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  1. adjappleton

    Concordia BSN Program?

    Hi, did you end up entering the program? I'm considering it for Spring 2020 (just missed Spring '19). I am much in the same situation, 2 kids, them and me a bit older than yours/you.
  2. adjappleton

    developmental psychology and human growth and development same?

    As far as I know, yes.
  3. adjappleton

    I'm a mom and Starting the program in January and nervous

    I had to drop from full time to part time because I couldn't manage my almost 4 yr old is just too needy in the evenings. Best of luck and just be prepared for possibly having to take it a bit slower than planned.
  4. I'm taking only nursing classes, all prerequisite/coreqs done. Tues and Weds 8:30-12:30, Thurs and Fri 8:30-1:30. We plan on doing study groups,etc in the afternoons. They've told us to plan on 25-40 hrs in total commitment. Given the reading load in our syllabus and extra testing time (we do ATI for NCLEX practice throughout), 40 hrs is likely. Hope this helps!
  5. adjappleton

    TEAS Test

    The math is all very basic. Proportions, perecntages, conversions. Triple check your work. The science is all over the place. I've taken it twice and rmthe second time it seemed tougher, but I had a headache during the entire test.
  6. adjappleton

    Please Help, new Nurse, don't know what to do, transferred

    Don't bother trying to prove anything to the previous manager (i.e. not job hopper) as she's already proven she 1) tolerates bullying/unprofessional behavior and 2) exhibits unprofessional behavior herself (rubbing in the she's hired others). Do a good job in your mgr role for another 6 to 12 months and make a point to be professional and network all you can. Eventually your work ethic and positive (and confident) attitude we lead to other open doors. Also maybe find an agency where you could work a few shifts a month to keep your bedside skills fresh, even if it isn't acute or ER. Good luck and don't let the bastards grind you down!
  7. adjappleton

    Question about perquisite loads

    the 6 hours a day of Anat sound gruelling but overall yea you can do it. Work will feel like a reward from studying.
  8. adjappleton

    Job Offer based on references?

    I have been on many, many interviews and never had a requirement that a current manager supply a reference as that could impact your current employment, period. (Unless you are staying with same company and making an internal shift.) This puts you in a very vulnerable position, one I wouldn't be comfortable with.
  9. adjappleton

    Please, Help me come up with a topic for a research paper

    Could you write about yoga; stress relief and added benefit physical fitness? I'm not even a student nurse but have read me many studies about the benefits of yoga. Or perhaps meditation? Good luck.
  10. adjappleton

    Advice Needed - Did I blow my opportunity?

    They sound unorganized to me and like they were in a pinch. If they are truly interested they will keep your name on their short list. Don't give up hope!
  11. adjappleton

    Best hospitals in Green Bay to work for

    If you move to DePere, Appleton is only a 20-25 min drive, so apply at Appleton Medical Center and St. Elizabeth's as well. Good luck!
  12. adjappleton

    Why should we give you an opportunity?

    Fairly confident that question is illegal.
  13. adjappleton

    Statistics and Microbiology

    Stats isn't really so much math as it is knowing what data you are looking for and which formula to use. Good luck!
  14. adjappleton

    Program nixed exam reviews...how do I adapt?

    It's because of cheating. They don't want the questions floating around as they do get reused year after year. But to not allow you to see the actual test during class and then turn it back in IA crazy but I guess camera phones could be used to capture the questions. I always managed my studying for finals by reviewing the test questions I got wrong so it stinks you can't do this.
  15. adjappleton

    Tell me how your instructors handled oral care in the lab

    We practiced oral care in each other and also on dentures. We had 2 men in our class that stressed how important it was to pull the skin taught when shaving, but they were never used for practice. :)