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  1. If you could think of an idea, a thought or a solution to meet a need in Nursing in making your life easier, what would it be?Every input is important and welcome.Thanks!
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    Discussion: Making Nursing Easier &Effective

    More ideas? Anyone?
  3. From the The Eaten Nurse to the eater Nurse Sad is they name, O wicked one That brings another down to make thyself feel better Know me ye from Adam? What wrong did I commit? That you should treat me so. I seek only to become a partner in this field of ours and be able to hold my own Teach me the skills, I pray Show me the ropes, I beg But shame me not, I ask! The "eater" nurse to the "eaten" nurse Hare-brained one! How clueless thou art! You come waltzing into the nursing world Full of hare-brained grandiose ideas With a jaded view of nursing already made I seek not to eat you but to show you And if in my eagerness I come across wrong How can I help myself? It is not a failing but a strength that in my eagerness to teach and show you That I come across strong and mean to you It is to be sure that you forget me not, as you go about Perfecting your nursing skills How then can I be accused of, "eating my young", when all I seek Is a better nurse of you make O newbie nurse, be not so harsh of me in delivering judgment I seek only to help in your learning as the curve is steep And consequences deep Pray newbie nurse! Attempt to look beyond the surface of what I do It is only for your confidence I do so A day is coming in the not-so-distant- future when in my position you will be I pray my thought crosses your mind on that day So, my dear nurse colleague, be light in your judgment For I rooted for you all the way- ANON
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    Discussion: Making Nursing Easier &Effective

    these are good ideas.pls keep the coming
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    Motivating the staff

    There is no magic potion,sorry to say.But with the way nursing is structured, the avenue to growth is a bit limited.You can only have so many managers and the like. To move up in the hierarchy, it often necessitates a move to a different place.Gone are the days people stay put in one spot for recognition and promotion. You have to be your own advocate and people are realizing that.Your hospital might be the best with the best environment and culture. but you know, sometimes that is just not enough. You look like you have a strong retention program going on so understand it might not be your hospital but people just want different.
  6. Alas nurse colleague Truth you thee speak For we must learn to temper Our words with tact and kindness as we ought But wait! Such kindness and tact must from new and seasoned be So that we may all co-exist in peace!
  7. Tis all in good spirits Colleague of mine We jest and merry all these time Knowing all these while The same cause we all thee fight Till we realize together in this boat we all thee be Tis trouble all day long!
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    A Pushy God and Mother

    Tres Magnifique! Love this! Sad about your mum:(.
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    A Nursing Soliloquy

    A path through the mind and decision making process of another. It is purely fictional...I think. I really wanted to love it, God knows I did It was an exciting journey nonetheless, Some moments I enjoyed, some moments I hated But I welcomed them all the same and learned what each had to teach. I tried my hardest I tried my darn-est; I was very good at what I did I sought ways to excel; every problem was an opportunity Daily, I did one thing that improve me from the day before It was a motto I lived by Content I was not to be merely a wheel A difference I sought to make Altruistic, you say? Altruistic, I was not. How could I? True to me, it wouldn't be! An impact I wanted to make, so boldly to it, I stepped And my course I swiftly recharted, God willing. It was scary at first- the beginning always is There was trepidation; there was fear I said a prayer and barreled on. On my oars I did not rest. I knew my actions had to show my seriousness and determination; My prayers had to have a fuel to burn with So doggedly I pursued this course fraught with obstacles And slowly but surely, as the sun appears on the horizon My calling I had found and then there was rest. I embraced it; it was a job and yet it was not I bounced into each day ready to start. No longer did I dread what the day might hold Get me not wrong, please I pray Challenges abound but I welcome them, for obstacles I see them not But rather as opportunities to get even better Aaaaaahhh the sound of me, a deep sigh I give When you truly come into your own, you always do know For there is peace and quiet It does not always speak the loudest but the tinniest voice is that with the greatest impact A myriad of expressions cross my face But I am rested in knowing that I have found my life's calling "Stay Hungry,Stay foolish"- Steve Jobs
  10. I am still unable to IM.Not sure why that is.
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    The Night The Fire Died

    You had such high hopes, truly you did. You were going to be such a difference in your nursing world. You had such wonderful examples (Florence Nightingale et al) to base your aspirations and model your path. The excitement was barely contained in you; you were brimming with it. There were moments in Nursing school, that you felt you, just couldn't do it, but you braced yourself and ploughed on, until you came to that special day after you passed your NCLEX exam and officially became a Nurse. God be praised! You had done it, a full fledged nurse you had become. The next part was finding that job that you so desperately wanted to make a difference in, that Johnson commercial you had seen about becoming the difference, yes, yes, it was close at hand. And then you got that first job, how happy you were; tears of joy streaming down your face, your smile as bright as sunshine, your spirit soaring in happiness, nothing could quell this feeling. It was your moment. And what a glorious moment it was! You loved your job so very much; everyone was warm and welcoming. And you were determined to make that difference. But wait! You noticed some startling occurrences that who knows, may very easily have been rectified, or due to the busyness of the unit, had possibly been overlooked. So in the most polite and non-threatening way possible, you offer a suggestion very placatingly. In as much as you had the ear of your supervisor and colleagues, you still did not want your words misconstrued or feathers ruffled. Plus, it was an assignment you would willingly volunteer for and offered to. How wrong you were... That was when the change began. It was subtle at first and you couldn't be sure, if your gut feelings were right or playing tricks on you, so subtle it was. You heard snippets of conversation that were swiftly concluded when you came within hearing distance or even sight. But again, you were so unsure. You started wondering if your mind was making things up or if there truly was a slow ganging up against you. Until that one night you stepped into the break room and there was a sudden stop in the conversation, there was eye contact made with you and as one, the group looked away; the tension was palpable. And then you knew. Inasmuch as you had tried to offer your suggestion with the best intent and the best way possible, it had been misconstrued. Somehow, you had overstepped your boundaries. And it didn't get any better from that night-no, it was a swift steady decline from then on. It never got better and you never recovered from it. Like a moth, you had flown too close to the flames and got burned. The next job you got, you forgot all about making a difference, you wanted no repetition of the previous occurrence. You did not have any fight left in you. It is you, I see every time I stop by your unit, smiling wanly and being unobtrusive. You follow the crowd and forget about making a difference.Your thoughts, "It.Just.Is.Not.Worth.It". Signed, Anonymous This is purely fictional...or is it? Please read and critique.
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    My Days of Nursing: A Bittersweet Love

    There is a certain dynamic to life as a nurse, a dynamic which unless you have walked in its path, it might be difficult for you to understand. While I do not presume other professions don't have their days, here is an inkling of "My Days of Nursing"; There are Days when you almost hate nursing Days when the patients are (seem) simply evil Days when everyone and everything seem to work against you Days where you seem to be overwhelmed Days where you are almost ready to walk out the door without a backward glance Days when you just want to sit down in self-pity Days when you think to yourself: I.Just.Can't.Do.This.Anymore... Days where you rue the day you registered for the nursing program Days, heck when you wish you weren't grown up... Then there are Days, when everything and anything works out your way Days when you know you have the absolute best patients :) Days when the sun seems to be shining just for you and on you alone Days when work seems so breezy Days you feel as though you are walking on air Days you feel extremely content and thankful for your lot in life... There will always be days such as these: your attitude is what determines the outcome of your day. Do you choose to grip it with optimism that all will be well or do you choose to handle it with a great deal of skepticism. The choice is yours. See Rudyard Kipling - "IF...". Fictional? I don't know!
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    Nursing: A Broader Perspective

    After having come across several reasons as to why there is low morale in nursing, I felt that I should pen this down. Have a pleasant read! Your expectations? Some people come into nursing with unhealthy expectations of what the profession can and should do for them. Understand something, nursing like any other is a profession. It would not provide for you what you don't already have (inner peace and fulfillment). It has neither intrinsic nor extrinsic powers in itself. You should have your intrinsic motivations or failing that some sort of extrinsic motivations- don't fop it all on nursing. That's where the unhealthy expectations begin. Nursing is a Profession And with all other professions, expect a downturn or an upturn. Set realistic expectations. Don't believe the hype that you would get out of school and barrel into your desired specialty. By all means, do have a positive outlook but temper it with realism. Show flexibility and willingness to chart a different course to your desired goal. Altruism? No, nursing is not all altruistic. Do not feel bad when some try to make it seem so. It is first a profession and you follow those guidelines to the fullest and render the best services that you humanly can within your capacity to do so. Some people are very fortunate to have nursing as their life's calling. Don't feel bad if it's not yours; just do your job pretty darn well. Nursing is for females? No. Nursing is a field which just happens to be dominated by females. It is open to both males and females and the strength (and humor!) provided by males is always welcome and can come in pretty handy. Nursing as a fulfillment? No. Fulfillment comes from within (introverts, this is your turf!). Not just with nursing alone, but with all other careers/professions, if you do not have fulfillment by self, do not expect nursing to give it to you. Rather, what that might do is compound an already bad situation. Find your inner peace, and then be satisfied with nursing. Hate nursing now but will like it later? Your gut feeling is almost always correct. If you hate nursing at the onset, chances are that you might not get to love it. You will learn to tolerate it though and possibly even fake it till you believe it. But a career should not be a shackle; you should have some joy doing what you love. Perhaps nursing might be the stepping stone to what you really want to do... (at least it will help pay the bills till you decide). Find a Release "When you stop growing, you start dying" Have a life as much as you reasonably can outside of nursing. The reason some people can tolerate some of the things they do, is because they have an expectation, something they look forward to...a release system. Imagine, three days (or five days) of work and then I get to do what I love! Exhilarating! Stay Challenged Whether through nursing or otherwise find ways to constantly learn. Stay on top of things as much as you can and when an opportunity comes and if you can, take it. Network Six degrees of separation. Find ways to network, at events at hospital gatherings, with visitors ... A smile and a curious mind go a long way. Personal Branding Forget about the hospital branding. What's your personal brand? Every time you step away from people, you leave an impression (your brand). Your brand is what you make of it, it can either build you up or tear you down. You decide. In conclusion, some are in a very happy place and have nursing as their life's joy, other's are not, but it shouldn't end there- you can take a not-so-pleasant situation and find some good in it. You just have to show up first!
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    Last nail in the coffin of my JOKE of a nursing career...??

    The chips are down and all seem hopeless. By all means, get mad!BUT don't get mad only, get busy. You did agency work before, do it AGAIN. But you have also got to have a clear mind, so vent it out. Your career is NOT a joke- you spent however many years you spent attaining it. No joke!Yes, it looks bleak but realize it is not over. When you are done venting, then take action. Might I suggest that going forward you also find a PRN job, you don't have to use it constantly but have as fall back. It'll be some sort of security blanket for you (the agency could be one too). And you know the most amazing and beautiful thing?You will get those bills paid somehow and gain a sense of satisfaction from finding a solution.
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    Customer Service Model

    The concept is great; the application is wrong. I appreciate excellent customer service, as does the next person, I'm sure. Hospitals might have a better chance at pushing the excellent customer service initiative, WITHOUT the scripted lines. For most things to work well, the people doing it have to believe in what they are doing and I don't get that vibe here, which is a fail for the hospitals. It might work better if employees are kept reasonably satisfied, which in turn passes on to the patients. I think it's laughable:). because inasmuch as our hospitals push the scripted lines and all, they still get grumpy reviews, mostly. You can just tell the lines are scripted and not genuine, further upsetting the patient even more, because they can see through that.LOL. But again, the concept is great just wrongly applied.
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    I've got a promotion!

    Yaaaay You!:)
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    A little too proud to be a nurse?

    The system will not let me send messages through that way.Says I don't have permission yet. Can I post it here, so you can copy it?
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    The Insanity That Is APA in Nursing School

    At bolded part. Well rounded is all well and good, but when the formatting gets more critique then the content, that might be problematic,no?