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  1. applesxoranges

    When will nurses advocate for themselves?

    A bigger complaint for me is that hospitals do not give nurses lunches routinely or provide a safe mechanism for someone to cover them for breaks. I am very much of the camp "punch no lunch if you do not get one." People will accept donating 2000+ to their employers each year, which is what you do if you do not take lunch breaks and have them deducted from your paycheck.
  2. It depends. I am great with the charting system. People will ask me how do I do this? How do I do that? How do I order this? I can make the system work to my advantage. A second thing is depending on how much sleep I have had and when I woke up, I can sometimes be great at IVs. I am better with the metal tip safety catheters instead of the ones at work usually.
  3. applesxoranges

    Sure to Get Flamed for This

    My issue is that there is a nurse bullying culture out there and hospitals need to address it. When a hospital addresses the situation, then improvement can happen. I noticed that when the work environment is stressful, then it is not conducive to new grads.