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    Nurses are understaffed and overworked. They are caring for sicker patients in greater size and numbers with less support, experience, and training. They are supposed to earn subsequent degrees while working full time or more, regardless of future career goals. Additionally, regardless of what the administration claims, at many facilities, there is no such thing as Just Culture. Someone will be made an example of, even for an honest mistake.
    It's so sad that the money has shaken safety out over time. As long as bills are paid by the diagnosis instead of the care received and cheap, new nurses are treated as being equal to expensive, experienced nurses, these problems will continue. It's a recipe for disaster, but there are always newer, less-experienced nurses waiting in the wings when it's time to throw out the older nurses. You end up with the blind leading the blind because it takes time and experience to recognize a subtly deteriorating patient. I've heard of nurses hitting the code button and standing there, waiting for a team to arrive, instead of giving CPR, because they are so petrified of doing something wrong.