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I am a 30 year old "adult learner" who finally got fed up with working a million hours to make ends meet. I've worked at some capacity in healthcare since I was 18 and finally decided to take the plunge a little over a year ago. My husband left suddenly and I was raising two kids, working two jobs, and losing my mind. So when my little one started first grade I started nursing school. So between working and child rearing and nursing school, I've become completely accustomed to losing my mind but I'm actually having a blast while I'm doing it!! :)

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  1. motay68

    Thank you

    I've been a registered nurse four months. I would like to take a time out from "nurses eating their young" posts and every bad/sad story I have read to say thank you. Thank you for not acknowledging that my question is stupid but answering it anyway. Thank you for being patient while it takes me soooo long to hook up that piggy back. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn something that seems like common sense to you.And most importantly... Thank you for having the patience with a brand new nurse. Everyday brings me a new experience. Every compliment you give me feels like gold, every time you trust me to do it on my own validates me, every time you leave me to handle a situation I know I can't handle gives me confidence in myself.Don't think we don't realize what you give us. I will remember each and every one of you for what you taught me about treating patients(not the disease) and myself. I am fortunate.
  2. motay68

    Any 3rd semester advice???

    When they instructors tell you to read the chapters first... DO IT. I think as first years we really don't appreciate how much the instructors hold our hands and help us through. As second years they expect you to act like you are a nurse. If you can make it through, it is extremely rewarding.... But it is an immense amount of work on your part. Also, start practicing NCLEX questions. That will help a lot. Good luck to you!
  3. motay68

    Dealing with Anxiety

    I can't do medicine for myself. I give myself anxiety over getting addicted to medicine because I'm having anxiety. If you can figure that one out please preach to me Once or twice a month (depending on how much anxiety I'm having) I let myself have a full fledged cry fest over everything I worry about crazy or legit... No restrictions. If a butterfly dies in Japan or an old farmhouse is knocked down in some town I have never heard of I cry and cry and let everything out. Over just being stressed about money or kids, or school, or whatever. It's my pity party and it really helps me. Letting it out instead of just "sucking it up" make makes me feel like I'm validating my feelings without turning neurotic. Also I tell myself it burns extra calories
  4. motay68

    Hazing in school

    One of the best lessons I learned in school was from a super intimidating instructor. We were in class and I was picked to give her report on a patient we were getting ready to take care of in sim lab. My role was the new nurse giving report to the older nurse who had no patience for me. I HATED it and she road me really hard during the entire role play. I ended up getting annoyed and sniping at her, which only made her harder on me. The other students actually even spoke up and tried to help me out but my instructor kept on railing on me. I was angry/mortified you name it. I thought she was singling me out because she didn't like me. When we got done with report she said to all of us this will happen to you when you graduate. You will not have an instructor with you anymore that will handle the tough situations. Not every nurse you work with will be happy to have you there. You'll be brand new, insecure, and a hassle for some nurses to deal with. They will treat you badly and they will be disrespectful. What she wanted us to learn (and explained to us as well) was how to deal with it so we didn't end up crying or losing our temper. This semester I had her for clinical and ran into a huge issue with my co-assign. I'm not really one to lose my cool over anything but this nurse and I were ready to kill each other. My instructor took me aside listened to my rant and said now what do you plan to do about this? You have to deal with her for the rest of this clinical and you may work with her later. She guided me through it but left it up to me to handle. My co-assign and I never became friends but we learned how to work together. As much as I still hate that day in class, I have to be honest and say it really did help me out during that clinical.
  5. motay68

    Nursing school is not a back up plan!

    I honestly started nursing school because it was the quickest amount of money I could make in the shortest amount of time. I'm about to graduate and have learned that I was really meant for this. Not every aspect of nursing is for me but there are so many things I can do with this degree. After knowing what nursing school does to you (thought processes, lack of sleep, financial problems, etc) I don't think you can make it through a program if part of you doesn't REALLY want it. Also, some of us can not handle failure and if we are worried we make excuses so it's not a big deal if we don't make it. Pay attention to you. Keep your head up. Do a great job. Don't worry about the people who are doing a back up plan or a just going to nursing school because they think it's cool. It's less stress on you and that is what matters
  6. It's hard and it always seems impossible but you can get it done. I wrote myself a letter when I found out I got accepted into my nursing program and when I feel like I can't keep up the pace anymore I read it. It's totally possible and if you don't have great time management and priority skills you will learn them very quickly :)
  7. motay68

    Urged to withdraw.....

    I hear your pain and I understand your struggles. I am a single mother who works full time and I don't have a huge family support system. There have been times where I didn't want to get out of bed, not because I'm lazy but because I'm so tired. But I always did. Mainly because I don't have anymore times for make up labs/clinicals/classes. I pushed forward. If you can handle going another year take the withdrawal. Try again. You learned a lesson already without all of us telling you what you should or should not have done. Best of luck to you. It takes a strong person to go through nursing school whether they decide to go back or not!!
  8. motay68

    Who else has had great instructors?

    My instructors have been fantastic from the start. I may not have always liked them in the moment but I couldn't have asked for anything better. And one in particular was very quick at making sure I didn't drop on the floor after my adrenaline left from my very first code.
  9. motay68

    The "DUH" moment

    My instructor had a ball with this. I'm very composed and not nervous (on the outside) at clinical but this gave me a deer in the headlights moment. Good Lord!!!! It was a huge toss up as to who was more uncomfortable about the bedroom visit talk. I almost would rather talk to my teenager about it. Also, I will never look at my grandparents in the same way again :)
  10. motay68

    Intro to psychology

    I'm not sure what the b term is but I'm taking Psych during my 3rd semester and completely underestimated the work load. Nursing this semester takes up almost all of my time and I have to slip Psych into it.. It's doable but usually only in the wee hours of the morning. Wish I would have taken it earlier on. Apparently, non-nursing courses don't understand our need for them to be quick and easy so we can focus on learning how to save lives
  11. motay68

    The "DUH" moment

    During clinical last week I was educating an elderly couple (just shy of 90 elderly couple) about the wife's upcoming pacemaker insertion. Both the husband and wife were very concerned about her activity level once recovered. I kept trying to reassure them the patient's activity level would improve once her heart was beating regularly again. I was not getting through to them and was actually beginning to get frustrated. How many times can you say the same things different ways right?? Finally, the husband says to me what about bedroom visits? I repeated his question because honestly I was confused about bedroom visits. They will both be celebrating their 90th birthdays within a year and a half. I assumed that "THAT" aspect of their life wasn't a concern as much anymore... After a very awkward explanation I can honestly say the old saying about when you assume you make an a## out of u and me is completely correct. Who knew that was possible? And I officially have a new goal for when I hit 85 +
  12. I'm doing it. It's totally possible Keep your eyes on the prize!!! When the day(s) come that you feel like throwing in the towel because it seems impossible, your exhausted and you don't want to keep it up, read this post. Remember why you are doing this. It's not impossible just hard. But everything worth it is. Good luck!!
  13. motay68

    101 Ways To Fall Asleep (add your own)

    Benadryl and a glass of wine... But only on the rare occasion I don't have to get up for work or school. Otherwise, who has time to sleep??
  14. motay68

    How soon to pursue RN to BSN transition?

    Nursing school will rank up there with one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have realized I was meant to be a nurse but I wouldn't put myself willingly through school again... With that said when I graduate in May with my RN I will roll it over because I know myself well enough to know I won't go back. I think it's more of a personal decision. If you are they type of person that will go back after a break go for it. You've earned it. If you know you'll be happy enough with what you have and will not, that's fine too.
  15. motay68

    Knitting during class: ok or not?

    When I first read your post I thought you must be kidding that is rude..... HOWEVER... I can't sit still. My lectures are two and a half hours long. I have ADD and can not sit and be still while avidly taking notes. Medicine makes me crazy so I sit at least two seats away from my other students and I fidget. My legs bounce, they cross and uncross, I play with my hair, name it.. I can't help it. I am very conscious of how distracting I am though. If someone where knitting/playing games/texting/fidgeting by me I would want to scream. I do actually forewarn people who sit near me how distracting I am and my instructors are all aware. Personally, I feel knitting is a huge distractor but I'm also sure the people sitting behind me are drawn to the constant fidgeting I do. Talk with your instructor. See if she has any suggestions. And stay way from other classmates if possible. People who need to "do" something to focus on a lecture shouldn't be ignored but we shouldn't impact others around us either.
  16. motay68

    I only held his hand

    Thank you guys. It's hard to explain what a huge moment that was to others. It was definitely one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. Until this point I've been focused on learning as much technical things as I can before I graduate. I have listened repeatedly to my instructors say but what about the patient and have you talked to them. They also said you'll have a moment that will make you understand why you put yourself though all of this. They were absolutely right. It will go down in my history as the moment I realized becoming a nurse isn't something I do, it is part of who I am.