! We don't need to spend tons of time every single day together because we're mature, independent people. You should strive for a relationship like that as well (not saying you're codependent now, just that everybody should be a whole person with their own friends and interests outside of their relationship). We look forward to when I'm off to spend time together and sometimes even make the first night I'm off a special date night where we go out for dinner or plan to see a movie. If anything, absence makes the heart grow fonder!
  3. The University of California and Kaiser offer their nurses (and other employees) pensions as well, but I agree that this is very uncommon in the US now.
  4. outriton

    So you're an RN - you must be earning big!

    I always thought the "common knowledge" that nurses are paid well was a crock until I started working in CA. New grads make over $50/hr where I work so you easily clear $100k/yr with any experience. By the way, to all those saying it's a bachelor's level job and you should be paid more to reflect the education/liability/responsibility/stress required . . . I have a master's in biology and used to work (much harder) in science research for just under $33k/yr.
  5. outriton


    I've worked non-union and union jobs. I definitely got paid more and got annual step increases (raises everybody got for now having another year of experience) and cost of living adjustments at the union job versus a much lower base pay and annual raises tied to my performance evaluation (so very subjective and management could be accused of favoritism.) If you were at the top of the step scale, you'd still get the COLA and would get any further steps that were added to the next nursing union/hospital contract. However, depending on the political climate of the state and whether it's a right-to-work state, unionizing and striking are not a possibility for everybody. I think that's important to keep in mind as I hear coworkers who've only worked union jobs before blame out-of-state nurses for their poor pay and work conditions because they "just need a better union."
  6. outriton

    Out of state new grad

    I got my CA license through endorsement of my out-of-state RN license. I found the CA BRN to be very strict about its requirements there, so I imagine they're equally strict about their license by exam requirements. That being said, you could always get OH licensure and then apply to have it endorsed in CA. No clinical hours are considered in the endorsement process. You would have to meet the education requirements though. CA has some state-specific requirements that are different than what other states' nursing schools require: Communication skills, six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter units shall include principals of: Oral communication Written communication Group communication Related natural sciences, sixteen (16) semester or twenty-four (24) quarter units shall include: Anatomy with lab Physiology with lab Microbiology with lab Behavioral sciences (Psychology) Social sciences
  7. Are you definitively married to the idea of San Diego? If you have flexibility within CA, you'll find less competitive markets in Central and far Northern California. You'll also find better pay in Northern California than Southern California.
  8. outriton

    transcript form for CA BON

    I think the issue with official transcripts coming from the university or the university's designated provider is that it's not coming from the applicant who may have been able to tamper with it, not that a third party transcript provider is unacceptable. If it comes "officially" from the university or however the university goes about providing transcripts, it's ok.
  9. outriton

    Education requirements for endorsement?

    Regardless of whether you are a licensed RN in another state, if you don't fulfill CA's state-specific licensure requirements, your application to endorse your out-of-state license will not be approved until you complete the missing coursework. I've heard the communications requirement is what most often trips people up. It's typically satisfied through a speech or communication class. I've never taken either of those and instead submitted a letter listing what I consider relevant coursework (foreign language, literature, linguistics, master's thesis work, TAing undergraduate courses, humanities - my university's equivalent of composition, etc) and included the course descriptions.
  10. outriton

    Education requirements for endorsement?

    Required coursework for RN licensure in CA: 1) Communication skills, six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter units shall include principals of: Oral communication Written communication Group communication 2) Related natural sciences, sixteen (16) semester or twenty-four (24) quarter units shall include: Anatomy with lab Physiology with lab Microbiology with lab Behavioral sciences (Psychology) Social sciences Source: Important Information
  11. outriton

    ADN then BSN?

    I'm not gonna lie: Student loan repayment sucks and is a drain on my soul . . . but the money I borrowed to get my BSN was worth it for how much I now make. You really need to look at how much debt you'll be in after finishing your degree and balance that with how you could make $100K+ as soon as you start working if you're willing to move to Northern California. Other things to consider: Will you lose any time or credits transferring to a CC? Will you really go back to school at some point or get busy with life? How much time and potential money earned will be lost trying to find a job when employers prefer BSNs? How much is an RN to BSN program?
  12. outriton

    Questions for Sacramento Nurses! Pay+benefits 2018

    UC Davis has a reputation for being the lowest paying in the area but has good benefits, including a strong pension, to try to make up for it. You can find the pay scale by searching title code 9139 here: Salary Scales | Human Resources The steps are supposed to correspond to years of experience. I believe Kaiser nurses start in the $70s but have a less favorable pension plan. I've also heard people there say that there's quite a bit of micromanaging and that you definitely work hard for the money. I've only worked at UCD in this area though so I don't have firsthand knowledge.
  13. outriton

    Nursing jobs around Oklahoma City

    I've been told by a nursing school classmate who now works at Integris Baptist that once nurses pass the NCLEX, they get back pay for the difference in pay from before licensure to now being licensed. FWIW, when I started at OUMC in 2015, new grad pay was around $22/hr. There were plenty of opportunities to pick up overtime once you were off orientation after 6 months. You could even sign OT contracts promising to work a certain number of OT days within a certain amount of weeks and you'd get an additional cash bonus on top of the OT pay once you completed the contract terms. I think my classmates at Mercy made similar starting pay but chose to work there either because it's a non-profit so would could toward the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness program (OUMC is not non-profit) or because they liked the vibe there more.
  14. outriton

    Finding school with good reputation

    You should also look into the OU program. Their nursing school is in OKC while the main campus is in Norman. I graduated from their accelerated BSN and had a good experience. I felt well prepared to be a first year nurse, was hired immediately out of school to the unit I did my leadership/preceptorship/externship (name varies depending on program, but when spend right before you graduate working under the same nurse on the same unit for 12-15 shifts), and my entire class passed the NCLEX on their first try. OCU also has a nursing program in OKC.
  15. outriton

    Moving just a few thousand miles :D

    Here's info on pay at UCLA. However, the numbers will change a bit once the contract between UC and the nursing union is renegotiated: http://ucnet.universityofcalifornia.edu/labor/bargaining-units/nx/docs/nx_2013-2017_appendix-a_UCLA-january-2014-to-january-2017.pdf I think the processing time estimates on the CA BRN website are pretty accurate. However, once you move to LA and become a CA resident, you can contact your new state reps (state assemblymember and state senator - you can figure out who these people by searching your new ZIP code online) and ask their offices for help. It's because you're their constituent and helping you deal with a state agency is how they can work to earn your vote in the future. I got out of BRN endorsement purgatory within a week of contacting my state reps.