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steffimiesha has 2 years experience as a ADN, LPN, RN and specializes in Surgical.

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  1. I feel like I wrote this post! I’m also a surgical night shift nurse that just accepted a day shift rehab job. Are you liking it?
  2. steffimiesha

    Scott & White Nurse Internship Winter 2017

    Thank you for such a thorough reply! I def will & best of luck with your residency!!
  3. steffimiesha

    Scott & White Nurse Internship Winter 2017

    Sorry not related to your question, but was it hard applying to residencies in Texas even though you dont live there? We are considering moving to Texas when im done with schools, but I feel like if i apply to residencies they wont consider me because im out of state. Any advice?
  4. steffimiesha

    LCCC spring 2017 start

    You will be assigned to a community group and are responsible for meeting with them a few times throughout the semester and give a presentation/ teaching
  5. steffimiesha

    LCCC spring 2017 start

    first semester is all health promotion so you wont be doing actual clinicals at a site yet. you just "adopt" a community and do a community teaching. when second semester starts there is a clincal site in greely and also one in fort collins if they dont chnage it. you should automatically get a colorado site.
  6. steffimiesha

    Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam 2016 for RN program

    I did horrible in the science portion 53% because I had only competed anatomy and physiology 1 when I took it and most of the stuff was from a & p 2 / physiology. So for me it was hard. My math and reading scores were in the 90% which bought my percentage up ( 70 overall for my school.) I got an 80 overall. I didn't see any study tools when I was studying, but if you're good at math/ reading and go over physiology you should be ok!
  7. steffimiesha

    Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam 2016 for RN program

    Math- fractions, percentages, dosage calculations, conversions etc. science- lots of physiology and body systems, reading and writing were pretty straightforward
  8. steffimiesha

    Has anyone taken statistics online?

    I did stats online this past spring and got an A. Make sure you read the book and any videos the instructor posts and are comfortable teaching yourself. If you are ok with math you should be fine. For our class we used statcrunch which I thought was very helpful
  9. steffimiesha

    A Headache is not an emergency

    I've went to the er a handful of times for a migraine. It was the worse pain I've ever experienced in my life. My cousin went to er for a migraine. Turns out it was a brain aneurysm, so to you it may be a simple headache, but you don't know what that person is experiencing or feeling or that "headache" is actually something else.
  10. steffimiesha

    RN-MSN looking to be a NP

    Not saying this is the case, but sometimes it's cheaper or more cost efficient for someone who already holds a bachelors degree to do a direct entry masters to become an Rn, because of federal loans etc. just something to consider.
  11. steffimiesha

    Colorado New Grads- Do you have jobs?

    I live in Cheyenne. I go to the community college here. Crmc is hiring lots of rns right now. Not only for residencies they will hire new grads in certain departments to, so apply to all of it.
  12. steffimiesha


    I sent you a pm with info
  13. steffimiesha

    Psych NP programs

    I have researched this before and found some. I don't remember them right now but I will post when I do. University of Wyoming has a dnp program.. But I'm not sure if you want to do dnp or msn. U do not need Rn experience to do university of Wyoming dnp program. It is online but it is mostly full time coursework. Good luck! And congrats! I am just starting nursing school this fall and eventually want to be a nurse practitioner
  14. steffimiesha

    Is this doable?

    Not sure if you want to do Chem, bio and ap2 in the same semester. When I did ap2 I also did micro , but that wasn't bad for me. I'm doing bio and stats now online and I'm doing chemistry in the summer in 5 weeks. My nursing classes start in the fall. I heard Chem is tough
  15. steffimiesha

    Anatomy & Physiology 2 online???

    I did anatomy and physiology 1 online last summer in 8 weeks. It was hard but doable. The main thing is time

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