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2 semesters in, what did i get myself into?

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  1. notnursezelda

    How to follow up after applying for a job online?

    Contact human resources, they usually direct you to a recruiter
  2. notnursezelda

    Career advancement?

    also interested in finding out :)
  3. notnursezelda

    Anyone successful in changing from PHN to other specialty?

    im interested in finding out too
  4. notnursezelda

    Knows nothing about nursing, seeking help

    Look for schools with a high pass rate for nclex (90%+).... visit each school, get a feel for the environment, possibly shadow a nurse too, and not just in one speciality, try different ones because one is really different in the day to day respons...
  5. notnursezelda

    nursing or computer science ?

    Computer science, there is more opportunities plus with experience you can make 100k+ easy depending on the area and if your willing to work contracts as opposed to full time positions Then you can work in Healthcare too
  6. notnursezelda

    Very stressed (2.5 years into it) - please help

    You have the right to not work in a toxic environment. Report them and find a better place or different unit.
  7. notnursezelda

    Gift for a friend

    Hello My friend will be graduating soon from her BSN program and wants to become a midwife. I'm thinking about getting her a book as a graduation presention on midwifery. Doesn't have to be technical/textbook, but do you guys have any suggestions? I ...
  8. notnursezelda

    MedSpa Ex-Boss Wants Me Back After I Graduate

    Why would their licenses be under review?
  9. notnursezelda

    NO flashcards--use quizlett

    That's great and all, but be careful. It's not 100%reliable since other people are making the material and it may not match what you were taught
  10. notnursezelda

    Benefits of becoming a CNA before Nursing School??

    Have you checked with local hospitals? Usually they train too so you shouldn't have to pay put of pocket.
  11. notnursezelda

    Taking a Year Off? Did not pass TEAS.

    How did you previously study?
  12. notnursezelda

    Why or why not CRNA?

    Not all Hospitals hire ADNs ... there is a big shift toward bsn as the standard
  13. notnursezelda

    Nursing Vs. Teaching

    Why not continue nursing and then become a nurse educator? I'm not sure how much bedside time you would have to put in, but it's a good way of combining the two. Plus nurse educators are in serious demand, salary isn't the best but job security is th...
  14. notnursezelda

    Why or why not CRNA?

    It's not engineering per say, you get a computer science degree, 4 years, and can apply for this position or many like it. Comp science majors usually get jobs faster and at a better salary compared to other people
  15. notnursezelda

    how to stay warm in the OR?

    The cold never bothered me anyway *runs away*