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NurseGirl525 is a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU.

Currently in a New Grad Residency Program.

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  1. NurseGirl525

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    Let me say this, I'm 40, not a young twenty-something pretty girl. You know, the ones always complaining of jealousy. I've got PCOS, oh no!! I gotta worry about "the diabetes"!! I'm overweight. Most people think, old, fat, which equals unhealthy, undesirable. Results from my last physical which happened within this past year. Sugar-91 HR- 74/NSR BP 105/65 Cholesterol- 175 You live your life once people. Enjoy your life. If enjoying your life means an extra slice of pizza or bacon, eat it. This comes from a nurse, who just had to help with the death of another nurse today. Life ends for us all. Some, more suddenly than others.
  2. NurseGirl525

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    You know, you can be overweight, and healthy. Just sayin. Signed, An overweight girl, who probably has a better sugar, cholesterol, BP, and HR, than most thin people. P.S. Thin, does not, equal healthy. I think this whole post is skewed.
  3. NurseGirl525

    Marijuana and Nurses

    Every place does a drug test before you are hired. It's illegal here federally.
  4. NurseGirl525

    Charting/Assessment Struggles

    If I miss something, I go back and assess it and chart it. I never go off of the previous nurse. Many times I am charting my initial assessment and realize I missed something. I get up, go into the room, and assess the items I missed. Its my assessment.
  5. NurseGirl525

    School and sterile gloving

    I just took my one pair of sterile gloves that came in my supplies and pretended they were sterile and practiced opening and putting them on over and over again. It takes practice, that is all.
  6. NurseGirl525

    Would it kill you to say thank you?

    On a completely unrelated topic. What the **** is up with autocorrect? My English grammar is atrocious but autocorrect is actually managing to mess it up even worse than I do (and that's no mean feat ) 75% of my grammar and spelling errors are from my autocorrect. I always try to read through before posting, but I get these crazy words that make no sense and I often get in and on mixed with autocorrect and it often changes and to weird words. Lol. Autocorrect is my nemesis on here!
  7. NurseGirl525

    Feeling extremely underappreciated

    I understand you are a paramedic, but your scope of practice is that if a tech. Many ERs use paramedics as techs, I'm going to venture a guess and say it's because of the ACLS or in your case PALS certification that can come in handy in a trauma. Your job duties are still those if a tech. When i was a tech, I could draw labs, perform an EKG, do bladder scans, all of the things you are describing, minus the ACLS. You are not being asked to do anything outside your job description. Being busy makes the shift go fast, both as a nurse and a tech. You don't get all that a nurse does yet. You are new. Stop complaining.
  8. NurseGirl525

    alright Nurses...what is your dream job?!

    It's a varying level of things for me. Great teamwork on a unit, excellent benefits provided by a company, a company that understands my life is not my job. After that pay. Then location. You can have the highest paying job in the world, but if the environment sucks, then the pay is not worth it. Benefits are worth their weight in gold as well these days. Making me have a $6k deductible while not matching a retirement plan is not attractive either. I have to be able to take care of myself to take care of your customers. So, if I can't afford to go to the doc and get an abx when I'm sick, I can't care for your customers. Right now, I have a little commute, my pay is lower than most hospitals, and I'm working nights, but I don't work in a toxic environment and my benefits are decent. My pay isn't horrible but I know it's higher other places. But I know that what I want is not the same as say a twenty year old. My priorities are different.
  9. NurseGirl525

    Feeling extremely underappreciated

    So, your saying all the nurses do is sit there and play on their phones, while you run around doing everything? Who's assessing, passing meds, getting lab results, calling report, and discharging? Oh and let's not forget the massive amount of charting that has to be done on each patient. Yes, you are a paramedic, which applies outside the hospital walls. When you are employed inside the hospital walls, you re a tech. That is your scope of practice, which includes all of the job duties you just described. You are new. You are already complaining. I think you need to look at things from another perspective. I just think you don't understand what all a nurse does.
  10. Why do you have to have a student nurse position?
  11. NurseGirl525

    When the Bubble Bursts

    This is an awesome post that everyone should read and take heed of. You can't take care of others if you don't first take care of yourself. It may be hard, especially when you also have a family to take care of, but make a little you time. Even if it's only 39 minutes a week. You are worth it, believe me.
  12. NurseGirl525

    Peers very Unsupportive

    I have read through your posts and I have yet to see anything unsupportive to you. What I am gathering is you have been trying to decide for well over a year. You feel most schools are disorganized and you at one point enrolled in a medical assisting program. I also read you don't have the best grades to get into nursing school. I see you have Fs and some Ws. What would you like to hear? You are wasting time and money on an MA program if you want to be a nurse. You just are. There are plenty of RN programs in Indiana. ASN and BSN programs. The thing is, if you don't have the grades, you won't get in. If you cannot get into a nursing program, becoming an MA may be the way to go career wise. You can't depend on the internet to get you organized and on the right career path for you. You need to sit down and thoroughly assess your situation and make a plan and go from there. Good Luck on your journey.
  13. Toothbrush, tampons, hairspray, water, excedrin, Motrin.
  14. NurseGirl525

    Applying at my local hospital

    I'm sure there is. They don't want their sitters who have the very important job of watching patients who are a harm to themselves and others, high.
  15. NurseGirl525

    In NICU, but I want to quit Nursing completely

    You have to realize, ICU is a unit for the most critically ill and you are going to experience much death in it. Including NICU. NICU is not just babies that are born too small and go home in a few weeks. You will see codes. You will experience death in any hospital setting. They happen on the floor at my hospital but more often in the ICUs. Maybe outpatient would be better for you. If not, maybe another field of work is in order. But I think if you really spent time and researched and looked, you could find a specialty to suit you.
  16. You are missing the point completely. Pre-Med students in sure think they have their path planned out, but I'm sure many change their minds. Unless your whole Pre-Med student experience is your friend. If you want to close your mind to others that have had experience and were once in your shoes, it's no skin off my back. I surely won't lose any sleep over it. I thought I knew what I wanted, until I got to see all the specialties there were. I also knew after some of my clinicals I wanted nothing to do with kids, which is what I first wanted to do. If your mind is 100% made up and you don't want to hear us, why create a thread? To argue your point more? To argue with random people on the internet? To each their own. I bow out of this.