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Kuriin has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. Kuriin

    Terminated the third week into my orientation

    Hey, I did say "sorry" that you were fired. Hopefully you'll be able to find something else soon.
  2. Kuriin

    Terminated the third week into my orientation

    I am sorry you were fired...but, you did deserve it. You were late not once, but multiple times during orientation. You say you are punctual but you did not show that at all.
  3. Kuriin

    What would you do

    Something similar happened on Nurse Jackie on the last (?) season. And, as far as I am aware, insulin drips are a double RN check where you can't bypass the sign off in the flow sheets like you can with pressors. Granted, I guess this all depends on facility policy. In any case, it's a med error and likely to be reported which would result in either suspension or termination. Hopefully the hospital is unionized and not a right to fire facility.
  4. Kuriin

    How to ask for mentorship?

    I flat out tell my charge nurses that I used to do floor nursing and that I would prefer not to be in the observation side of ED. They generally respect that and put me in high level acuity or typical ED patients.
  5. Kuriin

    Futile ressusitation

    You guys are saying these are futile resuscitative attempts. To your eyes, yes, they are. To the families watching that every possible thing is being done for their loved one IS NOT FUTILE.
  6. Kuriin

    Tips for ER interview

    Have you had any conflict with a manager, coworker, or another unit? Prioritization for sepsis, stroke, or chest pain. Strengths/weaknesses How do you allocate your resources? What was one thing you did wrong and what did you do to correct it?
  7. Kuriin

    Will I be fired

    I would just in case start applying to other hospitals while you still have a job.
  8. Kuriin

    Inpatient Boarders?

    It happens from time to time that you board inpatients patients in the ED for >3 days. However, I haven't been in a hospital that sounds like that bad.
  9. Kuriin

    New Trauma Nurse Help

    I'm assuming by now you've taken your TNCC? Nurses don't do a whole lot in trauma aside from the line and labs and blood transfusions. As the primary nurse, your main goal is to chart the primary and secondary survey and place orders that the doc says.
  10. Some people do take notes in the ER like they would on a medsurg floor. I don't get it at all. The important stuff should be able to be memorized and even if that's not the case, just glance at the chart while giving report. Most ER nurses will understand that it can be busy.
  11. Kuriin

    Dropped Pill - Do you give it?

    And if it was dropped on the linens, in the bed? Would you give it?
  12. Kuriin

    Is ER nursing for me - new nurse, 50

    No difference between an older versus a younger nurse. You will encounter some that are fast and some that are slow. Be optimistic, eager to learn, and ready to get hands dirty.
  13. Kuriin

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    We do not, but the previous tele floor I worked on would do this every shift. Print out the rhythm, interpret it, and place it in the patient's chart.
  14. Kuriin

    Good idea?

    You've done LTC. You have the time management and delegation skills (just don't over delegate). You should be fine.
  15. Kuriin

    Nurse Extern in the ED

    I FIRMLY believe that you should take note of these diagnoses and look them up later. Get the Emergency Nursing Bible. Get the Rapid EKG Interpretation book. Get Sheey's Manual of Emergency Care book. Medicine is all about education. Many nurses (even in the ED) follow orders blindly without questioning them. Educate. Have fun. :]
  16. Kuriin

    Tips to survive ER

    If your EHR is Epic, don't acknowledge orders until you've done them. I have found that I will forget orders if I acknowledge everything at once. Oh, and bedside charting. Once you leave the room, you never know what you might get caught up in! Lol.