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  1. Excellent advice and encouragement!!!!
  2. Good luck commuter....i hope they speed the process up for you. Im excited to start hearing how your experience at wgu starts progresses and ends. Congrads!!!!
  3. Honestly.......i chose this route (non accredited) and lik the OP said i have many options in pursuing my BSN. Also if i may add i have had many job opportunities/offers like state hospital, corrections facility, non for profit hospital, ambulatory care, LTC, rehab hospital and LTACH. Im not too sure if that has anything to do with the fact that i have so many years of LPN experience but I chose LTACH because of the experience one said i would gain. I hope everything works out for everyone. Make the best of your education and good luck!!
  4. 819Nurse

    Break the Silence Report Bullying

    Like like love again! !!!!!
  5. 819Nurse

    Break the Silence Report Bullying

    Thank you thank you thank you! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like like love this!!!
  6. 819Nurse

    Saunders 6 week study calendar

    Ok thank u very much.
  7. 819Nurse

    Saunders 6 week study calendar

    I need sone help understanding the study calendar....as i have saunders 6th edition (purple book)....i do not understand what the numbers are underr the subject? For example..... It will say "maternity 34, 45, 52" Are those chapters? Page numbers? ....im confused as to how this is supposed to be read and understood. Please help. Thank you
  8. 819Nurse

    Geriatric / Long Term Care Nursing

    good article!
  9. 819Nurse

    Everyone Won't Succeed. And That's Okay!

    In response to the original post.......sounds to me like erin is going to grow up and become a great doctor someday! these are the children who are under priviledged and have a disadvantage from the start, and once this is realized, these are the students who will work twice as hard to acheive their goals. I know i did!
  10. 819Nurse

    The Cons of Working in Long Term Care

    People have a way of living up to other people's expectations. The more experienced nurses we have calling new nurses "incompetent", the more "incompetent" nurses there will be. Great point and well said. I do also agree that the new grads today are not being taught what needs to be taught, but thatd not to go for ALL new grads. There really are some new grads who are ready to dig in and get there hands dirty. Then again there are some that is not.