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  1. Kaisu

    Trend for PT doing RN role?

    Must be just my agency policy then. Or perhaps a state specific thing?
  2. Kaisu

    Help. Input. Agree. Disagree. Thoughts.

    I always answer these with "would I want this to be administered to me or someone I love?". The answer is heck NO. I would not administer it.
  3. Kaisu

    Trend for PT doing RN role?

    I guess I wasn't clear. We have many PT only patients too. An RN Case manager MUST do the initial start of care. If no skilled nursing need is identified, then the case is managed entirely by PT.
  4. Kaisu

    National Standard Productivity

    Start of Care is 2 points, Recert is 1.5 points, regular visit 1 point, unless more than 2 cares are required, for example, wound care and ostomy care, still 1 point, add a wound vac and now it is 3 cares and becomes 1.5 points. 60 miles is a point and fractions are calculated. Productivity expectation is 25 points a week. Very doable. Great job.
  5. Critical part of the admission process. I believe medication issues are a major reason for hospital readmission and/or patient harm and a prime teaching opportunity. I have taken out literally bucket fulls of medications from some homes. It is one of the best ways to do good and potentially save a life.
  6. If it was easy, any idiot could be an RN
  7. That I've died out of a state of grace and am in Med/Surg hell