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  1. StaffNurseMcS

    Returning to work after a bereavement

    Delete please
  2. StaffNurseMcS

    Charge Nurse interview help

    It's a private Healthcare provider in the UK
  3. StaffNurseMcS

    Charge Nurse interview help

    Hey Nurses, Just looking for a few tips on the sort of questions i'll be asked in a Bupa Charge Nurse interview? I'm only 23 and got a year and a half of post reg experience so a bit worried that goes against me!
  4. My past few weeks of shifts have been hell I was chased with a metal drip stand because the patient thought I was an arsonist Just a few days ago I got the very smell contents of an abdo drain all over me I had an elderly confused patient put his hands down his pants and then rub my face
  5. StaffNurseMcS

    How do you feel about mandatory influenza vaccines?

    The people preaching that everyone should get the vaccine, have any of you ever looked into what some of these "vaccines" contain? some vaccines contain mercury. Is it any wonder people don't want something like that in their bodies? I'm 22 and I've never had the flu jag and i've never had the flu (i nursed my bf for a week who had swine flu and never contracted it) i certainly don't want to pollute my body with something that will have very little benefit to me
  6. StaffNurseMcS

    Fed up of Nursing and only a year in

    I've been an RN for a year and I'm ready to call it a day already. Does anyone else feel like this? I feel constantly overwhelmed and can never seem to wind down from work. I dread going to work. I've had a few particularly bad shifts recently including nearly having a drip stand bashed into my head it missed me my millimetres. Anyone got any advice on how to like my career again?
  7. Hello Nurses :) Looking for a wee bit of advice on my AHPRA registration. I have everything in place apart from one troublesome statement of Service. Basically i have all of my other statements ready to go bar one from my most recent employer. The statement of service I do have for the job is signed by a HR assistant... This has been the only person that has given me the time of day, not ignored my e-mails and tried to help me my line manager just ignores my calls and e-mails and it caused me a 2 month chase. I need to send my stuff away by this Friday the 15th... What I want to know is will AHPRA accept it if its signed by a HR assistant not a HR manager? I've e-mailed the assistant to ask if a manager can sign it but really worried about time. My prospective employer in Aus has said they will give me care assistant shifts but would really like it all sorted before I leave the UK
  8. StaffNurseMcS

    HELP!! No charge nurse, no supervisor and OUTRAGEOUS ratios!!

    I used to work in a unit where my load was 14 sometimes 28 if there was no other nurse on shift its so unsafe
  9. StaffNurseMcS

    Bullied for reporting a med error by another nurse

    No action was taken when it should have been one example was a patient fell in the morning shift this wasn't handed over to me in the late shift it wasn't documented the only reason I found out was when the dr told me to do neuro obs I asked why and was then told. The patient sustained a fracture. You would need to work in our ward to understand that management are the main issue in everything.
  10. StaffNurseMcS

    Bullied for reporting a med error by another nurse

    right I didn't realise this post had got so huge. I guess i should clarify things. Firstly thank you to all of you that said positive things :) and yes I forgot what name I was using haha To the people calling me a snitch, The drug was a controlled drug transdermal patch and what was on my patient the day I went in certainly did not match the prescription sheet and there were adverse effects on my patient. Do I turn a blind eye to that? No I certainly can not. I take huge offence to being called nosy. My patient was given a double dose of what she was meant to have and i rectified the situation. When it comes to controlled drug errors it's pretty serious and has to be reported. May I also add my co-worker wasn't named in my incident report our reports are anon. so whoever told her the incident had been reported must have known she had done it. I didn't feel good about doing it I genuinely felt guilty. I previously turned a blind eye to an IV antibiotic error that could of potentially been quite bad if not caught and didn't report it, it was dealt with on the floor by myself and the case manager but theres only so many times that can happen without patient safety being seriously compromised. Thankfully I now no longer work in that ward. @CSARmedic you really have your priorities as a nurse all wrong if you see patient safety as an escape route for nurses.
  11. Ive just been called a number of names and criticised for incident reporting that a colleague made a drug error despite it being clearly prescribed. This isn't her first error in fact its one of many but this one i felt needed to be reported so i submitted an incident report form to my manager. My colleagues now think I'm the devil and say i should of spoke to my manager first. Firstly my manager was on holiday at the time secondly i have voiced concerns previously with no action taken. I even triple checked with the doctor that it was indeed a medication error. Has anyone been in a similar position? Im leaving this job as a result of this many other things.
  12. StaffNurseMcS

    Fed up, stressed out nurse

    Hello everyone. I've been qualified a year and for the past two months have been working in an elderly rehab ward. Before that i was doing agency work in hospitals and getting full time hours every week doing 12 hour shifts and i loved it but thought a permanent job would be better. Boy was i wrong! Its only been two months and i hate my job. I work ten days in a row sometimes and its so tiring. sometimes I'm the only nurse for 28 very demanding patients. I've tried to hand in my resignation and got told my shifts would be sorted out but then on the same day i was left on the ward on my own. I still do agency work occasionally and I'm thinking of just leaving my permanent job and working agency again. I off sick today and i know my manager will go through me for it but I'm just so stressed and can never switch off from the place. Basically i just want a bit of advice i want to go to Australia next hear and work as an agency nurse I'm just wondering if leaving this job will affect me getting a job over there? I can still provide two references between the two agencies I work for, mentors and university. If i stay in this job i know ill leave nursing