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    pthomas89 reacted to Ahuramazda27 in I took NCLEX today!!! PVT?   
    Hi OP! I took my exam today. Like your experience, I answered 265 questions in 5 hours. I felt sick afterwards and thought I could have done better. I went home, cried my heart out, and did the PVT Trick. I got a good pop up but I don't want to get my hopes up. It is the only ray of sunshine I have right now. I expect the worse but I hope the PVT is accurate. 😞
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    pthomas89 reacted to RnSimmi in I took NCLEX today!!! PVT?   
    congrats !  I told you . God is good and thanks I'm taking mine in 3 days!
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    pthomas89 reacted to srstewart in Preparing for NCLEX RN   
    I took the exam today and I found it easier than taking the ATI exit exam. The Nclex was straightforward.  Over half of my exam was SATA but common sense ruled out a lot of stuff. I was so excited that it cut off in 75 questions and I did the PVT and got the good pop-up. Now I have to wait 48 hours for the quick results. Confidence is a major factor in passing. Also, pick and stick. it took me 2 hrs to do 75 questions but I am relieved that it is officially over.  I will reply when I get my quick results.
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    pthomas89 reacted to srstewart in Preparing for NCLEX RN   
    I have been using Ati to study and questions online. I take my test in 9 days and will let you know how It goes?