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AuntieRN specializes in Med/Surg.

Trying to decide where to go next.

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  1. AuntieRN

    Do you keep your license(s) in your wallet?

    We don't get hard copies anymore either...but when we did I used to carry mine in a plastic pocket on my work badge until my boss asked me to take it out and put it in a safe place telling me a story about how someone had stolen her friends nursing license and got a job pretending to be this nurse...there was lots of red tape for her friend....
  2. AuntieRN

    sterile vs. clean dressings?

    Yes Mcknis...if its a closed wound you certainly do not want to do a wet to dry. And remember you need an order for wet to dry dressings. The thought process or at least what I remember being taught long ago is you pack it wet and as it dries the dead icky stuff (like my nursing terminology..im tired im sorry) adheres to the dry dressing and when you pull it out you are performing a type of debridement so the wound heals from the inside out. If you were to put a wet to dry dressing on a closed wound you will be making a breeding ground for more bacteria and can then make a closed wound an open one. Hope this makes sense and again im tired and sorry if it doesnt.
  3. AuntieRN

    Grr! "Customer Service" Nursing Gone Crazy!

    I had a pt tell me the other day "You are paid to wait on me hand and foot" my response "No maam I am not. I am paid to help you get better and you can open your own straw. Thats helping you get better so you can go home and take care of yourself" uggghhhh!!! Just reminding myself how much I love being a nurse regardless of the nonsense that comes with it
  4. AuntieRN

    Can I go by a nickname as a nurse?

    At my facility your badge would like like this: Elizabeth "Liza" your last name,RN. It is the lewis blackman law that requires your legal name on your badge here.
  5. AuntieRN

    Has your hospital changed visitors policy r/t the flu?

    Noone under 19 and if you have any s/s of the flu
  6. AuntieRN

    11 Things Your Nurse Thinks (But Will Never Tell You)

    No Im sorry I cant stop doing chest compressions on this patient to turn your mothers television down. You cant see the down arrow? (yes this seriously happened. The daughter walked right into the room where we were coding a pt and told me her mothers television was too loud and would I mind just running it to turn it down? Afterall it would only take a second....OMG are you kidding me????
  7. AuntieRN

    If you have rec' d the H1N1 vaccine - please report

    Had mine, all I got was a sore arm for a few days.
  8. AuntieRN

    Failed the Nclex!!!

    I too agree with taking Kaplan. I did and passed the first time surprisingly. I was prepared to not pass the first time and take it a second because I have awful test anxiety. Good luck to you!!!
  9. AuntieRN

    Navy or Burgundy......Help

    I have the limited edition breast cancer pink one. My name is engraved with a little message from my ex who bought it for me. I have managed to not loose it in over 3 years. LOL
  10. AuntieRN

    Med-Surg Roll Call

    I graduated in Aug 2006 passed my boards Oct 2006 and am was 41 when I graduated. I have been working on the same Med/Surg floor since I started as a tech while in nursing school. I am now the charge nurse. Never thought I would like Med/Surg, the ER has always held my heart, but I love my job!!
  11. AuntieRN

    Anyone Ever Worked a Flu Clinic?

    I have been trying to get connected with a flu clinic here in Myrtle Beach, SC if anyone knows of any. But it sounds like a lot of fun. I have done the flu clinics at the hospital I work for though.
  12. AuntieRN

    NG out-what to do?

    I would have done the same thing. And please dont feel like you are asking too many questions. I can tell you as a charge nurse I would rather you ask me a million and one questions then to not ask, do something and harm the pt. Everyone asks questions. Its how you learn especially when you are fairly new. I work with nurses who have been at it 20+ years and they still ask questions.
  13. AuntieRN

    Question regarding HIPAA

    We had this happen once with a family that had already attempted to sue the hospital once. They also wanted to record everything with a video recorder. Risk management and the lawyers got involved. The pt couldnt give her own consent but the daughter was MPOA/POA. The final decision was she (the daughter only) could take pics of her mom only while she was sitting up in a chair, no staff could be in any of the pictures and she could not take pictures of any wounds of body parts. She also was not allowed to tape anything as it violated everyone elses privacy. Its a pretty sticky situation and yes HIPPA does involve families too. If the pt doesnt want family to know info you cant give it to them.
  14. AuntieRN

    Heparin safety

    We also have to have 2 RNs witness and sign when using heparin. It is part of our heparin protocol and a new policy at our hospital.
  15. AuntieRN

    Hurricane coming: evacuate or stay and work?

    I told my sister take the kids and run for the hills...but thats only if they are not gonna let them stay at the hospital with me. I also signed a contract stating I would stay during a hurricane and work and also volunteer for DHEC for disasters. I too feel it is unethical to leave ones behind too frail to take care of themselves. As long as my sister and the kids are safe I am ok. We choose to live where we live knowing full well the dangers of what kind of weather we could have. I lived in upper New England knowing there are blizzards (which many I got stuck working 20 hour shifts during...or got stuck to where the national guard had to come get me on my way to work).....Now I have chosen to live at the beach where there is always that chance that a hurricane may hit....and I understand it is my duty to stay.
  16. AuntieRN

    Charge Nurse

    I too was "thrown to the wolves" Christmas day. I had been an RN for 14 months. I then got trained a full 2 weeks. I work day shift. We do not take pts on day shift but night shift sometimes ends up with a full load of 7 pts. They tried to give me a couple pts one day and I refused stating they could find themselves a new charge nurse and put me back on the floor. I only make a dollar more an hour and its not worth all that extra responsibility on my license. Luckily my nurse manager agrees with me. She will come in and charge and put me on the floor if need be. I have been charging for about 8 months now. I do more then assign beds though....I am responsible for the assignments, assigning beds, checkcing orders, rounding with the doctors, discharges, assisting all my staff regardless of CNA or RN, trouble shooting, rapid responses, difusing situations, I am the one the doctors come to when something isnt done or not done the way they want it done, I need to know what is going on with all the pts on the floor, critical labs, family issues, social work/case management issues, etc...I am quite busy. And at the end of the shift...I am still sitting there trying to finish my orders while everyone else has gone home. It is not as easy charging as it looks to be.