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  1. payitforward

    Med passes

    I would like to know if there "rules of engagement" when you are on the need cart, attempting to pass meds and CONSTANTLY get interrupted,by either resident s or family members. I was on my cart, in the middle of my med pass and several family members kept coming up to me asking me questions that would take me away from my cart. I explained to one, (who just stood there) that I was in the middle of med pass.some folk will say okay,some are so nasty.
  2. payitforward

    So I Have This Rash... What Do You Think?

    This is so true! Once people found out I was a nurse, OMG!!! the questions I would get! I always tell people, " Ask your doctor", that (sometimes) stops the medical questions, or, " That will be 45.00 for the consult please"- that comment really is an eye opener. I had one family member even tell me they weren't going to ask their docotr because they were 'testing' my knowledge, or "I'm not gonna ask him, I don't want him to think I'm stupid, or I don't know anything." Whew!!!!! I was recently hospitalized for surgery. The staff did not know I was a nurse until I was discharged. The nurse said to me, " Wow!!! I didn't know your were a nurse! You didn't say anything"! I told her I normally don't because I don't work in your facility, and I want to be treated like everyone else. Why should you treat me any better because I am a nurse? Whatever special care you give me, you should (be) giving to everyone.
  3. payitforward

    Do you like your long commute?

    Since I've been a nurse I have always had a commute! First it was an hour and about 45minutes, then I got it down to about 45minutes. that is one! When I'm going home it always takes me longer, and there in lies my frustration! I figure during my commute home in the evening I can get everything off my chest that was bothering me during the day before I get home.
  4. payitforward

    Why In The Heck Should I Be A Loyal Nurse?

    I so agree with you! There is no company that will be loyal to you. It doesn't matter if you walk on water or not. I was in a job for 5 years, with the agency for over 20. I had a TERRIBLE supervisor, and she decided that someone else would be better at my job. It didn't matter that all the other nurses and even the supervisors knew she had poor skills. They all banded with her, got my job " abolished", transferrred me to another area, and put someone in the job that had no clue. So will I ever be loyal to anyone? No. It's survival of the fittest, and I'll be loyal to ME, and my family.