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  1. pthomas89

    I took NCLEX today!!! PVT?

    I just got home from taking the NCLEX RN. It was the most stressful test I have ever taken in my life. I got all of the 265 questions and sat in the testing center for 5 hours. As soon as I left, I felt like I had completely bombed that test. I always hear about the pearson vue trick so I decided to try it when I got home because well lets face it, I couldn't handle the anxiety. I needed to know something. So I put in my credit and went all the way to the end to get this pop up, "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Now I know that everyone says that is the good pop up, but I just don't know if its real or not! I will say a little about my exam. I had maybe 30 SATA give or take, but the rest...oh my goodness...priority, what do you do next, 4 math questions, ekg, etc. My test was EVERYWHERE. What is your experience? What do you think?
  2. pthomas89

    Preparing for NCLEX RN

    It sounds like you did awesome on the exam! Can't wait to see your results. Is ATI the only resource that you used or did you use anything else?
  3. pthomas89

    Preparing for NCLEX RN

    Thanks for your feedback! I have not used ATI to study but I have heard great things from that program as well. Good luck with your studies! Can't wait to hear all about your test. You will do fine. Best of luck!
  4. pthomas89

    Preparing for NCLEX RN

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get on here and talk about some studying techniques you all have been using to prepare for the NCLEX RN. For the past month, I have been studying every single day utilizing UWorld as well as Hurst for content. I just took a predictor test yesterday with UWorld and my results said "High" chance of passing. However, I still feel sometimes I am missing something and not fully getting all the questions correctly. My UWorld quizzes average from about 55%-65%. I always read each rationale for my wrong questions as well as the correct ones. Can anyone give me some feedback on what else can help me at this point? I take my test January 28 which is only a week and a half away. What are you doing for studying? Any extra tips? Thanks in advance!